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  1. Thanks. I will put it on shapeways shortly. Stay tuned!
  2. Updated! The scale is very good! The fitting to fighter mode is ... also quite nice I think. If you guys want one, I will make it available at shapeways.
  3. Yes, FDM version is just for batt mode scale fitting. Yesterday I adjusted the helmet slightly to fit the fighter mode. Now printing using SLA material to check the fighter mode. Stay tunned.
  4. 1/60 VF-4G Head Commander Type Just printed using PLA to check the scale, generally fine. Will print it shortly using SLA and share with you guys pictures. Will put it in Shapeways shortly.
  5. Thanks so much to all you guys for your warmhearted help!
  6. Wanted: VF-1 atmospheric booster and launching vehicle PM me if you wanna part with.
  7. Interested, PMed and wait for your reply, 2.) Yamato 1/60 Version 2 VF-1J Hikaru White Visor Weathered (rare) $2255.) Yamato 1/60 Version 2 VF-1S Max Weathered (rare) $2256.) Yamato 1/60 Version 2 VF-1S Low Visibility (rare) $2257.) Yamato 1/60 Version 2 VT-1 (rare) $2508.) Yamato 1/60 Version 2 VE-1 (rare) $250
  8. Hi Guys, I need a pilot figure for 1/60 Arcardia vf-0d /0a / 0s Arcardia sent me a 0D which misses one damn... Please offer me your help. Or if you could advise how I can get one from Arcadia or from other toy series, I do appreciate your generosity.
  9. Thanks everyone. Indeed I have sold most of my collections recently as I need to move on to a newer stage of my life. Nevertherless, I have kept a 1/60 v2 ve-1 and the half-done project base on my workstation and will make it ready to complete this dream. Thanks for everyone who supported me in this project.
  10. Two thumbs up for yman1437Nice communication, fast payment, and great patience.
  11. Sorry for my late update. Item sold.
  12. Remove SOLD items. Price slightly negotiable. PM your offer if interested.
  13. Price negotiable. PM me your offer if interested.
  14. Up for sale is an ultra rare 1/3000 SDF-1 fortress 740 USD + paypal fee shipped. SOLD What you see is what you get.
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