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  1. Hey everyone, so I decided to take my VF-4G off the shelf to transform it into another form to put it on the shelf again in battroid mode and this happened to one of the legs on it. Is there any replacement parts for this specific part!
  2. Hey does anyone know how to remove the screw covers on this toy? I’d like to tighten some joints up but the screw covers are in the way. Any way to get them off?
  3. I actually clear coated the figure in a warm temperatured area and made sure to dust off the whole figure entirely, the rest of the figure turned out fine with the transformation but its just those rail guns that don't like to be slid around at all in the shoulder. would sanding them be a good option to give them a rough surface to stick better too?
  4. Hey guys, sorry to bring up a deadish thread, but recently decided to clear coat my SDF-1 in matte, and it looks AMAZING, but with the rail cannons on the shoulders, the matte coat keep chipping and flaking off. does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it so it won't do that?
  5. Bad thing about that is i bought it from someone on a classified site and i don't think that will work, but i could be wrong.
  6. Hey guys! Just got my very first VF-31 with it being Chucks VF-31E and I’m having a blast with it! But one thing I notice is that it’s missing the upper arm armor piece on the left arm and I looked in the box for it, is there away I could get a replacement or even a 3D printed one? Oh
  7. Finally got my order in at HLJ! hope you all can get one in.
  8. https://hlj.com/dx-chogokin-vf-1a-valkyrie-maximilian-jenius-use-bans56722?utm_source=My+Figure&utm_medium=PROD&utm_campaign=My+Figure incase anyone was looking for HLJ
  9. So how did you take it apart? cause I'm seeing some areas i dare not sand with out taking it apart.
  10. Has anyone attempted to take their VF-4 apart and Flat Coat it? Im thinking about doing it, as I've done it with my other HMR releases.
  11. Yeah ill let you know when i get my answer back from them!
  12. Requesting Ami Ami to take cancel my two orders on thew VF-4 as i am having to take out the funds i saved up for my appartment.
  13. So I decided to follow takas example of a more detailed cockpit, and I really think it looks amazing! Also Taka, where did you get that HUD decal?
  14. Does this kit have any poseability?
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