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  1. Rogue One was actually pretty good from my POV. TFA was in general ok, and I would say Rogue One was basically the highwater mark for the Disney stewardship of the cinematic star wars universe. It all went down hill from there. Solo wasn't that awful, but then they brought on TLJ and whatever that last movie was. Sure it was a quantum improvement from TLJ, but as hard as it was going from 0 to 1; they are still a long way from 100... or even a 50. And TLJ was more like a -30.
  2. You know, I can imagine the pitch meeting where the Paramount exec went to Stewart: Faceless exec: So, Sir Stewart, that's the general outline of the new show with you front and center, and we are proposing a generous $400K per episode. What do you say? Stewart: Let me translate this for you, you guys are looking around at the TV landscape, Netflix is way ahead of the pack, Amazon Prime is offering tons of goodies beyond TV, Apple has pockets deeper than God, Disney is ringfencing their content, HBO is coming out with edgier and grittier, and at best, you bozos have some old shows that are on TV that you're going to flip onto streaming, and you really need an anchor that make you stand apart from whatever Fox or NBC is offering, a big name for your new streaming service, does that sound about right to you? Faceless exec: Well, we actually think... Stewart: shut up, here is my deal, take it or leave it, I get creative input, if the writers do anything I don't like, I get veto power, I set the direction of the show, and I do whatever the f*** I like, got it? Oh, and I have a list of people I want on the show. Frakes, he can cameo, so can Spiner, and Sirtis... ah, I know I also want Jeri Ryan as a regular, she's still pretty hot, and is a good draw for nerds with fantasies. And I want it in the contract to have at least four seasons. Faceless exce talk it over with his colleagues for a minute: Alright Sir. Stewart, we agree to your terms. You have creative control, you have the crew you want, and $400K an episode... Stewart laughs: who do you think I am? Orlando Bloom? $750K or I walk. Faceless exec: but... but... Mr. Stewart, we don't have that kind of budget. Stewart: sell your first born, loan your family out as sweat shop labor In Shenzhen, does it look like I give a sh**? Do you want the deal or not. Faceless exec: ok... you win. The Faceless exec leaves, thankful for the deal that'll launch the new streaming service. Meanwhile, Stewart cackles gleefully: at last, I will have the Star Trek I want. The Star Trek the world deserves.
  3. No cameos…. No attempt to bring in young Boba… no Ashoka, no Rex, no clone force 99, and no baby Mando, those are the things that will ensure this series does well. Ewan can make sure he continues to earn if he plays his cards right.
  4. Well, with inflation these days, everybody needs more cash. Even Q. I mean Stewart probably signed away his appearance so that there can be future Picard shows with his likeness. This way, he can keep the gravy train rolling whilst he is still in this world. Ol’ Pat likes his lifestyle, and that kind of lifestyle must be maintained with cash flow. 🤣
  5. stop knocking the Borg Queen, they could afford the effects, they were too busy spending that money on Annie Wersching, she hasn't had a decent role since 24; getting her into the Borg queen custom is the last chance to revive her career... 😅
  6. And in non Ukraine related aviation news: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/03/03/navy-recovers-sunken-f-35-jet-crashed-off-deck-of-carrier-south-china-sea.html/amp well, that was fast, must have been some interesting stuff aboard to get the plane recovered that fast from the S C Sea. Wonder how close the PLAN got to it. And also if there were any extracurricular activities as well.
  7. Weren’t they trying to squeeze six movies out of this series? JK needs to be paid some more… so, they are probably saving Tina for ep 4,5,6, unless the actress honked off the wrong producer.
  8. How about Star Trek 4; Multi-versal cross over, that seems to be all the rage these days. We can have ST:P Picard meet Shatner Kirk meet Pines Kirk; it would be frigging epic. Oh, and throw in Q, cause you can never get enough Q.
  9. Yeah, Disney needs to partner with…. Or he’ll, just plain buy EA. Then they have access to all of the BioWare content. did you see the new Old Republic trailer? I’d watch a series following along Darth Malgus no question. As long as they don’t have him see the light side or turn him into some whiner whose introspection made him see why his life was lived in the wrong way.
  10. I disagree. Reacher was pretty good. It was a 60% to 70% faithful adaption to the original book, But I wonder if it's too late for Amazon to get its money back for this show, but this doesn't seem like a great idea if one has to judge anything by the trailer. $1/4B for the rights, almost another $0.5B for the season, no wonder they had to raise the prices for Prime. Trust Bezos to screw up something else... wasn't it bad enough baldy is screwing up the race into space with the phallic rocket and his super ego? And removing a bridge in the Netherlands so his yacht can get to the open ocean. Why is he trying to screw up LOTR too. He is going to displace Zuck at this rate as one of the most hate person on Earth.
  11. The real sad part is, even with the ending at Mando season 2, Boba could have been a kick ass show. It could have weaved back into the rest of the SW world seamlessly. Heck, you could've even had an encounter between Boba and Luke one day and make that pay off. But instead... I can't wait until Kenobi meets Boba on Tatooine. 🤮
  12. The loading up on stereotypes comment isn't about Fennec being the lead character... its about the rest of the stuff I shoved in on what shouldn't be in a Fennec led show. Sorry, should've spelled that out more clearly. Especially the part of preferring profession as a lawyer or a doctor. As for diversity, I'm all for it... bring on multiple strong female characters, and while you're at it, do one on Finn, whose job is straight up screaming "Reyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" every 30 seconds, or Rose... whose trait is... uhhhh... being strong and willful. Obviously, the point here is that what they needed to do with Boba or any other series was actually have an interesting story, not the garbage that came out of it. But hey, at least he shot Bib Fortuna, that was an upside. Oh wait, that wasn't even in this show... ha ha. BTW, shoving Mando into the middle of the Boba series was definitely not a reaction to the audience feedback, I figured they had this stuff written and all shot long before the first episode was ever released, my guess is that the whole thing was pulled in because they were either universe building or they decided that the Boba story was so damned boring that they have to bring in the cameo cannon to keep up interest. Literally, how the heck did anyone take one of the more interesting Star Wars character, and just mess him up so badly.
  13. Haha, the drinker pretty much hit this right on the head. I do think it would have benefitted Disney to do a Fennec series instead, as long as they keep her character the same and we don’t find out that she is also a single mother with several adapted kids (non human of course… cause… diversity) one of whom aspires to follow in her footsteps but she’d prefer college and a profession as a lawyer or a doctor instead. Haha, talking about loading up a show with stereotypes. certainly, a Fennec show would parallel an Ashoka show with a strong female lead. (Another box for Disney to check in the age of virtue signaling)
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