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  1. You should, they're kind of slow? I see that the item is already "in stock" from their website for about a week already.
  2. Man i love it when macross item got WWM release, no preorder madness. Got if from my local store for about USD 210 with shipping.
  3. And now all michael vf-25 super parts and tornado parts is harder to find.
  4. Rein+

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Please upload this also on the macross maintenance thread. it always helpful to get as many information as possible to dissambling valks.
  5. Rein+

    Hi-Metal R

    they should make something new imo, like zentradi ship or the earth battleship bandai should remake that macross quarter.
  6. OMG did they start putting food in the package? that's bad news for me because the customs here love to take apart package that have food/medicine in it.
  7. VF-31A CF Kairos is the same model as the VF-31 Siegfried the different is just the paint job, the wing orientation, there's missile on the leg instead of drone packs and no fold quarts on the chest that make the super parts doesn't fit correctly on it. But VF-31A CF does look better than the power ranger color scheme of VF-31 siegfried.
  8. So... green on grey valk. Its looks ugly to imo, and the quality control of this valk is... meh. Still doesn't know wheter i will take it or not to make the whole squadron.
  9. Yep the arms part is feels like a downgrade version of previous VF-31 IMO and the paint.... oh at least my copy looks like someone made a mistake and try to fix it with adding more paint on top of it😒 it looks ugly in fighter mode bacuse all that cracked looks the arm joint does while it clearly looks better in battroid mode.
  10. Well maybe they aware now because the picture i sent them are the same with the picture i post here. Oh yeah here's an update to my situation. Luna said they gonna replace my order if i send my order back to them which i did today. What in my concern right now is that my paypall protection end on 29th this month and luna probably only send the new copy after they received mine back. as side note, i never knew that sending item to japan is almost double the price of sending thing from japan to my nation😔.
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