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  1. Nobody can seem to make a smiling/happy Superman face anymore. Also it's new 52 so shouldn't even exist...
  2. The first hour the website didn’t work at all. Magically at 11 it was the easiest thing I’ve had to deal with for a pre-order in a long time.
  3. You listed everything we’ve been talking about.
  4. I honestly can't tell what you're referring to.
  5. I figured out how to get the left side gun to sit nearly flush but I can't get the right side to work at all. The stiffness/placement of the double elbows under the fold-able panel seems to be a key part of how to get the cannon to sit flush. This is 262 levels of engineering stupid.
  6. Credit to LunaPark, I've never received a package wrapped in as much bubble wrap as I have with this thing. No credit to Bandai, took a near perfect 31 and fraked it up in so many ways.
  7. My guess is not something we all pre-ordered over two years ago…
  8. Yup, 30-50 for DHL has always been standard. The only time it wasn’t was before Amazon Japan finally figured out we were all getting DHL for free/or $12 with Prime and cut that off.
  9. Do LunaPark Usually print out shipping labels and then not bother sending them for a week+?
  10. I didn't expect the Adobe fireplace would get a shout out. No compliments on the tree from Mora? Luckily that was the Mafex Brown Suit Wolverine and despite massive crumpling/water damage to the packaging the contents actually survived. But if it were a Bandai/Arcadia Valk? It would have sounded like I got a box of Lego's.
  11. The custom control discs for my SC6000m’s finally showed after Christmas. IMG_2579.MOV
  12. Ordinarily I’d agree but this past year DHL keeps “accidentally” sending every package to the wrong location. This time it took them ten days to find it. This is what showed up, totally soaked through too.
  13. Anybody heard from LunaPark yet?
  14. That video Repiv posted certainly demonstrates what you’re saying. Bandai are over-engineering incompetents.
  15. Ten continuously highlighting the many missed opportunities with the pod attachments.
  16. While you could potentially knock it out of place I'd never call it anything like a "problem." Lolicon seems to have had zero problems lining his up.
  17. Except DHL isn't closed. We have people on this message board receiving theirs via DHL right now. I'm already skeptical of their response. Personally I don't want DHL anymore, I just received another lost package with contents that barely survived the trip.
  18. Anybody heard anything from LunaPark about their pre-orders shipping yet?
  19. DHL lost my Brown Wolverine... I like the X-Factor Cyclops but will Mafex go ahead and finish the damn team? Also, with the costume as it's depicted here this would be after both Archangel and Beast have changed. I suppose if they planned to finish the Blue and Gold teams they could easily reuse those molds for the X-Factor team as well. The only one who would need significant change would be Jean. Now that I think about it, PLEASE Mafex finish the Blue and GOld teams and give us alternate X-Factor versions, it'd be nice if a company that bothers with accessories finally did Iceman justice.
  20. I wonder when Dorkside is going to up up the X-Men Wave? I'm going to have to camp out to get Bonebreaker because I hardly want any of the rest of that wave. Anybody spotted Quasar or Binary at Walgreens yet? Outside of Georgia I haven't seen anything. My chances here are practically zero anyway.
  21. Brown Suit Wolverine just shipped from Amazon Japan.
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