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  1. Got Houquet in a variation of the cover photo pose, but will likely switch her to armor mode once I get brave enough to try out the instruction manual.
  2. In HLJ private warehouse and DHL shipping paid for.
  3. Except no Spartan yet (or Monster) so you'll still be incomplete.
  4. While it is speculation, KC does like incorporating LED lights into their VF-1s and appears to have done so for the sensor on the Regult as well. It appears they have them on the spotlights on the Defender and it looks like you can see an LED bulb on the autocannon gun pod as well. The specific choice to use clear plastic in these zones leads me to believe they'll be lighting them up with LEDs.
  5. The clear parts on the missiles and guns of the destroids makes me hesitant- not sure if they will make those light-up, which some may think is cool but is a bit of a turn-off for me. I'd love a Phalanx but not with light up missiles. And the whole gun pod assembly on the Tomahawk lighting up? No thanks.
  6. So excited. I won't be able to wait for other stuff to come in and will have to send this immediately.
  7. Not sure I can justify $60 for a 6 inch none-transformable SDF-1 statue. I still have a ton of RPG Tactics figures that are still in boxes at my office untouched.
  8. As long as that Klingon battle music is there when the K'Tingas go after V'ger, I'm good.
  9. And at this point, I still hope for the HMR (not due to price so much as for the fact that a 1/60 Monster is hard to find space for lol).
  10. Not doubting them yet- they have been delivering. But I didn't make space for Houquet until the preorder as well. Plus a tread really changes how I currently have them (with a lot of legioss and two treads packed in a small space, with the blue Toynami "alpha" legioss/tread combined. All my Sentinel legioss are in armo soldier mode, so that alone will get me to rethink things.
  11. IN this hobby, I don't count on something until a PO comes out. Sentinel has surprised me by actually giving us Houquet, but I'm not going to start moving things around in anticipation of a tread until I see a PO.
  12. I would expect some color differences at a minimum (like the missile covers being a different color rather than the same as the main body).
  13. I will consider it, but like others here I have the Yamato. What I hope *doesn't* happen is Arcadia gets theirs out first, nobody buys it, and Bandai says "Well, let's not bother with our HMR version."
  14. I have things organized awaiting Houquet. I have to do some reorganizing if they really do a tread.
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