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  1. Mandarake just got back to me and you guys were right. With packaging the weight increased to 2570grams. Thats a lot of carboard right there. So be advised that 8100jpy is what you will have to pay for shipping something similar. Now it's time for me to decide if 114eur for a yammie yf-19 is a good price or not, but that is another storie. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hi, selling my The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Shoji Kawamori Designer's Note. Bought last June. Been sitting idle in my shelve for all this time. I'm selling it in order to acquire a YF-19, so I also consider trades. Shipping from Spain. 80€ with free shipping to all europe. I'm also open to non European offers. If you want more photos or adittiona information, do not hesitate to ask.
  3. Thanks for the info, makes more sense then. The oficial EMS page does not allow you to enter the dimensions, only the weight, so I calculated the 4.300/4850JPY. However when using the Buyee shipping calculator, wich includes dimensions, the price was still 4300. I just sent them a mail this monrning asking if there is any problem. We'll, see.
  4. One question, Is EMS getting more expensive? Recently placed an order in mandarake for a Yammie YF 19 and they want to charge me 8100 for a 1220 gram package. It has nothing to do with the prices stated in their charts nor with the estimations I also made with buyee. Has anyone experienced something similar?
  5. Has anyone any idea if this guy is still working on it? He hasn't posted in 10 months, but the project seemed quite advanced.
  6. Thanks, seems to be the first edition. Ive also seen there are replacement parts for 3d printing, anyone have experience with tose?
  7. Good point!!! It is the 1/60 one, always avoided the 1/72 one as the reviews are quite poor.
  8. Not ready to drop 280 or more on that one, however, it's a beauty.
  9. Hi, I'm considering getting mi first macross toy and wanted some advice. Recently a friend has offered me a Yamato Yf-19 (first version) for 90 eur shipping included. I just wanted to ask if it is really wort it for that price. Semms that that design has been surpased by Arcadia and Bandai, but the price of those is more than prohibitive. I halso have heard good things about the hi metal series, but its prize has also been getting higher with the years. This seems like the best opportunity to get a transformable Yf 19 for a good price. Tell me your opinnion.
  10. Really excited about this project. The amount of work is amazing and the fact he had to start all over again two times is impressive. Seems he is trying to replicate the bandai version. Hope he sells the files at a reasonable price or provides them for free like the optimus he previously made. However seems we will have to wait, ¿2022 release perhaps?
  11. Hi, after knowing it will have english text I'm definitively grabbing one. Amiami seems the best place to grab one so fat, is there any other good option?. Also, are any delays expected with shipping as the release date falls in the christmas season?
  12. Maybe I am the only one thinking this but, first thing that came to my mind when seeing the head was the bird human from M0. Also, the sensors and the overall shape seem quite alien to me. Maybe it's a wild thought but to me seems like some sort of protoculture aircraft. Would make sense as Delta has a lot of elements of the protoculture compared to F and Seven.
  13. Ordered mine yesterday , will see if the claims that half of it are just a rip off of the 25 book are true.
  14. The translation was better than expected, the problem with japanese seems to be the gamatic. Beeing mostly descriptive books you can get I woud say 90% of the content. However I tried to translate other stuff like interviews in the gundam thunderbolt books and could not understand anything. Regading the books themselves, the amount of interesting stuff is impressive. I hope someone scans the vf-31 book one of these days so we can get a translation.
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