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  1. Kinda suspected they would pull this stunt. Packaged the mega hyper rifle with the anime accurate shield. Oh well who is getting this set?
  2. Just reissue the PF OA with ghost booster and i will be done with M0
  3. Give me UC Gundams any day. On the other hand for variations that are out of the norm, i would not mind getting a thunderbolt gundam if they do make one
  4. Seems to me that the PF YF-19 has panel lines done up which i rather wish that they leave it bare for me to do my own panel wash and slight weathering
  5. Tks sjr for the tip off. Funny when i did a search off fromjapan, it didnt churn out any results Yup noel, will tabulate how much proxy and shipping cost as compared to the local aet and decide from there
  6. Hard to find any below 30000 yen as most that hold onto astraea are scalpers, hoping to make a tidy bit of profit. The closest i can find one locally is about 34000 yen
  7. recon

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    The booster struts should be of a taller design to enable the booster to be pivoted clear from the head laser in fighter mode. And the head laser is way too long and to hide it in the booster would be defeating the purpose of a head laser unit which can be deployed in dog fights
  8. recon

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Pls do ask Mr K if he and arcadia would consider rereleasing the M7 VF-19 and VF-17 too with an improved design and in matt finishing as they are one of my fav valks
  9. I have a whole list of wants for bandai MB and GFFMC line 1) RX-93 Nu Gundam ver Ka 2) EX-S Gundam ver Ka 3) Zeta and Zeta Plus C1 Gundam 4) RX-78NT-1 Alex Gundam 5) RX-78 GP-01/GP-01FB 6) RGM-79 and all the GM variants 7) MS-09B DOMs tristar ver
  10. Jenius review and transformation videos are always my go to when attempting to transform new variants cos it shows what are the tricky and critical areas to take note of
  11. recon

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Can just imagine the variants that arcadia will be milking this mold 1) shinsei industry ver 2) M3 ver 3) M+ ver 4) VF5000G 5) VF5000T-G
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