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Found 2 results

  1. Okay fellas. It turns out a bunch of us MW'ers are comic book readers. Some of us are even comic artists in the industry. For what its worth I can say a good majority of us are comic fans. From Justice League, to Batman, V for Vendetta, to Akira. So I thought it was a good time to make a comic thread, so post all your comic book stuff here! What are you all into right now? Any particular artists tickle your fancy? Writers? I LOVE Garth Ennis' writing on the Punisher comic. Very vulgar and violent, but in some way I find it kind of funny at the same time. "Born", "Welcome back frank", and "in the beginning", are awesome reads. And I'm not sure if you guys heard but ultimate avengers (the one recently out on dvd)is set to show on cartoon network. Ultimate avengers 2 will be out in spring of next year I think, and Iron man is set for fall this year. Marvel got back a lot of licenses for movies and tv. They are planning a 26 episode Wolverine animated series. Iron Man's 26 episode series is in the works too. A live action Captain America movie is planned as well. And did you guys see spiderman's new costume? Ick! Too garish. For an iron man made armor costume, it should've been more armored and mechanized looking...right now its like a garish halloween costume. Hopefully the old costume comes back right after the upcoming "civil war" arc. I think if your gonna do an iron man based costume, you mineswell go all out, not half ass it. I had no idea Joe Ng had joined Udon but his stuff from gijoe vs tf vol. 3 looks pretty crisp and refreshingly clean! I also did hear that there will be another Spawn and Batman crossover...w/Greg Capullo on pencils. I am excited about this. But yes what are you all reading now? What do you think of House of M, and infinite crisis?(OMG they killed off so many people!). And in comparison I thought infinite/identity crisis really outdid marvel's house of M by a long shot. And...Bendis did say that Hawkeye is coming back...again. Geez dude shouldn't have killed him off in the first place! And i thought the "winter soldier" storyline in cap america was a rip off of Batman's "return of jason todd storyline". Not to mention the ending sucked for winter soldier. But the batman annual coming up will say how exactly Jason came back.
  2. I searched the forums to see if there was already a topic dedicated to books we've read, or are reading, that made an impression, and came up with no pertinent results. So I'm starting a topic dedicated to good books, graphic novels, etc that was interesting for one reason or another and worth sharing. To kick it off, I'm currently reading Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr. I'm only about a fifth of the way into it, but I'm finding it to be one of those reads that's both easy yet compelling. It's essentially a series of narratives set in three time periods- one in the mid fifteenth century Constantinople, one in 2020 Idaho, and one in a future period on a colony ship in space, all revolving around a central theme of Antonius Diogenes' eponymous utopian myth. The primary characters are all very well developed, and Diogenes' tale, the constant thread that ties all three narratives together, is itself a fun story as it's told little by little as the overarching narratives continue. I enjoy a read like this; there are usually esoteric bits of knowledge to be gleaned from such works if the author has done his or her due diligence, the interweaving of a constant thread amidst separate tales skillfully done is deeply gratifying, and an easily navigable prose unassailed by numerous tangents or difficult abstractions makes for a relaxing and absorbing read. The history of Diogenes' writings is itself interesting, as he wrote a series of tales, each beginning with one of the 24 letters in the Greek alphabet. Unfortunately, the original volume is lost to us, and what remains to us of this extensive work is a synopsis by another Greek writer named Photios in his own tome called Myriobiblos. With any luck, the original volume in its entirety will be discovered some day. For all the ancient writings we have, it's sad to think of the untold volumes of stories and knowledge lost to us through time by nature or the hand of man.
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