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  1. Where did you get the files for those? I've got a photon resin printer that needs some testing.
  2. Nice to see the joints can hold that pose.
  3. The Fast Packs aren't mine. Do agree they look great though! I am also out of display space, so it's in the storage closet at the moment. Need to pack up some of the DX 1/48 doubles out on the shelves.
  4. For ¥15,000 for the valk and ¥9,000 for the armor (both without listed damage) it was too tempting. Then I got charged another ¥11,650 for shipping 🤕
  5. Thanks, regardless of if it's PG or MG, I have both kits so went in for a Phenex one.
  6. I am so very down for that.
  7. Actually got the low vis a while back, but still in box. Need more display space!
  8. Maybe? If it's worth it to you, then it's worth it to you. Cheapest would be to find someone here to buy from. Next would probably be from Mandarake.
  9. Picked up a couple things off Mandarake. Was too tempting to pass up. Shipping cost a lot though.
  10. FYI, it's still worth trying them. But make sure you have an account with a Japanese address (I use Tenso) for them to use if they have to ship anything. For Katakana, it's phonetic spelling, for example Stephanie becomes ステファニー (Su Te Fa Ni i). Katakana is the alphabet used for foreign words. Put your name into google translate from English to Japanese and it'll turn it into Katakana characters.
  11. Got mine in from Amazon Japan earlier, but haven’t opened it yet.
  12. I had to laugh at the five-star-stories one. Tiny, but giant spikes.
  13. My order from Amazon Japan was shipped, arriving Thursday.
  14. The bottom’s wrong for that to be the spacey logo. Supposed to be a kite, not a triangle.
  15. Something about the global pandemic and related massive shipping disruptions I imagine. Though I hope it ships while the exchange rate is still good.
  16. IIRC where those go is covered up by other parts, they do get placed in the kit version.
  17. Btw, loving that exchange rate. ¥29,136 shipped, and got charged $229.55
  18. Got charged by Amazon Japan, so ought to be shipping soon.
  19. Arcadia Cheyenne would be great, but I’d settle for a phalanx.
  20. The non-Macross HMRs have had quite a number of successes as well, the Dougram figures for example. For the non-Macross line there are more successes than failures.
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