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  1. Unfortunately for me DHL decided to send the package to Hong Kong instead of directly to the US so I'm stuck waiting longer. Though, in general, DHL can't seem to get a package to New Mexico in a timely manner anymore, anyway.
  2. After seeing a review video I'm bummed I missed out on that. Stumbled across the Special Coated Deathscythe Hell up for sale today and went ahead and got that.
  3. I didn’t even know it had gone up. Wasn’t quite sure about it, though.
  4. I managed to camp out and get my Armadillo plus Shreik and Morlun (don't know why he wasn't part of the Spider-verse lineup... or why they left out Spider-India.) It'd be nice if they got around to making Carrion so we've got the full Maximum Carnage crew.
  5. They've been doing that. They sold the Version 3.0 RX-78 on their website last year along with the RG Unicorn already.
  6. At least Hasbro didn't get so greedy they thought they should unlock the next figure at 18 or 19k was a good idea. However, they should have sweetened the deal a month ago by showing all of the bonus figures, and they should have made the other Heralds, not a third release of Silver Surfer. Jay C was right about the Excalibur three pack. Totally frakking bizarre, how are we supposed to get Phoenix now? Unless they're going to make her a deluxe figure so we can get a bunch of extra cool effects parts. So we can have either Rachel Grey or a totally flamed out Phoenix. I hope I'm right about that. Looks like I'll be camping out at Dorkside just before 11 hoping to score an Armadillo BAF plus Shriek and Morlun. I can't bring myself to care about the movie figures anymore.
  7. Mafex is often strange, at least where it pertains to anything involving Marvel anyway.
  8. I find it incredible they've managed to make three Spider-man movies in a row that this complete Spider-Man fan-boy has cared less and less about. This looks like nothing I want to see at all. Even a marginal connection to One More Day is an automatic hell no.
  9. I did notice that classic IM never did actually use the proton cannon but I honestly don’t like the Hasbro Modular Armor IM.
  10. Now Mafex have provided a real reason to plunk down the cash for their version. Proton cannon for the win! https://youtu.be/zeAYywlrCLc
  11. Seriously, that’s hardly a delay from the original 9-1 to 9-3 delivery date.
  12. I didn’t say fit, I said work. And the 25’s don’t have hard points.
  13. Those missiles are at a completely different scale. They won’t work at all.
  14. Yamato/Arcadia Missiles have pegs that are too thick for Bandai Valks. The opposite is not true. So the Nightmare Armor Missiles will work on both Bandai and Yamcadia but not vice-versa.
  15. They did make the last one in four different colors. It’s likely they’ll milk this one too.
  16. Here's the next Bandai release. This one I'm actually interested in.
  17. I was not happy with how the armor on the FAZZ attached/affected articulation at all. I’m not a big fan of the Red/Blue/Yellow so I do prefer the Grey color scheme more. I’ll be happy to see what a talented person can do with it (I certainly have zero paint skills.)
  18. Well that's a bad sign, reviews for RG Hi Nu are showing up online and I've heard nothing from HLJ yet.
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