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  1. Rein+

    Hi-Metal R

    Such a big box for small bird.
  2. accessible? how? it show this page for me Also do you think they would still care about old tickets?
  3. lets hope they release vf-171 CF from macross delta. i really want those VF-171 in brown color lol.
  4. for those who want to try these new store https://moehime-japantoys.com/shop/plastic-model/chogokin-series/dx-chogokin-vf-25f-super-messiah-valkyrie-alto-saotome-revival-ver/ got listed there for 27.170 yen
  5. Yep, my local prefered store always put the PO 1 week after all the madness (can't risk the bot for the website and potentially unfullfiled order he said). But its always cheaper to buy from him for WWM series than ordering it from japanese website myself altough i would get it later than anyone else to almost a month late considering that he only used cargo to ship it with everything else lol.
  6. Ah... i already have alto with his tornado and armored parts. maybe one more for the supers?
  7. aw... i wanted it more now. Hows the fabric? is it nice to touch?
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