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  1. i wonder why they never revisited the vt-1
  2. yamato 1/60 destroids would go nicely in the middle squares
  3. nice. just need to have a 19 with no fast packs for variety
  4. I've always felt that the GBP goes with the S & J more than the smaller A head
  5. ya, at least release undone paint schemes of the vf
  6. good thin that the 51 issue didn't break arcadia
  7. Archienov- Awesome paint scheme. Just wondering, if you are having it commissioned already, why not just have the paint scheme changed as well?
  8. I have that same set and have used the pack with the brown 25. I wish they would have just made generic colored fast packs
  9. the VF-1, VF-0 & VF-25. simply because they have the commonality of parts you can slap on-- GBP, super parts,.......
  10. ive been looking for the sound booster for the longest time.
  11. hurry up already with the Ostrich
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