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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. What does this mean? Loki is finally being released?
  2. None of this is a compelling reason for Target to want to put a $200+ Macross item on the shelf. Robotech Cars mean nothing and attempting to compare a $100 Transformer from one of the largest franchises on the planet to a $200+ toy from a series nobody knows about makes zero sense to Target.
  3. You'll have to look elsewhere. Bbts charges tax. I ordered the Max 29 from there with FedEx shipping (~$10). Same base price came to $281 but that's with 7% New Mexico tax. Of course it was a slightly bitter pill it took do long to shop overseas places were selling it on sale by the time mine shipped.
  4. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/232189?utm_source=Marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=marketing&utm_content= Officially world wide release... and expensive!
  5. Mommar

    Hi-Metal R

    It does have a better hip extension mechanism though. The shoulder transformation is like the VF-1's as well which seems to nearly absolutely not work when compared to the VF-1. Also, the plastic/white is cheap and details are all soft.
  6. They finally figured out what cloth is... and chose the absolute worst looking cloth ever.
  7. I don't remember all of them. A few they did eventually deliver just recently too, though. I used to order most of them but I cut it back to specific interests. Like I did keep freeze because he's a Batman villain I want. And I kept Bishop because he's an X-Man. I only recall 89, Gotham By Gaslight Batman, all of the GI Joes, Constantine and Death Dealer.
  8. I suspect the Rumble Society stuff is being pushed out to keep the lights on in between all of these delays. I don't know if you guys do much crowdfunding? I buy a lot of indie comics. Except for a few outliers who will shout at anything that isn't immediately done right when they expect, delays are fairly common and it's really easy to forgive someone who provides constant updates on the products. For most people as long as they understand where everything is at they'll be relatively patient (provided there's evidence of progress.) Mezco are doing exactly the opposite of what anybody with a delay should be doing. The only consolation I have is that Bishop is finally coming, plus there were a few last month. So there's evidence of movement happening, but this really is the worst way to go about it. If those hardcore fans keep buying RS junk instead of pulling pre-orders and demanding updates Mezco can keep behaving poorly. I personally cancelled ten pre-orders with them. Outside of a very short list of favorites I cut most of it off.
  9. And my very first overpriced dissappointment of 2023 and it's only been half a month in... It appears okay but notice the crooked skirts. All FOUR (teo on the back) are jsmmed under the belt because they glued them to a strip of fake leather. Two fell off in under ten minutes of opening. It's their own design and they coudln't get the ankle rockers correct. And to top it off there are replacement gauntlets with ball pegs to hold the shield. The plastic is so soft attempting to put the shield on causes the plastic to teist and warp. It WILL break. You can feel the plastic peg rotating. Only $169...
  10. Based on the ghost configurations I think it would look alright on the 31 if the nose cone atta hement is left off and either the only boosters attached are the wing tips OR the backpack. But not both.
  11. That sounds like how mine was, actually. Until I won that thumb war.
  12. This is common. Some have filed bits down. Honestly, I just pushed really hard and it hasn't been a problem since.
  13. I have long thought that removing the nose extension and the boosters on the ends would look much better on the AX.
  14. I only order proxy every few years. I forget the process every time. 😅
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