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  1. Got literally nothing in my end from Luna in regards to Mirage’s 31ax as I will be sending them a polite inquiry about my order. I have a feeling that it might be near month end when it arrives in Rainy West Coast BC.
  2. Hmm.. So it was you that snagged the 1/48 Yammie Low Vis @CHAVAKAISER. I guess that my enabling did pay off to a slight degree.
  3. I read that MoM Strange is $330 USD. Don't know you guys want to fork out that $$ for that or Inart Gandalf at possibly $500 - $600 USD. Well.. It's your call and funds guys.
  4. You guys are seriously bored out if your minds right and pulling off that snarky joke.. That’s what you gave to do when your in the Medical Field and also while working with animals and you think that it’s friggin funny. Edit: I’m really not in the mood for jokes as I’m taking this one personally. I’m not taking no crap from anyone.
  5. I know it’s not Manda that sends it out in a box like that @Lolicon, there are some people that still believe that Manda is still responsible for packages that are damaged upon delivery.
  6. You know that Manda is not responsible for screwed up boxes right @Lolicon? It's the carriers that handle actual packaging. @Slave IV had a package from AJ that was literally torn to snot and the actual box that Houquet was packaged in was crushed like an eggshell.
  7. Joost's version of Vulture (it's not JazzInc's) Note: It's not JazzInc's version for those asking, it's actually Joost's version (40 inches wingspan, 19 inches tall). JazzInc's version has a 4 footwing span (122cm), however I read that Joost's version will be a pain the ass to ship it and possible have issues. Price not yet up for those asking.
  8. From HT Facebook page (Maybe co-insides with May 4th be with You celebration?) Edit: Teaser as well.
  9. Don't you wish that HT could make Bossk or Zuckuss instead @Podtastic? We need more Alien species in the diversity, however it's a bit more complex as they have to develop the molds for it. I can use a 1/6 Trandoshian Bounty Hunter honestly. Black Krrsatann can reuse the Chewie mold, however getting the fur to the different shades of black and possibly the fur itself is another question.
  10. Getting a younger/older sister chat vibe here. 31c (younger sis): "What's with the punk hairdo and the fancy out fit sis?" 31ax (older sis): "Going out in a soiree with a bunch of friends. Gotta make a outstanding impression and think outside the box right?" Edit: 31c (younger sis): "Is this what they call Haute Couture with the unusual hair style?"
  11. Well maybe having a pitcher of Klingon Bloodwine every now and then works out to my advantage @Angesdad.
  12. From Hot Toy's Facebook : AoTC 20th Anniversary figures. Guarantee that there are going to be more.
  13. I can still remember the news broadcast when all hell broke loose when the Cabbage Patch craze was on back in ‘82 - ‘83 (was in Elementary at that time). Actually played with them when growing up with my next door neighbour for a couple of years. Anyone feel like an old fossil? 🤣
  14. You can pay later at A3U when it arrives, however when the invoice comes in and you don’t pay it then, then your order gets forfeited and the next person online for it will get it.
  15. There’s is that teased 1/35 (?) version away back, unknown when Bandai is going to do it @rocketblast. All teases and no show, just like HT on their 1/6 stuff and it’s gets stuffed under the rug.
  16. Anyone mentioned this at all?? https://www.eknightmedia.com/macross-movie-absolute-live-yf-29-durandal-valkyrie-maximilian-genius-use-full-set-pack-dx-chogokin-action-figure-by-bandai-tamashii-nations.html
  17. Hey Canukle heads! Your paying $330 CDN.. https://hobby-bee.com/products/yf-29-durandal-valkirie-maximilian-jenius-use-full-set-pack-macross-delta-movie-absolute-live-dx-chogokin @wm cheng - Getting one or not?
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