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  1. What are you doing hayate you can't shoot anything with that pose. Damn... i really want those Yeti Stand, bandai stand doesn't give the valk the glamour they deserved. Hope @ChaoticYeti can make it again.
  2. Drools..., want something like this but never had a talent in painting.
  3. Don't do it. They don't answer any ticket right now if you still in paypall protection time you should cancel your order.
  4. what kind of peroxide cream we talking about? is there any example product that we can use?
  5. Rein+

    Bandai DX VF-31AX

    Ah... the mystical 31A. I remember back then many sites also have issue fulfilling their order. I got one one year after the release date from NY, back when they still response their ticket.
  6. Yes they charge you upfront. but since the item is relased in december it should be OK from paypal buyer proctection window.
  7. https://www.lunapark.store/product-page/bandai-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-japan-version still available for 29K yen. from what i hear they only ship DHL so the shipping fee will be high.
  8. The storm has passed hope anyone who can secure one happy with their purcase whatever the price. The-31A type wing is insta win for me lol.
  9. https://www.lunapark.store/product-page/bandai-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-japan-version for anyone who give up fighting. if you're first time buying from them you can get 2000Yen discount. by using NEWCUSTOMER codes in payment. btw is lunar park legit? any history of them ghosting customer like N-Y? But it's like you can't choose your shipping method as they not giving me an option.
  10. btw is the one in okini land closed already? they doent's state that it was soon or already closed.
  11. Rein+

    Bandai DX VF-31AX

    yes under an hour now and all the site got bombed. i cant even see other products. hope i can get one.
  12. if you still have chance to charge back your CC just do it maybe you can get your money back. i have submitted ticket since december 2020, update it by giving the ticket replies every week but still no response from them.
  13. Their live chat is gone again. too many user doesn't get their order and no response for their ticket. The live chat can't do anything other than giving excuse that they're still responding to their customer.
  14. This suck, so if we fail to pay the order the credit is gone? crazy crap. and here i am still waiting for them to reply my ticket to get those said credit store.
  15. Still got about $400 worth of order heard nothing. After i got and spend those store credit i'm never gonna order from them again.
  16. So... anyone has any idea to disassemble nose joint of VF-25 ? i found someone that willing to part with his Vf-25s and he said the nose joint is cracked. i want to know if the joint can disassemble and whether it can be fix .
  17. Their live chat support is back, but still slow answering all those ticket especially those who wanted refund.
  18. About mid march? i remember bombarding their live support everyday asking to reply for my multiple ticket. Their answer always the same "We will escalate your concern and our team will reply to your ticket soon" then suddenly their live chat feature gone. Not long after there's something wrong with their site like some missing picture on their product and missing link to their product in my order history for example.
  19. Missing all the shot, luckily okini still have that gbp. hope it not turned out like NY.
  20. sometimes they answer your post (the facebook one) but their answer is always the same with their live chat support "...they will come back to you shortly in your ticket". But they don't actually did it.
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