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  1. I'm aware that Bandai recreated the GBP molds for other scales: 1/100 (Hi Metal R) and 1/48 (DX Chogokin) [to be released]; but to be clear, was there ever confirmation they recreated a new GBP mold for the 1/55 scale? There was an indication during the time the 1/55 Origin of Valkyrie (OoV) line was being released that there would be a chance for a GBP reissue (either stand alone GBP or GBP+figure set) as part of the OoV release lineup, but it seems that GBP reissue via OoV release did not come to realization. Would anyone know what cut short this possible GBP reissue via the Origin of
  2. *Accidental Double Post - Please Delete.*
  3. Ah, ok that clears up why I couldn't find any information on 1/55 Matsushiro releases - because there weren't any 1/55 Matsushiro releases, and consequently no 1/55 Matsushiro reissues. Oh, this also clears up why I couldn't find any information on 1/55 Bandai reissues - because there weren't any Bandai reissues. Has this claim since been verified anywhere? Either by Takatoku/Matsushiro past public statement or Bandai past public statement? I'm sure at Bandai hosted Macross themed events, such as figure announcement events/release events, Bandai has probably been asked about this i
  4. I already took a look at that website, and specifically that same webpage linked; and did not see a specific section focusing on GBP releases (both: releases with figure and stand alone releases). I also looked through parts of that 1/55 thread linked without finidng a comprehensive complete answer to my question. Consequently, having this question in it's own topic is useful in order to have the complete answer/information readily available via topic searching as opposed to buried on some nth page in some general 1/55 thread. That being said, would anyone already have a list of the v
  5. I checked over the mailn Macross Toy Releases thread stickied and was trying to put together a list of the various 1/55 scale Takatoku/Matsushiro/Bandai GBP* releases (both: bundles with figures and stand alone releases) with pictures of each release, and was not able to make much progress. Would anyone already have a list of the various 1/55 scale Takatoku/Matsushiro/Bandai GBP releases with pictures of each release or can at least point me in the right direction to such a list preferably with pictures of each of the releases? For reference, I am trying to put together a timeline of the 1
  6. MWUser

    1/55's revisited

    What does "derp skull" mean in this context?
  7. This, lol. On topic, is there a way to verify the authenticity of a cell like this? For example, do cells like this have some serial number that can be looked up somewhere to verify it came from a particular source and/or be matched to a specific frame?
  8. Jenius, thanks for the information on the item (description and images) via PM. I have sent the payment for this item via PayPal. Thank you for the quick follow up.
  9. Awesome to have found such a figure in pristine condition in a lot; I've always wondered how many more VF-1* "gems" could be uncovered if only we had the ability to search every local Craigslist/local yard sale in the US.
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