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  1. OMG you had to say it! "VISIONARIES"! I completely forgot about them... holy crap I remember collecting them with the holographic/prismatic chest emblems!
  2. Wuuut...!? Ramen Toys coming out with all the 80s stuff! Eventually DinoRiders, Dinosaucers... hmm, lol.
  3. 'Glove' from Bionic 6. I had to look up his name because it's been that long, LOL.
  4. The calves (new molded sections from top to bottom) Under the knee cap (new mold) Crotch section (new mold) Upper thigh section (new mold) for both the white outer armor and the red section under The feet (new mold, not just paint, or maybe using the astray blue frame feet?) Front skirts (new mold) White Ankle(?) sections (new mold) I noticed theyre using the first release astray red frame and not the alt version. I'd have to look at my alt ver to see of the noted sections (above) are the same or if its new molding entirely. https://www.1999.co.jp/itbig65/10656041a2.jpg Almost a whole new lower half for the astray red dragonics compared to the kai alt strike ver
  5. Its great they're going to address the head laser and fast pack issue. Where the fighter and gerwalk modes look great... I'm wondering how the battroid would look just standing without the base (typical upright narrow 'A' stance pose). From the prototype pic it looks like the intake/hip sections look pretty setback due to the transformation mechanism. Its looking great and will buy, but definitely need more pics.
  6. @no3Ljm Thanks for linking pics. I'm going out on a limb here and saying.... yeah, they used the same head from the VF31A, lol.
  7. errff those colors... but definitely in for one, lol.
  8. That's so fkd up. Im considering canceling/cc chargeback for my vf31ax mirage po.
  9. cdj still has quantity available... https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOGDS-528308?utm_source=MAIL&utm_medium=html&utm_content=NEOGDS-528308&utm_campaign=Goods edit: it appears cdj's cart/checkout system is hanging badly.
  10. It looks great, but it already appears that the booster needs to be removed for gerwalk and remounted for battroid or fighter modes.
  11. Damn! That's a haul! Were they all from over the year or just the holiday?!
  12. My vf-31ax order from okiniland arrived yesterday via dhl.
  13. I wonder if bandai deliberately made the MB Hi-Nu legs thinner in consideration for a possible HWS addon for the future. Because even the head and forearms look a bit un-proportioned to the rest. 🤔 it does look like they incorporated an ab crunch around the torso (where the cockpit hatch is).
  14. Same. PBHK, PBTaiwan already sold out as well. PBSG still had stock last night. PBUS is the only site holding the black friday shipping deal and previewed their upcoming products with no PG Perf mentioned. EDIT: Nvm SG is out of stock now too.
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