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  1. Well in the series he expert in driver destroid crane and mover. And from what I heard all mech controller in Macross are universal standard , which means Hayate already expert in VF Battleroid mode. Only he need to learn how to fly fighter. At least in Delta Movie more realistic as Hayate ALREADY newly joined Xaos and trained pilot before setting start. Like how Alto able to take control VF-25 using Civilians student EX Gear as he did mention control system are universal standard.
  2. Yeah well sure Mirage not as good pilot as her other family but as movie 2 shows Max and Arad realized that Mirage actually REALLY good at 1 skill that even better than Arad and Max What you dont trust japan impression and feed back obn Delta movie 2. And you still haven't respond on Movie 2 debunk Lady M is evil and villain.
  3. Here Full Armored VF-31AX and Super Ghost. And here VF-31 AX with Super Ghost pack.(It HAVE 14 FREAKING THRUSTER AND ENGINE) Which you guys prefer?
  4. Seto beased on summary of Movie 2, I think I get villain motivation.
  5. Man its really hard to topple YF-29 Durandal as most powerful VF. Even Sv-303 couldnt beat it. I wonder what Kawamori gonna take to make VF that surpass YF-29
  6. I think you misunderstood what Ledakan43 says, he mention that VF-31 are more like mass produced unit,not AX He already explain in the movie where
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