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  1. vladykins

    Hi-Metal R

    I answered asking for the SDF:M line to be completed, especially those that have been displayed already
  2. Also got my @LUNA PARK DHL notification. It sometimes takes a day or two go out, but it being a Monday, will probably be faster (my last experience was on a Thursday so a one day turnaround meant the weekend got in the way).
  3. I found who I ordered from and it is from @LUNA PARK as well, so with those starting to ship I'm getting excited.
  4. If you are looking for details with colors, then nope.
  5. I'm tempted to cancel my PO with BBTS and order to grab from HLJ so I don't have to wait three months.
  6. Most of my DHL stuff rolls through HK, but ends to move out of there fairly quickly unless it hits customs issues.
  7. @ChristopherB was great to work with. I'll take good care of your HMRs!
  8. Took a fast, terrible pict but just received this from @ChristopherB My seventh 1A and second GBP 1J, which is earmarked to be customed into the black GBP from "Love Flows By". The 1D is my second and is going to wear the super parts like the old model kit. The VF-4 is my first HMR of these. Deciding what I'm going to do with the extra 1J (I already have a GBP and one getting whacked by the Breetai from MEPTOYS).
  9. Agreed. I've ordered quite a number of things from them and that $4 shipping is hard to say no to. The cost to that is watching everyone else on here receive theirs months ahead of you. I ordered my Eta from BBTS, got anxious for the zeta and picked it up from AE, and went back to BBTS for the iota. I'm not counting on seeing it until December or so.
  10. Would be a stand out in your Roy collection.
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