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  1. Yeah, I don't really understand this obsession with her color. It was always Magenta in the show. The last toy was Magenta, this one is Magenta. Somebody has some rods and cones out of whack.
  2. We'll have to see when the first AX arrives in December. You won't be able to attach the gun pod in fighter mode even if it does, though.
  3. Damn it, that's during 24 hours rehearsals. No way in hell I can make that.
  4. I'd prefer the ease of paying up front but I'm probably about to drop some dough on a new water heater. I may have to hunt for a deferred pre-order this time.
  5. I hope somebody can modify their old missile pod designs to accommodate the new gun pod here so we can have GOOD looking accessory pods instead of the terrible thermometer design here. Also the more I look at it the less the longer tail in Fighter, and especially Gerwalk, looks.
  6. How much did it cost up front with shipping?
  7. It's sold out again now, I'm just not sure people were aware it was available.
  8. I finally finished Dread last night. Interesting last boss. It took me a long time to figure out his patterns but once I did it's actually a pretty easy/quick fight.
  9. I finally got my F Refit in the other day as well. The look is overall improved from the original design/release minus the awful tapered nacelle/fin. Of course I was never a fan of the F design anyway, I got it for completion sake. STO was never really able to make a decent Federation design, IMO. They have several Klingon and Romulan designs I think should be official cannon but their Federation stuff is almost uniformly bad.
  10. I can't say I'm surprised there isn't a big run on what is their fourth dip into the pool. It's cool people can just log in and order something for once (though as of this writing there are only 3 left.)
  11. Outside of some cool looking shots, like the upside down fire silhouette, I really don't think this looks very good.
  12. Of course D already has his.
  13. To those of you who have seen it, are the battles more interesting/varied this time out? Do they actually make interesting use of the armor parts for more than four seconds unlike in the first movie? We've seen from the first five minutes the friendly-brawl between Hayate and Bogue they actually make use of all three modes for once. It's be nice if they keep it up through the whole film. Also, I have no spoiler sensitivity. Put it in tags, describe the entire thing if you like. I'd just like to know what the fight scenes are like.
  14. Thank you. So it looks like they finally remembered Hayate is an expert in Battroid mode.
  15. I never understood where we were supposed to be able to watch the first five minutes of this thing anyway.
  16. They don't need to jump past anything. It doesn't have to be an event that occurred in universe. The "event" itself could be just like the release of The Matrix in our world. The Matrix didn't actually have to happen in reality for it to exist as something to watch.
  17. Yes, I received the same e-mail. His comment isn't quite accurate. Orders begin processing today, not necessarily "shipping."
  18. It wouldn't be so bad if Bandai could figure out how to make lighter parts but they have a tendency to make their accessories weigh far more than they should.
  19. Something else I just realized, the armor parts are slightly different too. The booseter/missile parts are attached at the wing roots like the new boosters are too. You can see them rotate to maneuver Hayate's 31 here. Not a surprise, really, but it's going to be even WORSE to implement on the toy.
  20. An inverted version of the Thunderbolt, yeah.
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