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  1. 6th+ because theyre looking to re-release Hayates, and '+' because maybe others (re-release mirage)? Idk lol...
  2. I really hope Bandai improves their QC (I know their production lines out of China are probably taking a hit as they're still doing Covid Lockdowns/Quarantines) and it doesn't plague the YF-19 re-release and the YF-21.
  3. I saw pics posted on FB that they're making the VF-0D version too. FB VF-0D Pics: https://www.facebook.com/groups/357754304585336/?multi_permalinks=1791470014547084&hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen
  4. Yea Tamashi Nations 2022 which is starting/started this week/weekend. 11/18 Check the 'What's next for Bandai' thread.
  5. It definitely looks thicker/wider especially around the center body where it starts. The pics from years ago look narrower. But all of this could just be the lighting and angle which I really doubt. I guess we should be trying to look for clear indications if they're actually two different prototypes are the same one from years ago. So far most of the markings look about the same.
  6. Also... a open hatch-ish feature to reveal all the glorious gold, lol. I missed the POs -_-. It's a reg release so I figured I could wait.
  7. @anubis20 @no3Ljm: there's also metal parts for the MG Kyrios, Dynames, Virtue from 00. Also metal parts for the MG Freedom, Justice and Providence. None of which I got since I never bought the addons.
  8. That's pmuch the same thing I said about a week ago! XD I'll have to adjust the forward lean on mine to get it to stand upright, but atm I do have the backpack and funnels aimed backward instead of fanned out to the sides causing it to be extra back heavy.
  9. I found out what the manual was referring to... the base of the head (top of the neck) that rear bottom flap can extend about 1-2mm in and out of the base of the head. Yea as far as extending the neck itself I haven't been able to successfully do so. I've already exerted a considerable amount of pulling force before stressing forces would affect the joints.
  10. I completely agree with the MB Hi-Nu. Although after fiddling around with the first funnel I got the hang of the rest. Yea this version does have some presence and it does lose the F1 sleek roundness appearance. The open hatch/expanding panels help with compensating the overly lean look, but yes the blocky look still dominates. This design has grown on me. It towers over my MB Astray Red Frame Alt Strike Ver by about 3cm.
  11. Just found the link for HS's notice regarding the tax: https://www.1999.co.jp/tax_collection_e.html
  12. I recall seeing a notice on Amiami's site last month... it's up there on their main page still:
  13. It appears they may have angled it up by like 2 or 3 degrees... and maybe raised/extended the standoffs/mounts by 1mm or 2mm barely noticeable... https://hobby.watch.impress.co.jp/img/hbw/docs/1427/107/html/1.jpg.html EDIT: I was also thinking they sized down the cone of the booster by maybe 5% and/or made it shorter, or set it back.
  14. ya looking forward to that one too! Also recently got the Blue recolor ver of the ZG Judge.
  15. Last week I finally got around to opening my MB Hi-Nu and I have to say the design has grown on me quite a bit. Yea I do wish the calf section was just a tad bigger/taller (maybe 5-10%) but I can see why it might've be designed as such. It appears to be more of a mix between the original 'lean' design by Yataka Izubuchi: and Katoki's: The 'open hatch'/expansion feature on the MB does fill out the calves and overall figure a bit more, but it's definitely nothing like the RG or Katoki version. The foot has a nice expanding feature not only for the heel but the front of the foot slides/soft clicks out forward an extra 2-3mm. When all the hatches/panels are expanded you really don't notice the change in the foot other than the heel... i guess it helps keep the scale of the look, otherwise it looks smaller. Definitely excited for the bazooka/replacement shield and even more so for the HWS. EDIT: Oh and the Hi-Nu is probably one of their bigger MBs to date. it towers over the MB Astray RF Kai Alt Strike Ver. by 3cm minimum (or more) from the top of the head.
  16. I haven't checked but they should be since they're all the same body type.
  17. Heads up... around a year or so ago Bandai put out a cease and desist for all Japan shops including HLJ to stop selling/distributing to other regions ie. US, etc. and to only distribute to their local region. This was to make it fair for the regional distributors ie. Bluefin to control the distribution for the US and said US shops. Amiami, Hobbysearch and mostly all the other Japanese sites/shops adhered to the C&D but HLJ decided to go against it. Thus why amiami no longer lists Gundam kits for outside their region. I believe amiami's jp site still has it listed for their local region.
  18. Although this was already released and i have mine sitting next to me, this was the display at nycc this year ...
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