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  1. A TWE HMR Angel Bird 5-pack with smoke effects? I'm in.
  2. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    FEXT did the OWL armor, so I always hoped they'd go crazy and make the Jotun/Orguss too.
  3. I still have an old set sitting on a brownie 1A I have to paint up like the black one in "Love Flows By". So I'll pass on this in favor of all the other promised goodies.
  4. I enjoy these, but they definitely aren't smaller version of the Sentinels. They feel less fragile to a certain extent than the CMs and Megahouse but they are also a lot smaller, so it is hard to justify paying what I think I paid for my Megahouses.
  5. If you keep an eye out, you can get the HMR Defender or Spartan for $80-100. The Monster is going to set you back typically at least $200-250 if you keep an eye out, but you will *not* be disappointed. It is HUGE, it is solid, and it is a lot of fun.
  6. I won't be the first to say this nor the last, but grab the HMR destroids and enemy mechs. Just do it. I love the VF HMRs, but they all pale besides the destroids and enemies.
  7. For the price.... I'm still deciding. They are decent little toys and I feel they have a bit of playability, but they are pretty costly for the size. Am I glad I got them? Yes. Am I glad I cancelled the separate order I had? Probably.
  8. LOL it is the lyrics to "Just the Two of Us", which while I remember the original song, remember more from Dr Evil and Minii-Me rapping in jail with the chorus to the song.
  9. That is absolutely hilarious! Already have the Yammies, but will be all over a Phalanx and Spartan.
  10. I only ended up with the Shadow version, and that only so it could hang with the old 1/35 Gakkens.
  11. The KO company looked but they couldn't find a cheaper plastic.
  12. And here I thought we got news of a PO!
  13. It is slightly short, but not by much.
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