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  1. Yep at mine is. Is it me or they lower the metal content on this one? it weight less from other vf-25
  2. Lets hope there's enough people who buy this line so they can release the other valk. I'm still salty they discontinued the SHF line.
  3. Hehehe thank you, i asked because i got some cheap yellowing YF-29 dirt for 11.000 yen. . They said the item itself is not damaged but let see if its true. This is gonna my first restoration project.
  4. @chriswoo i vaguely remember that you're using this haircream on another post. Which one is it? did we just need to smear it over the yellowing parts?
  5. Rein+

    Hi-Metal R

    Is that chest filler that is see? gonna try if i can recast it.
  6. Nice decision, at least luna still responding to your email when asked albeit their snail and need to be reminde to ship your order. Idk how they procure their supply but if they do buying from another store it wont be long befor Luna gone. NNG used ticket system like NY does so its a bit problematic. They delete your acount and bam no chat history and no evident.
  7. Damn... bandai know how to milk it. Well its understandable because the new mold is from the movie only. Need to milk it dry before putting money to make new show.
  8. Great i prefer ordering these than angel birb.
  9. I don't need another VF-1, I don't need another VF-1, I don't need another VF-1.... But its DXC version or so i say to myself.
  10. Porportion and sculpt i prefer Tiny but that purple canopy is more canon...
  11. Unfortunately its been sold out already. for the unfortunate that haven't ordered from amiami already here's alternative site or for those who need another 3. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10600388
  12. Any info on when they gonna up for pre-orders?
  13. and the arcadia stand itself is hard to get and we have very limited choice of what stand we can use.
  14. great, hope i can find it in mandarake soon.
  15. It always show available when you're not login. But it shows to me as sold out when it login to my account. I don't know whether its really sold out or just to prevent user from buying more than 1.
  16. So... for bootster parts the used the same connection as the new super parts. but doesn't this make the connection weaker than the old clamp method?
  17. Release on November.... so fast, well they just print previously available mold with little modification to some parts after all.
  18. Afaik, there's gonna be new gundam movie "Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch From Mercury" How's there a human military base in mercurt idk
  19. Soo beside the different chest and booster mold. The guns also using different connection and missing arms armor (well its now integrated on the valk itself). Appearance wise its the same as arad one.
  20. Aww... feels bad for you. Any chance to fix it with ABS Cement?
  21. So instead of doing the old jobby the h cold touch technique you invent a new cold lick technique. Nice.😂
  22. NO. Only the leg parts can be used on the VF-31. The VF-31AX wing is different and so the wing connection while look the same and using the same mechanism as the old super parts it would be longer to accomodate that new wings. The cannard (don't know what's it called) or the shoulder flaps armor and the chest armor wont fit as well as it would be larger on VF-31 too.
  23. Sadly its seems they doesn't accept order from outside of US? Can't input address outside of US.🤔
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