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  1. $195 USD https://www.mezcotoyz.com/one-12-collective-dick-tracy-vs-flattop-boxed-set
  2. Don't ask... I wonder what cheap drugs that Marvel is smoking to make this movie and figure.
  3. King Serpy (with Air Chariot) DLX has arrived. Still waffling if I want just another King Serpy if he gets re-issued without the added gimmicks.
  4. Which is Reuse, Recycle and Refuse (Newer projects) which is the real truth n’est pas?
  5. For those EXO-6 Star Trek fans: https://blog.trekcore.com/2022/11/exo-6-launches-out-of-this-world-alien-star-trek-figure-line/ This Friday is Quark and to be followed by Kruge and Kolinhr Spock very shortly
  6. I think Mondo wants Panthor akin to the Animated/Funmation style @derex3592. Flocked version will be a bonus, however will they jack up the price to $550 USD? We shall see in late spring of 2023. From Toyark
  7. 3 x ¥16k = ¥48k (give or take) and not including additional fees @Angesdad. Edit: * Redid my math, original numbers was super inflated * So that means you better have a good chance in getting a big chunk of money from Max Millions or Lotto 6/49 to cover those expenses.
  8. From Toypaige, posted on the 18th
  9. That’s a newer version of Skelly if anyone is asking. It’s a updated and newer version of the Glow in Dark version that Hot Topic had it for sale a few years ago. Possible MRSP for Panthor - $500 USD and the newer Skelly - $260 USD.
  10. Translation: A very big "Fat Lower Bodysuit" like what they did to Boba Fat and over stuffed Bib Fortuna (after he scarfed everything off Jabba's Dining Table when his former employer pooched after being covered in mounds of salt).
  11. I hope that Bandai can get a HMR 21 done as it’s been too long of a wait. I might still get the proposed DX 21 regardless, however I’ll decide then if and when when they do show up for solicitation.
  12. Bandai is just going to really p*** us all and redo everything just to get our $$$, however still screwing up in the process right guys? It’s their company motto.
  13. For those getting the DX 21, we all know that Bandai loves to plaster the hideous tattoos on where ever the heck they want (like the Full Set DX 19), is anyone going to remove them and make it less eye sore or just leave it the way it is?
  14. It’s going to get very bad.. From one of Mondo’s Events just recently: Panthor and Trap-Jaw has been shown. Trap-Jaw’s date of pre-order is given, Panthor’s date is unclear.
  15. Still looks like McUrkle pants to me. Like the G-Nu YF-21 set which followed the add on after the actual YF-21 was released? Bandai still wants our $$$ money because their a greedy conglomerate anyways right? 😝
  16. This better not be officially vapourware after this showing... With the announcement of Mr. K revisiting the YF-21 in the Arcadia thread this morning (presuming production in two/three years after this one), this is going to be going to be a debate as per which one to get and not breaking the bank at the same time.
  17. The soil up here in Prince Edward Island in Canuckle Land is also red due to the iron properties that makes it that specific tint. That red on Booger’s 262 looks like watered down Carolina Pepper Red as a mole sauce.
  18. I still say the Silpheed Armour is overkill for Mirage’s 31ax even though it’s shown in the second movie, so it’s a still a no go for me. Even though it’s a repaint of Arad’s Silpheed in “The Next Best Girl’s” colour splash and with the M&M tattoo, I like it as with the Supers. Why trick out a pretend “Go Fast” valk with false armour when it’s already under powered and has the guts of a Cannon Fodder 31a?
  19. I'm guessing maybe close to 26k yen - 28k yen for the DX YF-21 if it ever gets released or should I dare say mothballed again? As a complete set together, most likely it is not going to happen, however the DX YF-19 would be likely re-issued as a MWW release (maybe a plain Jane version like the Excalibur).
  20. I'm with @no3Ljm as well.. Screw Bogue's red 262. The King version deserves to come first! Note: Does Bogue's 262 remind anyone of Korean Fried Chicken? 😂
  21. Disclaimer: I know that some are not Black Widow fans as the solo movie totally sucked, however White Suit Black Widow is getting closer to release date. Here is one of the blogger's pic on Hot Toys Facebook page.
  22. From Toyark: https://news.toyark.com/2022/11/14/asmus-toys-lotr-gandalf-the-white-shadowfax-488934#images Asmus Gandalf the White and Shadow Fax. $380 USD, Shipping Date Q1 2023
  23. $400 USD, July - Sept 2023 https://www.mezcotoyz.com/one-12-collective-mmpr It's the OG Angel Grove gang (Butchered Japanese version).
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