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  1. Got a notice on this: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/162832 While I don't want this particular item, this might bode well for Macross goodies being available in the US beyond just the series themselves.
  2. I'll probably end up with both.
  3. Love that low-vis. Mine was pretty solid as well!
  4. Luna Park shipped my Roy pretty quickly and it had a bigger issue with getting stuck in HK customs than anything that was LP's fault. Still got here pretty fast.
  5. Ha- I was a proponent for keeping things as they were but am willing to give this a shot a little longer before I move to "told ya" status.
  6. We're trying something new and organized to see how it works.
  7. FromJapan I only use to buy auction stuff now and don't even try TWEs anymore. Granted, I haven't tried with this one since I'm going for the combo sets. But FJ has been too difficult to get TWEs the past few goes.
  8. It will likely be cheaper at a few sites on PO day, but availability that day at retail becomes part of the fun. Sometimes it is nice to just pay the markup and not worry. I've used Luna Park before and they delivered fine.
  9. More retailers will open up, plus you can order through proxies to the p-Bandai site itself. AE can usually get the TWE items and I don't think they've popped up yet.
  10. Yes, they ship to the US. Options are limited to more expensive options currently, since Japan Post has limited shipping options, so expect to pay $40-60 shipping. OTOH, you'll get it really quick with options like DHL.
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