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  1. If the writers actually had any guts, they'd have promoted Delta by having Max killed. Then having the cast, presumably Mirage, do something audacious and overcome whatever it is that killed Max. Although, given that they all suck as pilots, probably with a successful assassination attempt in the way to go, or may be he gets killed a la Fokker, but protecting Mirage or some such thing. Give it emotional impact. But, let's face it, if they had the balls to whack Max, Delta wouldn't have been so bad in the first place. The only thing that would horrify fans more is if Epsilon managed to kill Megaroad-1 and presumably the original triangle. May be an on screen death... or some such thing, but the story writers would have been too afraid of the backlash from such an act.
  2. One way to think about this movie is how desperate the producers were with trying to make Delta happen, you can practically hear them say: "tasukete, Max taicho" to be fair to Delta squad, it wasn't a four on one fight. Chuck was bushwhacked while he was gawking, Mirage gave up the moment she figured out she couldn't keep up with the boys. (and just sat there waiting to be shot) As for Bogue... well, Bogue is Bogue, you can slap the title Crimson Knight onto him, and he is still Bogue. As for Hayate... what can you say, he is a not as talented Camille in need of a slap down.
  3. So Sideshow Bob is getting a chance to undo some of his past mistakes? Cause KK was all Iger. So, Andor is done, cool, will binge it over the weekend.
  4. Lady M is probably Milia secretly taking on a new persona to boss around Max. All the rest of it is a big smokescreen to make people think she is someone else. 🤣
  5. The only Megaroad-1 story that makes sense now is if they set it up as the future antagonist. All along you thought you were fighting for the good guys, when... surprise, you have been fighting for the bad guy. Delta really does screw up everything doesn't it? This whole crazy Lady M thing came from there. In the vain effort to capitalize on nostalgia, the franchise is going to self destruct.
  6. Just shut up and by the new blue VFs, otherwise, your collection will never be complete. And if you don't buy the red Valks, think how lonely the blue valks will be, or their offspring Purple Valks. 🤣
  7. Ok, I was kind of joking about the garage full of red and blue Valks, but not really that much with why Max got the YF-29. Cause let's face it, if you had a prototype uber fighter, who would you want flying it or testing it? Answer: the best pilots you can find, and my guess is Max still fits that bill, and Milia is probably not too far behind. Age not withstanding, Unlike the Gundamverse, top notch experimental mecha is not accidentally handed over and then kept by snot nosed punks who has not one bit of military experience. As for Delta, they should be thankful that Max blew them away in a YF-29, because at least that's an excuse they can use, he was flying the better plane, a gen 6 vs a gen 5. what would be far more humiliating is if Max decided to come out in a VF-1 and wiped the mat with them, which would you rather go with? Grandpa beat me in a superior machine, or grandpa spanked with me in a fighter that hasn't seen active service in 40 years. That's an equivalent of having an F-4 shooting down a squad of F-35. If anything, the writers did Delta a favor having Max beat them up in YF-29. Think how much complaints people would have if he was in a VF-4 or a VF-1. Let's face it, Max was the bright spot in the movie. If he overshadowed the rest of the plot and characters by being there, that's literally just telling people how badly the movie sucked.
  8. I want the VF-35 next, the Felonski equivalent. Cause Max and Milia definitely need those. If you don't have a blue and red variant of every VF, you are doing something wrong. Somewhere in the Macross universe, there is a very large building which matching red and blue painted Valk of every type ever, just so that we can have matching Max/Milia pairs. It's almost as ubiquitous as Jolly Rogers for VF-1. I always found it hilarious that NATO decided to give a ridiculous code name like Felon to the SU-57. Flanker, Fullback, those were decent names, Firkin, hey, I can even get behind that. Felon. Why don't they just call it F***face.
  9. In terms of how Max got his YF-29... the answer is simple, cause he is Max. Now there is a question probably somewhere about how did Milia get her YF-29... wanna know the answer? Cause duh... Max has one, so of course she gets one. How else is Bandai going to hawk a Red YF-29. Heh, most likely to split up 50 years running. I am curious to see what the performance of the VF-25 and VF-31 is compared to each other, and how those rank against the VF-27 and VF-31. Honestly, it feels like Kawamori decided to be like Sukhoi and go with a bunch of Flanker derivatives, starting with the YF-24.
  10. Oh, my other post got nuked... 🤕 Anyway, going back to the one question that I had, what is considered Macross F canon these days, the movie or the series? Cause the short made it look like the movie is canon, which kinda sucks. Max is what makes the Delta movie in my opinion, otherwise, it's reminiscent of the series. Mediocre. The schooling makes me wonder if Kawamori had an advanced screening of Top Gun: Maverick. The difference is in the planes as well, why the hell does Kawamori insist on adding more and more crap to the VF-31, or for that matter, any of the Valks. I mean at this point, those things might as well be flying bricks. It's like loading up a McLaren with extra spoilers, eyelashes for headlights, extra bling everywhere, roof racks. You may as well have called the thing Nu Gundam at this point. At least the Durandal had the courtesy of still looking like an airplane, and not a damned flying brick.
  11. Rogue One was actually pretty good from my POV. TFA was in general ok, and I would say Rogue One was basically the highwater mark for the Disney stewardship of the cinematic star wars universe. It all went down hill from there. Solo wasn't that awful, but then they brought on TLJ and whatever that last movie was. Sure it was a quantum improvement from TLJ, but as hard as it was going from 0 to 1; they are still a long way from 100... or even a 50. And TLJ was more like a -30.
  12. You know, I can imagine the pitch meeting where the Paramount exec went to Stewart: Faceless exec: So, Sir Stewart, that's the general outline of the new show with you front and center, and we are proposing a generous $400K per episode. What do you say? Stewart: Let me translate this for you, you guys are looking around at the TV landscape, Netflix is way ahead of the pack, Amazon Prime is offering tons of goodies beyond TV, Apple has pockets deeper than God, Disney is ringfencing their content, HBO is coming out with edgier and grittier, and at best, you bozos have some old shows that are on TV that you're going to flip onto streaming, and you really need an anchor that make you stand apart from whatever Fox or NBC is offering, a big name for your new streaming service, does that sound about right to you? Faceless exec: Well, we actually think... Stewart: shut up, here is my deal, take it or leave it, I get creative input, if the writers do anything I don't like, I get veto power, I set the direction of the show, and I do whatever the f*** I like, got it? Oh, and I have a list of people I want on the show. Frakes, he can cameo, so can Spiner, and Sirtis... ah, I know I also want Jeri Ryan as a regular, she's still pretty hot, and is a good draw for nerds with fantasies. And I want it in the contract to have at least four seasons. Faceless exce talk it over with his colleagues for a minute: Alright Sir. Stewart, we agree to your terms. You have creative control, you have the crew you want, and $400K an episode... Stewart laughs: who do you think I am? Orlando Bloom? $750K or I walk. Faceless exec: but... but... Mr. Stewart, we don't have that kind of budget. Stewart: sell your first born, loan your family out as sweat shop labor In Shenzhen, does it look like I give a sh**? Do you want the deal or not. Faceless exec: ok... you win. The Faceless exec leaves, thankful for the deal that'll launch the new streaming service. Meanwhile, Stewart cackles gleefully: at last, I will have the Star Trek I want. The Star Trek the world deserves.
  13. No cameos…. No attempt to bring in young Boba… no Ashoka, no Rex, no clone force 99, and no baby Mando, those are the things that will ensure this series does well. Ewan can make sure he continues to earn if he plays his cards right.
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