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  1. You cannot order from the links provided from the tamashii website as premium bandai japan blocks ips/regions outside of japan from accessing their site. Youll need a vpn or workaround to bypass just to view. The links provided on the pbjp sites will not sell even if you are able to access the page. They have extensive checks japan region issued credit card, mailing address etc. Youre better off with a 3rd party site like animeexport, etc. or middleman/proxy service.
  2. TBF the DX VF-1D pbjp preorder window had gone through something similar. It was open for a while, was available to order up until the close of the window and when it ended, released, all the FOMO and price gouging kicked in.... 🤦‍♂️
  3. GMC is usually pretty good. I've ordered so much through them had 0 orders (knock on wood) never arrive. The 4th was last Wednesday and it shipped from their LA warehouse via UPS. The shipping estimate on the site says 6-12 days, I would honestly wait. It's a huge box. Try contacting GMC or message Yong Luo on their facebook group. PP or your CC company should have no issue disputing if it doesn't arrive after the estimated time. Contact UPS too!
  4. Might definitely be O/T because the responses to the question. In short try to avoid Luna Park Store. My one experience and only experience (after reading many other bad exp...), after a week plus of the preordered item being in stock (they already marked up the price from PO listing) I had to actually email them to get them to start the package prep/shipping of my PreOrder. AND yes their shipping is much to be desired. No padding, nothing... probably one of the thinnest cardboard boxes that sized exactly the shape of the item box which was wrapped in a DHL bag. It arrived smushed, but the item luckily was not damaged. They charge more for shipping by weight and mark the weight down when it actually shipped so they paid way less. IIRC the difference was in the range of 15$, for that amount they could've at least thrown a lining of thin bubblewrap around it, but nope. TLDR: AVOID. Theyre near Nippon Yasan 2.0, lol. Don't buy into their premium account bs either. If a business was good it wouldn't stoop to such practices off the bat.
  5. Awesome work as always! One of my favorite MSs to boot! Yea I know the pain of the kit as well, but you did an excellent job and it shows!
  6. 6th+ because theyre looking to re-release Hayates, and '+' because maybe others (re-release mirage)? Idk lol...
  7. I really hope Bandai improves their QC (I know their production lines out of China are probably taking a hit as they're still doing Covid Lockdowns/Quarantines) and it doesn't plague the YF-19 re-release and the YF-21.
  8. I saw pics posted on FB that they're making the VF-0D version too. FB VF-0D Pics: https://www.facebook.com/groups/357754304585336/?multi_permalinks=1791470014547084&hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen
  9. Yea Tamashi Nations 2022 which is starting/started this week/weekend. 11/18 Check the 'What's next for Bandai' thread.
  10. It definitely looks thicker/wider especially around the center body where it starts. The pics from years ago look narrower. But all of this could just be the lighting and angle which I really doubt. I guess we should be trying to look for clear indications if they're actually two different prototypes are the same one from years ago. So far most of the markings look about the same.
  11. Also... a open hatch-ish feature to reveal all the glorious gold, lol. I missed the POs -_-. It's a reg release so I figured I could wait.
  12. @anubis20 @no3Ljm: there's also metal parts for the MG Kyrios, Dynames, Virtue from 00. Also metal parts for the MG Freedom, Justice and Providence. None of which I got since I never bought the addons.
  13. That's pmuch the same thing I said about a week ago! XD I'll have to adjust the forward lean on mine to get it to stand upright, but atm I do have the backpack and funnels aimed backward instead of fanned out to the sides causing it to be extra back heavy.
  14. I found out what the manual was referring to... the base of the head (top of the neck) that rear bottom flap can extend about 1-2mm in and out of the base of the head. Yea as far as extending the neck itself I haven't been able to successfully do so. I've already exerted a considerable amount of pulling force before stressing forces would affect the joints.
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