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  1. Good Job!!! ALso with those articulations!
  2. My intention was to be closer than possible to the original design. The Macross Mecha Manual illustration is originally black and white so the only original source to know the Scout Regult colors is the anime and in the anime as you can see the main lens is basically a darkened glass, but i added to the tamiya smoke a bit of blue as a compromise. If you look at the future Bandai Hi-metal release the main lens is black because they tried to make a accurate reproduction of the anime. Anyway thank you guys i m glad you like it.
  3. Hello, i'm posting shots of the latest kit i finished
  4. Thanks i used you soldier as reference
  5. The Macross sizes matter is not so vague as you think. In the anime sizes are not always coherent but for the most you can deduce what sizes should be. So there are 2 logical choices : follow official stats regardless they are nonsense, or follow anime sizes possibly with some corrections.
  6. Thanks, it was just an experiment, i bought a Vallejo Engine Grime which doesn't look like engine grime at all but like mud, so i used it like mud squirts.
  7. Hello. Im posting a few pics of the Kamjin resin kit, pics are not the best. I tried some weathering but i m not used to figurines painting.
  8. 1/90 or 1/97 instead of 1/100 is a very small deviance. You can't compare it. About your opinion on the sizes argument.. it looks like you already decided unmovably what should be the conclusion of the matter, so there's no point i respond on it.
  9. I personally believe Kawamori made the official sizes before they began to work on the anime. When they began to work on it they simply noticed the sizes were simply nonsense and corrected them... within the limits of a low budget anime... And well, about HMR... their sizes are totally non sense but it's Kawamori's fault, not Bandai's...
  10. Sorry but the best compromise is simply making Regult and Glaug big enough to fit (or to be close to the appearance it could) with a correct scale soldier. Simple. That was what Yamato was going to do...
  11. Yes, of course the official sizes are a ridiculous joke. But if you look in the anime, in most cases, zentraedi soldiers are a bit smaller than Battroids, Britai is a bit taller than a Battroid, Kamjin is almost as tall as a battroid, Regults and Glaugs are a lot bigger than Battroids ( Noudjaseul being the smallest of the zentraedi's mechas as they are in fact just powered armors) even if dimensions aren t always constant. What is sure is that Britai and Battroids are almost the same size, just Kawamori made a mess with mechas sizes. So, you can follow 2 logical choices: 1 stick to the official sizes as Bandai hmr did OR 2 make the zentraedi's mechas bigger. So Moscato could have simply made zentraedi figures and mechas coherent with the official sizes ignoring that they could not fit toghter OR could have made mechas bigger so that they appear logically coherent with zentraedi figures and Battroids. He did not one or the other... it seems like he made the Regult first, witout thinking about a possible future zentraedi soldier release, then as he thought about making Zentraedi figures he tried to make them looks coherent with the Regult and then he decided to make them smaller compared to what they should be ignoring the comparison with Battroids.
  12. Has anybody ever noticed that this kit is totally out of scale? I recently finished my own and noticed this is not 1/72 scale. Kamjin should be tall 11,85 meters wich in 1/72 scale should be 11,85:72=16,45. The figure should be tall 16,45 cm, but it s tall only 9,78cm.... The real scale of the kit should be about 1/118 scale... Why Moscato did that and labeled it 1/72 scale, expecially considering he followed the officials sizes with the Regult kits?? Because, even though the figure could look more proportionated compared with the Regult kit, it is also true that it looks out of proportions with all others 1/72 official Macross kits, like hasegawa battroids and Bandai ones...
  13. I'm not an experienced modeler, neither i m a military models modeler, so i don t have the military vehicles knowledge i would need to do a fully realistic weathering, but i remember you that a valkyrie is not a military fighter, it's a mech and as a mech it should be full of superficial scratches, expecially in most exposed points like shoulders, elbows, knees, feet, etc. No military army during war would repaint a vehicle and waste time just because of mainly esthetic damages. I didn't put any rust (as many do on gundams) because rust can damage the metal and would not be present in an operative vehicle. So i suppose i could be already in the phase 3, even if i lack skills to have fully accomplished phase 1 and 2. Also i must say that phase 3 is mostly possible with military models where you can study real reports. In a Anime model it would be more about guessing and reconstructing a possible scenario...
  14. Hello. This is my newly finished vf-1s Roy Focker version by Bandai in 1/72 scale from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. And a few shots of the crew.. I made small modifications, like magnets to correct legs position in fighter mode, microsol kristal clear to create clear parts in nosecone and wings. I made the weathering trying to recreate real fighters dirt and using also Hidetaka's illustrations as references. I post the one i looked at more.
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