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  1. Ooh, nice to see it's still being worked on. After the initial trailer years ago, it quickly became my most anticipated PS5 title. I would have liked to see a release date, but no biggie.
  2. Fair enough. But the prequel fighting style was itself such a departure from what came before it, that I just sort of shrugged off the sequel trilogy style doing the same. For the most part I too didn't care for it; it was all serviceable enough, but nothing to write home about. I mean, they clearly received the lion's share of resources and budget. I don't know if it's fair to say they were the only ones earning their keep when everyone else wasn't really earning much of anything. Or maybe I'm wrong and the cast and crew did work just as hard on the rest of the show as they did on the fighting, in which case... oof.
  3. Didn't put up my thoughts of the previous episode because I'd pretty much checked out. To summarize: What happened was dumb, and the "fallout" from it equally so. I only decided to watch this because it was the final episode psych! and what the hell right. To summarize my thoughts of the final episode: What happened was dumb, and the "fallout" from it equally so. The fights were neat, but I still dislike that you can tell they're fighting with glowing sticks. They were all I wanted from this series, so I suppose in that way all my expectations were met, but I never thought I'd have to trudge through all the worst aspects of the prequel trilogy in order to get there. Oh well. It's done now. Time to move on and forget all about it. I like the not-Sith helmet a lot. Very good design, that. Boo. The Last Jedi throne room fight is spectacular. It's among the most beautiful sequences in the franchise. I mean that with absolutely zero irony; I don't care that fans like to meme on it, whatever, they probably think the prequels are good movies anyway. I don't think they were blinded by their love of the source material, I think they just sucked at telling a story. They truly reflected all the good and the overwhelmingly more numerous bad about the prequels: there are some truly good ideas strewn throughout this mess, but execution, execution, execution. who cares who cares absolutely yes frakk that guy who cares No, but seriously:
  4. Oh wow, that is a funky-looking design, not at all what I expected. I thought it would basically just make the bottom exhaust look like the top so you'd have this like three-pronged tail end sticking out the back with the exhaust nozzles seeming to be set into the airframe.
  5. I remember hearing in a random video or magazine article or something that in response to a late ATF requirement, McDonnell drafted up designs for a thrust vectoring YF-23. Anyone know if this is the case and/or if it ever made it to any form of visual representation? Getting a model or a Ace Combat mod based on even prototype artwork would be cool to see.
  6. That's the style right now. I'd prefer something more diegetic as well, but... eh.
  7. And also, one more time, repeat it with me class: Master File isn't canon. I mean I know, shut up about canon we're just looking at art for reference, but just sayin'.
  8. I don't know his filmography. Is that a common thing in his movies/music/shows/etc.?
  9. I dunno, given how slavishly devoted this show is to the Prequel Jedi, I'd say it's the opposite. It's the most uncritical Star Wars fan, the as you say "hard core fans that simultaneously would never find any fault with anything "Star Wars" related" who this show seems both written by and aimed at. There's no other explanation for them continually insisting that no, the Jedi are super cool and nice and good guys, y'all!, while simultaneously having them do some insanely ethically heinous crap. Swinging the weight of the Republic around in order to quell other religions is super wtf-y of them; how can you not know better than to have them do it in the first place, or to then implicitly endorse it narratively? I actually found that to be one of the few moments of decent worldbuilding and unforced fanservice. It doesn't get undue focus, it doesn't overstay its welcome. The writers don't use it to make tortured references to other parts of the canon. It gets brought up organically in the scene - or organically enough, given how... shaky the writing still is - and all you learn about it is exactly what you need to know about it: its name, and that it affects lightsabers. Then it's right on to other aspects of the helmet. Fans correctly guessed what it was beforehand, but it still could have been any number of alternatives, and moreover, it wasn't a wink and nod reference the way, say, repeating a movie's title in-dialogue is. Anyway, this episode is... fine, I guess. It has the veeery slight hints of the veeery beginnings of what I'd actually want from a morally-dubious Force story, but it spent 3/4 of the story getting there. And jesus, stringing along the frakking mystery box "what really happened in Brendok?" nonsense was already testing my patience; now I just don't care. There is no form it can take that can make me reassess my opinion of the show as a waste of everyone's time. I'll see you all after the finale, I guess. Maybe. I dunno. EDIT: Speaking of, did you know Anakin did his college thesis on Darth Plageius the Wise?
  10. Wow, was there no preview of this, no hobby show prototype, etc.? All of a sudden, just up on HLJ?
  11. asdf I don't necessarily have a problem with that worldview, because it's an honest and accurate assessment of the Jedi as they are in the Prequels, but it's at such odds with the almost mythic status they've gained by the time of the original films. But that's beating a dead horse... grumblegrumblegrumble With regards to the helmet, I wasn't particularly thrown by it. There have been plenty of examples of physical materials withstanding lightsaber blades, so this just seemed like another instance of it; and even its extra effect I would have been fine if it were nothing more than a little flourish to make this depiction stand out. I did find it neat that they played with the mechanics of lightsabers, though. It reminded me of... god I forget where/when this was, but there are separate moments where Luke deflects a TIE's laser blast and strikes some lava dragon's scaly hide and his lightsaber similarly shorts out for a moment. Are modern play sabers able to both light up and hold up to fairly strenuous, high-impact use? Or maybe there are other logistical/practical reasons why they had to use larger saber handles. Otherwise if the size of the hilts is meant to be a depiction of older technology as you say, that's kind of neat. A bit incongruous given the rest of the world's tech doesn't similarly see such regression, but neat nonetheless.
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