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  1. Finally got shipping notification from nin-nin. Still no word from Luna Park
  2. Wow, she's got a fat @$$ Battroid backpack reminds me of the vf-25. Haven't heard anything from Luna Park or Nin-Nin; hopefully they will ship soon!
  3. Interesting. I wonder if that means the production base moved from China?
  4. Very nice. I typically display in fighter mode so I’m disappointed in the smaller nose section.
  5. Jimminy Christmas!!! I don’t totally love it…glad I only got two 😂 Maybe I can swap the legs between the Yamato and DX hehe
  6. Those are speed holes; makes the plane go faster. That’s why it’s so expensive.
  7. ~$300 seems like a decent price from what I’ve seen over the last few days. If I’m around for the next PO I think I’ll feel more comfortable not securing copies at the initial offering. Tempted to pickup one of these domestic offerings.
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