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  1. https://www.yoyakunow.com/en/robots/18863-hi-metal-r-vf-1a-valkyrie-hayao-kakizaki-unit.html https://www.yoyakunow.com/en/robots/18864-hi-metal-r-vf-1a-valkyrie-maximilian-jenius-unit.html
  2. Probably, with jacked up price as usual, lol.
  3. Yep, i'm missing the PO from the japs site and betting it on my local store just to heard that they might not opening Pre order for them. Reason being that the PO number from the previous ones (alto's) is not enough and they probably got couple's extra as shelf warmer. Still waiting answer from others store though.
  4. Probably, but by bandai pace the pre-order would open in 2030
  5. Just Email him info@gokinplus.com, he'll let you know wheter its possible or not to ship to your country.
  6. Yep, lately they asked customer to pay ufront for very sought after item and they consider those who pay first as the one who ordered it lol. Well i'm ok with them doing this because it make the stock last longer for me to get it and AE never cheat me so far.
  7. The only reason i order directly from japanese online store is because the price and their fast shipping compared to my local hobby store. But LP premium price, flat high shipping price and their slowness make them bad in every aspect imo (why the hell we need to remind them/asked to shipped our order?). I would prefer pay the premium price when the item is released rather than pay permium PO price from them, at least i know i would get the item immediately. They always seems to accept order before other store start doing so and closed the order long after another store. This make me think that maybe they source their stock not only from the manufacturer but also buying it as customer from another store? This practice is the one that make NP dead.
  8. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-150451 Link for amiami. As of late amiami always put their pre-order behind for some reason. Amiami start accepting order at Feb 03 2023. Are there any info wheter bandai change/fix their mold or something or is this just regular re-release?
  9. Not complaining about undervalue being illegal or not and that's the reason i like them more than amiamišŸ¤£. Who cares getting caught undervaluing your item, in my country they won't make big case out of it and just slap me with import tax that they thought i owe them anyway.
  10. Hope so, and they continue to release all the valk. Its looks very comical when you displayed the deformed side by side with the original.
  11. So this is why they're changing their website. At early month of their launch they said those are illegal and bravely show us where they're located, lol.
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