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  1. And here is their latest repaint up at BBTS: Macross VF-1S Valkyrie (Dark Gold Ver.) with Fast Pack Armor 1/72 Scale Limited Edition Figure (bigbadtoystore.com) For $260? I just can't justify this, even if I wanted to get into another scale.
  2. Despite the fact that I have the HM version (with the super parts on the Messer Memorial instead) and the DYRL gray release, I still talked myself into one of these. I also already had an extra set of super parts from somewhere I had thrown on a VF-1D to get that classic ARII model action:
  3. $260 from BBTS. That's a nope for me for a 1/72
  4. I know some folks have had issues with Luna Park, but I've gotten a few things form them with no issues. And unlike NY, Luna has an account here that responded to issues in the past.
  5. While I love the idea, I know the Toynami toys in roughly the same scale have already been ripping off the Takatoku style, so Bandai may shy away from that!
  6. With as bad as my paint skills are, it is non-canon even if I tried to make it otherwise.
  7. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    With the HM TV 1S and HMR DYRL 1S both already in my collection, my first reaction is "Hold". But then I see the dupes I have of the already released stuff and my mind says "Buy". I mean, I don't really *need* three Hikaru 1Js
  8. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    They got the arm armor slope right but shouldn't they be greener in color? EDIT: Relooking, they are a bit greener than the others. It just looked darker blue like the DYRL releases on first glance.
  9. Got a selection of 3d printed Macross, Southern Cross, Mospeada (and, um Robotech) starship minis from a few Etsy folks to go along with my Space Battleship Yamato Mechanical Collection gashapons. I am waiting for the support bases to arrive for the Macross/Mospeada bits, but stole some of the Yamato bases for the Southern Cross ships: Will move things around to display them better once I get everything loaded on bases. Here's some of the Yamato guys I already had that are roughly the same size:
  10. As technoblue said, the pinned PO thread was created specifically because this thread seemed "unwieldy" to some, so it is dedicated to the latest POs. If you follow that, you should get notification when there is new things for PO.
  11. I'm not a huge fan of adding in the light-up gimmicks on the Zents and Destroids, especially when it leads to clear pieces popping all over. I'm also wondering about the rotating missile pod on the Tomahawk. It's interesting but not sure it is something anyone has been clambering for? And it is a bad sign when the joints for your demo pieces lead your Glaug to fall asleep.
  12. This is me except my 1J is the armored version. I'm passing on the Angel Birds because it has never been one of my favorite color schemes. I like the character schemes but otherwise stick to darker or close to single color schemes. The Yammie 30th annivesary was one of the biggest offenders for me of "WTF is all these different colors?" Give me the 25th Anniversary black with gold trim any day.
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