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  1. Not quite like an X-Wing. True it splits and the back half of the wing swings up but it looks like the front half stays horizontal to the fuselage. It's more like they convert to oversized vertical stabilizers with giant engines on the ends.
  2. The Power Rangers look good. I don’t personally care, but they look just like the show. Doom is bought!
  3. They get loose/floppy too.
  4. More shameless self-promotion. Twice in one month, I must be sick. https://soundcloud.com/jdcb-1/kissing-the-shoreline https://www.mixcloud.com/JDCB/kissing-the-shoreline/
  5. By the look of it from more than doubling the price.
  6. That bad? There are two things that might make or break it. If you want to use the waist swivel in Gerwalk you have to use an additional brace to keep the back up. If you stick to traditional Gerwalk it isn’t a problem. The other issue is you need to use a brace to hold Battroid together because they didn’t come up with a better mechanism until the 31. If you want to transform back and forth a lot it’s irritating but otherwise it’s typical poor Bandai first attempt engineering but it’s perfectly functional in all three modes.
  7. New Adventures of Batman Joker https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/178930
  8. Secret Wars Spider-Man. I’m down for the superior sculpt/articulation. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/178924
  9. I still hate the texture on that costume/those fins.
  10. The problem is Target, Walmart and Walgreens don’t give a frakk how things are distributed. They’ll pile figures up in a few towns and completely ignore the rest of the country. Last year Walmart sent so many of the exclusive Black Widow to Atlanta they had HUNDREDS of them all marked down to $7. Meanwhile, not a single frakking one ever showed up in NM. Hasbro gets paid for their lot so they don’t care after that and apparently some bean counters at the stores are just fine pushing to only certain places and Hasbro will not listen.
  11. So if you buy a BAF only they automatically put you on the back burner?
  12. That's not true, he has bags under his eyes, lines beside his nose and lines to the side and below his mouth.
  13. While you’re right that the design feels worn out now in universe it’s still the baddest piece of tech you can lob at another Valk.
  14. I don't really like the enemy Valk design. But a Max 29 and color coordinated Armor for the 31's? I'm down.
  15. Depends on where you live. It's a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive so if you don't have Pulse where you are then it's the dark ages one. It looks like they've already sold out of everything except the Excalibur Box Set or I'd offer to order one for you.
  16. That RG Hyper Mega Bazooka sure sold out fast. Then again HLJ screwed me on my Hi-Nu pre-order anyway so it would have gone unequipped.
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