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  1. He-man rocked…. We need more Dolph… heheh…. So, Picard is going back in time to make sure everything is woke, and people know how horrible and unjust they are? Haha…. At least that’s a fantasy that’s aligned with Woke Picard.
  2. I agree. I think I realize the problem here. The What if here is based entirely on the narrower scope of the MCU. For all the development that Disney put in place, it doesn’t come anywhere close to equating to the decades of comic history when What If came out first in the comics, and the series is also quite narrow in scope relatively speaking. No FF, no x-men, very limited Spider-Man (seriously, what can you do with Vulture or Mysterio outside of movie setting, no Electro, Green goblin, Gwen Stacy, Doc Ock, etc) heck, most of the MCU is based on a single overriding theme of cameos and massive crossovers.
  3. You are far kinder than I am on this movie. All I can say is one word: Awfulfina. Marvel needs to get rid of these useless characters. The movie had some good points, but they needed to not have Awfulfina, I really don’t dig the connections to the US, as she is obviously a shitty attempt to form some kind of connection to second or third generation Chinese kids who are basically clueless about China.
  4. As the Critical Drinker would say, there were definitely a few moments where the Craig Bond seem to have stepped out of his lane, thank God we have a strong cast of female characters to keep him in check.
  5. Just can’t get excited about this movie, no matter how many excellent HK actors and actresses they put in there. Mainly because they put Awkwafina in this movie, or as I’d like to call her Awfulfina or Awkwardfina, take your pick, having her in there just drags the movie down, not if they have Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Donnie Yuen would they be able to balance out her awfulness. 🤮
  6. When the facehuggers come for you, you will wish you had one of those bad boys to keep them at bay.
  7. All things considered, I was ok with this particular episode. The truth is, the squad wasn’t going to all of a sudden go and kill a ship full of imps.
  8. it's a shame that Musashi and Yamato were done in by carrier aircraft. It was just a fitting end to the battleship era considering how the Pacific was mostly carrier and submarine wars. But it would've been a grander end to the battleship era to see Musashi and Yamato duke it out with Ching Lee's New Jersey and Iowa. While the latter was more likely to have won due to better speed and fire control, the former could've gotten lucky. Instead the end was the Surigao straits with Olendorf's ghosts of the deep killing the older Fuso and Yamashiro in a ridiculous six v two fight.
  9. One obvious question is how did Gamilas fall so far so fast that their homework’s is actually threatened. Gatlantis wasn’t shown to be focused on Gamilas at all. And what the heck happened to the Gamilas type Andromeda carriers, they are back to triple deckers again? yes, three years have passed…. What the heck was Desslar doing for three years?
  10. I would like to be surprised though. I agree, but I think if they manage to surprise us on this, it would make for some very awkward moments later on, and potentially fun. Interesting though, at this rate, there will now have to be retconn'ed in a network of clones who are turning against the empire.
  11. Not nearly as funny as the fact that if she then went on with Kylo, it's basically... well, the image is disturbing to say the least. Yes, so, the granddaughter, and the great grandson (meaning the auntie and the nephew) decided to get together. This is disturbing in all kinds of ways. Trust Lucas and Disney to come up with something twisted like that. Just when you thought the Oedipal complex couldn't be worse, Disney takes it one step further. Good job, mouse.
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