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  1. Just checked the Amazon Japan tracking number, looks like they shipped it "SF Express", and it's on a flight to LA as of 8:40am, 30th, JST. Ought to show up in a couple days I guess.
  2. Looks like Full Mechanics is morphing into what MG used to be. All the outer details and articulation, but no complete inner frame.
  3. I have the full set of 100 (and up though 30-something of the supers). $500 shipping sounds about right, those boxes take up a lot of space.
  4. Yeah, I'm down. I don't mind the hinges and such given this is a 1/100 kit.
  5. I'm normally all in....but I think I'll skip on these for Delta. Not interesting enough to look at for the price.
  6. It's one of the ones that they have good molds for and can sell outside of Japan. Since they can't sell the VF-1, the VF-25 is probably the next best thing. Especially if someone picks up the international rights to Frontier. I am 100% down, Alto's VF-25 is the first Macross figure I bought (used super pack V1 from Mandarake on a trip), and the last of the VF-25s I got in V2.
  7. If you just look at Gerwalk and Fighter mode, it's actually pretty close to VTOL aircraft we have now. Or the theoretical helicopters with fixed-rotor high-speed modes. A valkyrie, aside from the robot form, is just a vehicle that can swap between high-speed fighter and a helicopter with a turreted gun.
  8. D could be Demo, could also be prototype revision D (as in Ver A, Ver B, Ver C, Ver D). Depends how Bandai handles things internally.
  9. Well, you can also charge it with X-rays, but those are even worse for causing browning. Plus the health issues. FYI, you can charge it up with normal visible light. I use UV free LEDs.
  10. Still waiting on my promo code, and I shipped some stuff out on Wed.
  11. Everyone and everything has been having quality issues due to supply chain/COVID issues.
  12. From my perspective, when you compare the RG Zeta (transforming mobile suit) or RG Unicorn (more limited transformation) the 1/72 VF-31 and SV-262 come off pretty well. Comparing them to the MG transforming suits, honestly I wish the MG kits took some cues, like having metal rods for hinges as necessary.
  13. Torque requirements get larger with the length of the moved object, not to mention going too fast and you run into issues with rotational inertia effects. You're not just torquing whatever's moving, but also everything holding the rest of the assembly still. I've used some pretty high-torque motors before to shift unbalanced loads in rotation, and it's really tricky to get everything dialed in to where it doesn't shake itself to pieces in the process.
  14. Anything before Zero and Frontier, when they started using actual 3D CAD models for everything, was pretty heavy on the anime magic. This is just normal for Bandai, take a look at their Metal Build figures, or RG/MG/PG gundam kits and compare them to the screen versions.
  15. Mine showed up last week, no strap. Pretty sure it's just a nice touch, not a missing accessory. My box was a bit dinged up as well, think it's just due to a large box with soft insides.
  16. Take a picture, from below and the side, and we might be able to give you better suggestions. It probably isn’t properly seated into the stand adapter, or something similar.
  17. Even if they say you should have had insurance, that doesn't mean they're not liable. Insurance in this case would just be paying for the lawyers to extract the money out of them for their liability. Good luck, hopefully you can get at least something from either the above tenant's insurance or the management company. It won't repair/replace the work you did, but it would at least let help pay for a new project.
  18. Can anyone scale the battroid and gerwalk figures and do an overlay? Not sure if those look to be the same legs, hard to tell with the scale being different.
  19. If it does release, almost certainly going to be a web exclusive, just like the missile regults.
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