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  1. Am I the only one slightly confused why the storm figure is wearing a bikini bottom, while the illustration has her wearing hot pants?
  2. If you’re referring to the missile pod I made up, it doesn’t fit beam rifles at all.
  3. Weird antenna/horn thing? Red Oni Valkyrie?
  4. I only have 10! ...YF/VF-19 figures...in 1/60 scale... I think I have 15 DX Vf-1?
  5. I think I'll stick to the <$5 flat fees from my preferred proxies, or use my Tenso address and still pay less. I refuse to use any proxy that charges a percentage.
  6. $4 per shop $1 per item 12% service fee on item price. I think I'll skip them, 12% is just ridiculous.
  7. Kind of interesting how Bandai actually ends up cheaper than Yamato, once you factor in exchange rate and inflation.
  8. Huh, I knew they did it with the MG, wasn't aware on the PG. Going based entirely on photos, it does look like the PG "Narrative" is a much more yellow gold color, while the older one isn't nearly as yellow. I suppose I could grab a narrative version and do a comparison, I got my OG kit back near the first release. [edit] Looks like there's an OG version on Ebay for $636: https://www.ebay.com/itm/124874887886
  9. Might be a side-effect of shipping in battroid form. More stress on the joint that way, whereas in fighter there's a few more pegs holding everything together.
  10. I remember being at the EAA Airventure convention in Oshkosh, listening to Burt Rutan when a harrier took off and interrupted him. "Put enough thrust on any piece of $#!7 and it'll fly"
  11. Macross Plus already had an official US release many years ago, and is one of the most popular Macross series in the US. [edit] Mainly I was pointing out that there is no way for anyone outside Japan to see/have seen the new Delta movie until it comes out on disc. Whereas even for frontier, people have been able to get the discs and watch fansubs for many years.
  12. Probably at least in part because it's for a movie with no international release, whereas Delta TV/movie 1 was a while back and the disc releases had English subtitles.
  13. It's the three most recent non-TV/DYRL DX Chogokin releases, i.e. the most recent 3 releases they are allowed to sell in the US. Also there's a reason the Bandai YF-19 is going above MSRP, while the Arcadia is going below MSRP (or roughly at MSRP) despite being released longer ago. The Bandai is a solid figure.
  14. Yup, they posted like the first 5min of the film on youtube (region locked), and the SV-303 is shown on screen and named.
  15. Asked for VF-25, YF-21, and Tomahawk on my end, forgot to ask for a TV SDF-1.
  16. Got mine from Amazon Japan last Friday, they just threw it in a slightly oversized box with a single small sheet of crumpled brown paper and shipped it DHL. Miraculously, the DX box is essentially untouched... still wondering how that managed to happen.
  17. Since they just did the VF-1D, they could milk that double-cockpit mold for a VT-1 next.
  18. My order through an Amazon Japan reseller ($390 shipped) ought to show up Monday. Guess I ought to be glad my initial scalper reseller cancelled my order, saved $25...
  19. Yes, they did. Not the cheapest, but shipped via Amazon at least, so that wasn't too bad of a cost.
  20. Mine I ordered last night (after my earlier Amazon Japan seller cancelled...) ran $390 with Amazon shipping.
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