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  1. This is soo cool, I will probably get myself aother 31J and do the mod asap. Thanks.
  2. Soo cool, Saw It on FB this morning, hope you like It.
  3. In the latest bandai toy there is a gimmick in order to use the arm canon in fighter. The whole system folds and stows between the legs. You can even use the gunpod. In this video it explains it pretty well. 11.19
  4. I also made an improved gu-15 gunpod for this tpy. Now I'm thinking about designing the fast packs, but that will have to wait. Regarding the rest of the missiles that come with arcadia/bandai, as the yamato vesion does not have hardpoints, I probably won't bother.
  5. Hi this is my second 3d printable design and still a work in progress. This is the famous Arm Canon that appeared for 5 seconds in Macross plus and wanted to design my own rendition of this cool gadget. I printed mine on a fdm but you can get better results on a resin one, especially on the big gun. Requires glue for assembly. If requested I can also make a version for Arcadia and Bandai toys Be free to download it and do your own mods to it. Hope you all enjoy it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5224634
  6. Currently working on my own version of the Yf 19 arm canon for 3d printing.
  7. Since I got my Yamato Yf-19 this December I noticed the gunpod is quite small, something noted back in 2006. This is something Arcadia and Bandai solved. So, I decided to teach myself 3d design and make this my first project. So, bear in mind that I'm still a beginner and the design is far from perfect. The dimensions are based on the Arcadia Gunpod, special thanks to anymoon.com for providing the photos as well as to Macross mecha manual for providing hd versions of the original design. I decided to add extra detail that the original yamato gunpod has, like the vent holes. Also, changed the shape of the grip to fit the yamato hands. Currently it works great on battroid and gearwalk, however it suffers from the "starfing gunpod" syndrome as it is longer than the original. This is the first version. If any of you guys wish, I can also design it to fit arcadia or bandai hands if you are willing to provide photos and dimensions of the grip. This prototype was made on a low-end resin printer so you will notice some deformation and little details that are off. The painting is also quite lackluster, I decided however to go for a more anime accurate greyish green. Currently it's a little heavy for the articulations of my toy but it works. Feel free to download the file here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5179225
  8. I GOT IT!!!!! Sadly my friend decided not to sell it. However I found one used and slightly damaged on Mandarake. 110 eur shipping included so still a decent price. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  9. Mandarake just got back to me and you guys were right. With packaging the weight increased to 2570grams. Thats a lot of carboard right there. So be advised that 8100jpy is what you will have to pay for shipping something similar. Now it's time for me to decide if 114eur for a yammie yf-19 is a good price or not, but that is another storie. Thanks everyone.
  10. Thanks for the info, makes more sense then. The oficial EMS page does not allow you to enter the dimensions, only the weight, so I calculated the 4.300/4850JPY. However when using the Buyee shipping calculator, wich includes dimensions, the price was still 4300. I just sent them a mail this monrning asking if there is any problem. We'll, see.
  11. One question, Is EMS getting more expensive? Recently placed an order in mandarake for a Yammie YF 19 and they want to charge me 8100 for a 1220 gram package. It has nothing to do with the prices stated in their charts nor with the estimations I also made with buyee. Has anyone experienced something similar?
  12. Has anyone any idea if this guy is still working on it? He hasn't posted in 10 months, but the project seemed quite advanced.
  13. Thanks, seems to be the first edition. Ive also seen there are replacement parts for 3d printing, anyone have experience with tose?
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