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  1. Didn't know FASA put this out in the 80s until recently. Found an unpunched version:
  2. Watched TOS which was fun as a kid but really cheesy on rewatches (even if I have the limited edition cylon head DVD pack). TNS was so much better for the first 2.5 seasons- but once it became Battletent:Galactica then it really lost its way. The cylons had a plan, but Moore and Eick didn't, unfortunately.
  3. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    I absolutely do not want the Tomahawk, Phalanx, Scout Regult, and Quedlunn. Please don't release them in the next few months.
  4. Yes, that is a Horizon pewter figure like the one I posted- there are other collectible figures for Robotech and they did all sorts of other series too Like Ultraman and Speed Racer.
  5. Maybe Bandai is still trying to recover overseas costs from when that container ship threw some of their stuff into the ocean during that storm? I'm kidding.....maybe?
  6. The Tsukuda Macross games didn't have pewter figures (just cardstock counters like Avalon Hill games). Though Space Fold did also include a dating game in addition to its combat game. Is this the piece you were referring to? https://mantisgamingstudios.myshopify.com/products/robotech-minmei-chinese-dress-pewter-figure-harmony-gold
  7. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    But then the nose and heatshield will be wrong.
  8. I got my HMR Max and Kakis, but more importantly,: I already knew about the Tsukuda Macross and Mospeada board games from the 80s (I own all four Macross and the Mospeada game) but did not know Takara made similar games for Dougram but with metal figures. Once I found out, I needed them:
  9. lol I noticed that after I posted- probably should have come back to edit that. I blame early morning excitement before coffee.
  10. Now that Max and Kaki have arrived, I've started working on recreating the Breetai attack. Only so much flexibility with the Meptoys Breetai, but I think I can keep working this a bit. Also- got Bandai'd since my Kaki showed up without one knee. I just didn't flip it up while tiredly setting these up. lol
  11. I've gotten maybe three of my DXs from LP when I missed the PO somewhere else. They are usually a little slower shipping, but I've not had any shipping issues with boxes being damaged. They aren't my first go-to, but they are always a good reserve. Never had an NY issue with them.
  12. lol- this was from someone else, but not suirprised that it is wrong.
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