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  1. With Boba, they should have just kept him in the background, there are some stories better left untold. Some times less is more. Boba feels like a desperate attempt to keep Disney+ relevant.
  2. Odd, all of the carrier types that aren’t Earth are armed like battleships and no fighter complement are listed anywhere. What the heck….
  3. Which is weird, right? I guess we know who aged better... ha ha ha ha. Must be hard running a toxic dump business.
  4. A battleship escorted by two carriers. Is there a subtle message that's being sent with that one? Especially considering the battleship is Yamato? 😁
  5. Confessions of an Economic Hitman. At times, the author feels like he is embellishing, but there is some genuine history here, most of it will remain obscured. But it is an interesting perspective of history.
  6. They took one of the better villains in Smith and replaced him with Doogie Howser, MD. Whose most threatening characteristics was likely to be the bill he gives you for his services right before Christmas.
  7. At least Masterson is still alive… 😅 I hope the fall of Gamilas has a little more detail than just this. In the original, Gamilas had been abandoned, undefended. Here, it just feels odd that the population is there and the enemy just waltzes right in.
  8. I did forget that to keep things moving along… they do need to bring back the older actors periodically, like they already did with Hopkins and Russo in Thor, Redford in Winter Soldier, Jolie in Eternals, the entire spider cast in the last movie, enough to pull in the old audience to squeeze the turnip for a little more dinero while transitioning to a younger crowd with money. And give it more gravitas. I mean you can see it, a few years from now when Cumberbach passes on the torch, they can cameo like RDJ did in how many movies. Toss in Ruffalo, what’s her name in Captain Marvel and so forth. Then cycle in new actors and so forth. Just like Johnny Cash mentioned in the prison song.
  9. you'd have to admire Disney for trying to turn over their cast. In reality, since their story boards are already written courtesy of Marvel, they can get away with a whole lot. As long as the comic books keep churning out new ideas, interesting villains, they could keep the gravy train going forever. I think the trick for them is to build up a generational audience. Cycle out the older >45 year old actors and actresses as main characters over the course of a decade or two, keeping up a long overriding arc on their movies, and then slowly phase those out. You figure, you have got a new Capt America, some type of new Black Panther, a new Widow, a new Hawkeye, etc, and pretty soon, new X-men. You can toss in the multiverse, and suddenly, you've got Avengers vs Magneto, Spiderman taking on Hydra, X-men against the Sinister Six. Then run through the variation on the storylines to fit in the time frames, I mean you could do a stand alone Omega Red vs Wolverine, and the list goes endlessly on and on. The money machine keeps on churning, especially if little Bob does as well as his predecessor, Sideshow Bob, and starts grooming a successor Bob, they'll manage somehow. Even though their parks business and store business are still on a long path to recover.
  10. It's an interesting way to potentially reset the Spiderman franchise again. Tabula Rasa. So, if they wanted to, they could divorce Sony from Marvel again in a way. After all, friendly neighborhood spiderman doesn't have to interact with all of the big ones in the MCU. After all, Holland might be getting expensive. Time to find the next Garfield.
  11. Ha ha, I misread for a sec, I thought it said Friends choose the F-35.
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