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  1. Me as well. So the best thing is to contribute now. Nice chunky! BTW technically, shouldn't this thread be under the customizing/modding category?
  2. Thanks. I only got to see the first 10 minutes, but it looked interesting. i need to invest in a DVR for my TV
  3. I bet it would look sick on the VF-X...
  4. Are you referring to the Stylus Pro WT7900? That thing retails for $8,495?! Or is there a cheaper model? I hope...
  5. I just saw that Banpresto in Akiba last weekend. It was going for about 600 yen. It didn't look the greatest, but you cant really beat a 600 yen transformable valk with fastpacks Would love to see some pics of it out of the box. I've thought about picking one myself for some cheap custom fun.
  6. Sign me up as well. I've always regretted missing out on the 1/48 version.
  7. Minmay Guard Decals 1/60 and 1/48. Moon Act
  8. I love everything about this, except the giant Minmay decal. I think the colors and design otherwise look great.
  9. I hope you're right. Because right now it looks like a blue plastic turd
  10. While I have absolutely no clue what the OP is talking about, nice looking valk!
  11. Those are the only things to improve??I think you just named everything that a new 1/48 could be. Sounds ok to me.
  12. Whats wrong with you people?!?! V2 1/48 valks would be nothing but asskicking awesomeness!
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