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  1. Yup same here. I got the first edition and bought the expansion tails for the first edition when they released the NT version. The non-NT release (first) was not as 'goldy'. Essentially it was one layer or less clear orange used when they plated/painted it. The NT release (second) is the 'goldy' version.
  2. Here you go these were displayed nycc 2021 for the first time ever since ive been attending (2011).
  3. Here you go these were displayed nycc 2021 for the first time ever since ive been attending (2011).
  4. Here you go these were displayed nycc 2021 for the first time ever since ive been attending (2011).
  5. Here you go guys. The valks are prob off topic, but they were right across from each other and the first time I've ever seen them in person at nycc since ive been attending 2011 (makes me wonder if there's a possible US release indication by them being displayed at nycc). I think the mb blue frame may hit pbus st some point (i honestly cant recall if it already was, sorry im wiped atm).
  6. Here at NYCC and they have a couple of things on display. Including the Lohengrin launcher. MB blue frame 2nd, and for the first time ever some macross items! Currently on limit data so hopefully ill remember to upload the pics later.
  7. From my understanding they're not using a diecast frame, the cost would be too high. I discussed the item/company with a friend last month iirc from the discussion if they do use a diecast frame it would be one of the 3rd party inserts that were made available only for four models. Iirc those were released mainly the seed line. The profit for painting and assembling would go down. From the same discussion with my friend we compared various photos of the original bandai kit, with a daban and i think one of the third party manufacturer (a dragon momoko?) and the conclusion was they were actually using the bandai kits in their pictures.
  8. From my understanding is that they're a painting/assembly service company. Not an actual 3rd party manufacturer with their own products.
  9. Ya... HT posted on their fb page for both (sima liu's shang chi as well).
  10. That would be nice if they did, but also up their production cost (its listed at 30$ on Showz and I think similarly on other sites). I'm sure the cost of the metal option parts actually less than listed. Or it could possibly be mis-labeled as die-cast, but then that would hurt their sales.
  11. I think that one is just a pre-painted (service) of the actual Bandai kit being sold to customers and not an actual MB-ish fig. I was just showing it to a friend earlier and were checking to see if they used an actual Bandai-ish kit or the possibility of the Daban copy of the kit. It apparently looks like they used actual Bandai kits (or maybe a good copy) because the Daban ver had some panel-line changes/differences.
  12. Wow...! Thanks! That's really great info/insight. I was never aware of the tier system nor any of the companies in the tier 1 category (expect az jp). I guess I should've realized amiami, hlj, hs were more on the lower tier of businesses, since they only sell to consumers and are willing to facilitate international shipping. I don't know why I lumped them in with Bluefin, but I guess we know Bluefin actually distributes to a good number of other NA/US based businesses (iirc usag, gp, maybe bbts, etc etc).
  13. Geezzz that's horrible (with the possibility of Bandai's gauging mechanism of the previous RE100 NG). I think some point down the road everything is going to be paid on demand with non-refundable deposits. This way manufacturers have a better idea of how much to actually produce and not fall short of under or over production.
  14. Looks nice, but for some reason I'm not sold that it can look downwards very well lol.
  15. I saw a post on GundamPlanet's twitter stating one of their distributors (whom they declined to name) also shorted them on their order recently. And back in early July:
  16. Okini.land opened their orders $280-ish, but seems like they adjusted their prices a bit above msrp. Similar range to Luna Store Park. DHL ship at $46 to the east coast of US. https://okini.land/en/26528-dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-hayate-immelmann-use-bandai-spirits.html I haven't ordered from OL before but the reviews seem good https://www.trustpilot.com/review/okini.land?fbclid=IwAR0lUJmRga1rWu-eWgFGf_bHOEQE6f9Vw4Y_YLsvmXhk0o9yYvV_bJxqfdo EDIT: Almost 1 hr later either they sold out or closed the orders. The item description has gone back to "You will be notified when the preorder is opened or when the product becomes available." Not sure if they opened on the MSRP of 23.8k. I saw 29k initially when it was made available.
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