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  1. Damn! That's a haul! Were they all from over the year or just the holiday?!
  2. My vf-31ax order from okiniland arrived yesterday via dhl.
  3. I wonder if bandai deliberately made the MB Hi-Nu legs thinner in consideration for a possible HWS addon for the future. Because even the head and forearms look a bit un-proportioned to the rest. 🤔 it does look like they incorporated an ab crunch around the torso (where the cockpit hatch is).
  4. Same. PBHK, PBTaiwan already sold out as well. PBSG still had stock last night. PBUS is the only site holding the black friday shipping deal and previewed their upcoming products with no PG Perf mentioned. EDIT: Nvm SG is out of stock now too.
  5. Did sentinel ever address the cracking/stressing swing arms from the previous releases?
  6. Nice! Iirc toyswonderland has rescue at a good price. But shipping always the killer.
  7. Yea the shipping is a tad over, but meh... the difference for shipping only would've been like 10-15$ tops? I'll work the extra hour, so I can save two hours of sleep... lol.
  8. A bit surprised noone linked this yet: https://www.lunapark.store/product-page/dx-chogokin-vf-31ax-kairos-plus-mirage-farina-jenius-japan-version Its payment upfront and to avoid the PO madness.
  9. Yup same here. I got the first edition and bought the expansion tails for the first edition when they released the NT version. The non-NT release (first) was not as 'goldy'. Essentially it was one layer or less clear orange used when they plated/painted it. The NT release (second) is the 'goldy' version.
  10. Here you go these were displayed nycc 2021 for the first time ever since ive been attending (2011).
  11. Here you go these were displayed nycc 2021 for the first time ever since ive been attending (2011).
  12. Here you go these were displayed nycc 2021 for the first time ever since ive been attending (2011).
  13. Here you go guys. The valks are prob off topic, but they were right across from each other and the first time I've ever seen them in person at nycc since ive been attending 2011 (makes me wonder if there's a possible US release indication by them being displayed at nycc). I think the mb blue frame may hit pbus st some point (i honestly cant recall if it already was, sorry im wiped atm).
  14. Here at NYCC and they have a couple of things on display. Including the Lohengrin launcher. MB blue frame 2nd, and for the first time ever some macross items! Currently on limit data so hopefully ill remember to upload the pics later.
  15. From my understanding they're not using a diecast frame, the cost would be too high. I discussed the item/company with a friend last month iirc from the discussion if they do use a diecast frame it would be one of the 3rd party inserts that were made available only for four models. Iirc those were released mainly the seed line. The profit for painting and assembling would go down. From the same discussion with my friend we compared various photos of the original bandai kit, with a daban and i think one of the third party manufacturer (a dragon momoko?) and the conclusion was they were actually using the bandai kits in their pictures.
  16. From my understanding is that they're a painting/assembly service company. Not an actual 3rd party manufacturer with their own products.
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