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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. i love the heft of the 17 and ode to the retired F117
  2. arrow

    Macross spy valks

    it seems so archaic rather than something in the future though after reading how the air force is moving from AWAC to wedgetail (that doesn't have the iconic radome)
  3. arrow

    Macross spy valks

    your missing RVF 171
  4. I like the changeable tail numbers. they should have done that with the GBP 1 on the chest
  5. arrow

    Joy of the hunt?

    I feel like it was that thrill that kept my other tpy lines active. it became more that than the appreciation for that line.
  6. is the line still alive?
  7. I'm rewatching the original at the moment. That's fun that they are re-doing it.
  8. i wasn't able to get the yamato. I have the DX, still annoys me that there isn't a Minmei sitting figure
  9. i wonder why they never revisited the vt-1
  10. yamato 1/60 destroids would go nicely in the middle squares
  11. nice. just need to have a 19 with no fast packs for variety
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