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  1. Super freaking expensive but here's a secondary option for the Fluegel. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/172472
  2. BBTS already sells other Bandai stuff and Bluefin doens't bring over everything all the time. Not even every P-bandai thing gets a release by them. They're playing fast and loose with the term "exclusive" I believe. Though a good point to this, the moment there's a p-bandai Macross exclusive announcement everybody from this message board needs to FLOOD all of their sources of contact with messages about carrying those items.
  3. I'm aware. I brought that fact up in the e-mail. The Alto and Ozma were both easy to get. They were casual pre-orders for me too. Michaels was ludicrously stupid and it's largely never slowed down from there.
  4. I e-mailed BBTS and they wouldn’t commit to a yes or no on if they’ll attempt to carry the 31-AX.
  5. To be fair, while the feet are not red it's not like a Marvel Legends figure is going to have the fidelity to include the toe thorns. I suppose we're both old school '92 2099 Miguel fans?
  6. $20. And if you're 90% of the way there paying an extra $60 isn't worth it.
  7. Outside of MK I don't see that. They have plenty of Chun Li and Cammy variants. They have Juri as a prototype right now. Morrigan as a prototype. Tyris Flare is up for pre-order. Nakaruru is due out soon. They've teased Mai. They sure do favor the male characters over the female but if they're prominent (except for MK for some reason) they seem to get made too. I'm not familiar with Guilty Gear so I don't know how front and center any of those ladies are but if they're main characters I think you have a better chance.
  8. A marvel legends or The particular figure I’m referring to? ML have drop down hip hinges added to newer figures too. There’s no evidence of a double ball peg neck for this IM. The design doesn’t lend itself to that. The should assembly makes little sense in this figures context too. All you’ve really listed here is toe joints and maybe more dynamic wrists? Not exactly a huge improvement.
  9. I do like my blue Valks so I’ll bite on this new Hayate just to see what I think of the design. I don’t like that stinger tail though.
  10. Based on what I see here there’s very little difference in articulation too. Not enough to proclaim it’s much better.
  11. I don’t know, outside of the chest color iIM looks nearly identical to the Hasbro one we just got a few months back.
  12. That 2099 costume looks absolutely terrible.
  13. I can vouch for @Xigfrid’s dual cannon build.
  14. It’s weird, Mafex seems to have a plan where it comes to the comic DC figures they release whereas with Marvel it’s an utterly strange buckshot of things. Spider-Man may be the only one with a consistent Bagley theme. But the X-Men? Cyke and Gambit from the Blue team, Animated Series Wolverine, Jean from the Gold Team… and Age of Apocalypse Magneto? And 80’s/Blue Team 1-3 and X-Factor Cyke.
  15. It’d be nice if someone bothered to finish the rest of that team though.
  16. I could tell you what I would like to get but when it comes to actual products Mezco are their own unique brand of enigma. There's no telling what they're going to pick.
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