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  1. Awfully large box for an awfully small model but it's pretty incredible looking. I just finished up applying the waterslides last weekend.
  2. He enlarged the eyes but further modifications to the shapes, and his body type, were made by Eric Larsen and Mark Bagely after he left. The shape of the mask/eyes is very Mark Bagely on this figure. But they did manage to nail a proportion that evokes the "ideal" Spider-Man look which happens to cross over between Todd, Eric and Mark though.
  3. Oh, the new website changed my payment currency back to US dollars...
  4. Then how come mine was $315 before shipping? I chose FedEx and they charged me more for that too. $66. WTF?
  5. Outside of a short stint Spider-Man has always been depicted as Blue and Red. The two head sculpts provided are the same two that have come with every other classic Spider-Man release and are Mark Bagley style. The image you posted above is from later in MacFarlane's career where the look of the mask had already changed from when Todd was originally on the book and more reflects Bagely at that point. McFarlane isn't always the colorist either.
  6. How come mine was so much more expensive from HLJ?
  7. They’re getting a lot of mileage out of that Spider Body.
  8. It still has to clamp over the wing. If they were smart they’d just use both and make it an even better connection, though the over wing clamp was already the best held on booster of any Macross release.
  9. The only problem with having a single 31AX is that with this armor I don’t get the unique Super Parts look however I like having the color coordinated armor. No disposable funds for buying multiples anymore. Hmm…
  10. I saw HLJ was saying the release was the 24th.
  11. This is such a confused released. It's the classic packaging but the colors are clearly the animated series, but without the cell shading, even though they're currently releasing a whole animated line with the shading. The head sculpt and the arm cannon look cool, and the shoulders and collar are the classic style I prefer but who is this for? It's straddling two different nostalgia's.
  12. It's not just Super7, it's all of them. Mafex and Mezco were already the butt of late delivery jokes but they've gone way beyond ludicrous now. It looks like even Hasbro can't deliver a full wave of figures anymore. Online shops (even Gamestop) are trickling out a single release figure over a period of time instead of firing off a deluge of full cases like they used to do.
  13. Outside of the RG and entry versions of the RX-93ff there isn't anything new. Though that Jesta Cannon is always a welcome GM.
  14. To be honest I haven't had a loose nozzle on any of my 31 super parts, old or new.
  15. Maybe it didn't have the same production issues the 19 has had?
  16. Wow, I just assumed since the 19 has been pushed back seven times all of their other releases would be bumped too.
  17. Storm Collectibles Tyris Flare, Neca Mouser pack (way cooler than I ever expected) and my WWM 25 (pretty much a DYRL Max Skull Squadron tribute 25)
  18. Mine showed up today. Nose cone is no problem either. Just be sure to push up at the very base of where the cone attaches to the body to make sure the tab moves all the way and it sits perfectly. I don’t have the poor dit issues other people are talking about.
  19. But that's part of my problem with quoting any sort of actual release date. Outside of a few of the exclusives where we knew there was short turnaround or they already had the figures produced NONE of their own estimates have ever been right either. We can't even quote their own website as the truth.
  20. How would you even know Ghost Rider is out in August? It's been 27 months for Mr Freeze and 19 months for Ghost Rider. We have zero idea when anything is going to come at this point.
  21. This is why I don't ship things EMS. My local USPS has been this way for at least a decade.
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