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  1. The mere mention of this resulted in an instant phantom pain in my finger. Thanks!
  2. Aw, Shadow, sorry to hear that. I wondered if those rust reports on the 3 were overblown, but apparently not. My WRX has some rust around the edges, but nothing important has succumbed to it yet. Having just finished replacing wheel bearings and some bushings, I can definitely say my car lost about 3lbs in the form of rusty flakes. I'm actually looking forward to the snow though so I can try out my new Nokian Hakka 8s. The Civic type R is getting solid reviews though! Not a fan of the fake vents myself. If you're shopping for small and fun, you'd be remiss to not try the Toybaru twins and perhaps a Miata if you don't need storage space.
  3. Yup! I drove it off the showroom floor 16 years ago, and it gave me the same goofy grin driving to work today as it did way back then. Do get into the habit of checking your oil level at every fill up, because eventually they'll start to burn some, and low oil levels will kill a boxer in very short order.
  4. For what it's worth, my 03 WRX just hit 220k miles, and still going outside of minor repairs. Not bad considering how harsh the winters get here in PA.
  5. The most recent Star Trek comics I've seen were TNG/mirrorverse... "Broken Mirror" I believe. They weren't terrible, and it was kind of funny seeing Picard so buff.
  6. Considering the "user" that gave the review is TBD, and the game only just went live (at midnight?), I'm willing to bet it's still too early to tell. My fingers are crossed that it'll be awesome.
  7. Maybe... it's already been pushed back twice. I think it was originally supposed to be fall of 2017, then spring 2018, now fall 2018. However, it'll be here eventually, and it will be glorious!
  8. Re: RX-7 To me, the RX-7 was originally the embodiment of fun, sporty, simple, light, and inexpensive. It was the everyman sports car. Each redesign took something from that. They were all great in their own ways, but lost a bit of that carefree 1st gens spirit in the name of bigger, better, faster. That also meant more expensive. That said, I look at the Miata as the continuation of that same spirit. It is all of those things I found endearing about the SA/FB, and I would love to have one some day. I guess were it up to me, I would've named the FC and FD as the RX-8 and RX-9 respectively, and yes, each were fantastic in their own right. When I said to rotorize a Miata, it wasn't meant literally. Perhaps a factory made hatch powered by a rotary sharing components of the Miata. Hot hatches are still popular, hence the success of the BRZ/FRS. My belief is that Mazda could it better.
  9. Cheap, quick(ish), and OH SO MUCH FUN! I had a '79 in high school, an '84 gslSE, and an '82 that was cobbled together from the remains of the street-ported 13b from the SE. The FD was soooo lust-worthy, but just didn't seem like an RX-7 to me. Rotorize a Miata and add a hatchback.... THAT'S how you bring back the RX-7. How odd that I've driven something or other with (RX) in its name for over 20 years. (Original owner of '03 WRX as well, just hit 180k miles today actually!)
  10. There is something to be said of the sound of a rotary as it sails beyond 7k rpm. I recall using the redline buzzer as a guide to shift soon. My gsl-se was ported a bit, and could chirp the tires right into 3rd. It also got a whopping 20mpg... only on the highway. Good times The third gen rx7 seemed to not be the same (cheap and fun), but good lord did it look nice and perform well. Some day, I'd LOVE to own a Pettit Banzai... 3 rotors, insane horsepower, lightweight... Drooooool
  11. Having owned a 79, 82, and 84 gsl-se for a cumulative 14 years, I can attest to the great ball of fun otherwise known as the rx7. Frankly I'm surprised the miata was not given a rotary. It seemed the closest in soul to the original rx7: light, cheap, and fun to drive. Oh yeah, it also inspired my user name
  12. A little, but it was still able get by with GERLIMP.
  13. Re: head gasket, check for coolant in the oil, oil in the coolant, and bubbling with the radiator cap off while idling. None of these are definitive, but may point you in the right direction.
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