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  1. Their page says Oct 4th 11:00 Jpn Time. Not sure if thats 11am or 11pm jpn time. Either way it wont be tonight or the next few hours according to the page.
  2. Leg missile compartment would be nice 🤞, but i think that's more of a model to show parts/panel assembly. Otherwise I feel they should just show the missile compartment feature outright (it would be a highlight).
  3. I'm not sure what's going on with hlj, but i have a friend that pre ordered the rg ggg and they haven't been charged for it yet nor is it in their pw.
  4. The consolation prize behind missing Kurama is that you probably wouldn't have gotten anything from them anyway. IIRC a friend of mine PO the MS Nu with them which they required a 600$ deposit and after the time later they were unable to secure it for him resulting in a refund.
  5. Afaik all bandai injection kits (HG, RG, RE, MG, PG) are made in Japan. With the exception of the Hi Res kits where the inner frames are made in china, shipped to bandai (japan) where they are boxed/paired up with bandai (made) injected runners and then shipped out from there. MB, Chogokin DX, gffmc, robot spirits, MS etc. Action figure types are made in china. With kits on backorder status on HLJ are sometimes just when they restock (roll of the dice). It may say BO now and if you place an order it may fill the next day or a week (or few). From my understanding they restock often enough. Unless bandai is pulling a cute one with HLJ and punishing them for refusing the bandai cease and desist order for shipping outside of japan... then idk, lol. Maybe send HLJ an email to inquire?
  6. This was all I was able to find via tamashii nation's amazon.jp site METAL BUILD ストライクガンダム Edit*** ahh nvm im late. I didnt refresh the thread to the most recent replies, lol. Suppose to translate to "Metal Build Strike Gundam"
  7. Yup! Yup! Yup! But at the same time overseas (ie. US, etc outside of Japan) can exist... I'm referencing the US more because if a US scalper obtains the product directly from Japan, yes the shipping cost is added, but not only do they get it earlier, it would be more expensive if the scalper would have to buy the same item in the US plus state sales tax (well most states require state sales tax) unless they operated in a state that does not get sales tax. Yup same as listed above. Yup! I was just having that conversation with my friend the other day. Certain shops may not be allowed to stock items because of said 'tier' like system.
  8. Just throwing some speculation out there... what would the chances be that Japan shops were directed by Bandai (or Bandai is intentionally delaying the Japan shop allocations) just to drive the outside regional sales before opening up the actual Japan region sales? My thought is because the MSRP for the Japan region is lower than what ie. US and other regional distributors can offer in their regions, therefore by releasing outside regions ie. US before opening the majority of Japan sales would be preventing many customers (scalpers and the like) to buy out their own regions first before Japan. In a sense it doesnt help that scalpers will still scalp. It just means if scalpers start on higher prices... they'll just list higher in the beginning...? IDK, lol. Just a thought, lol. 🤷‍♂️
  9. HS is going to do a lottery when the item comes in stock (Dec). People must be signed up for notification for the lottery entry using the notification button. 🤦‍♂️ Oh and to clarify... the notification button is not the lottery entry, its just to be notified when the lottery will take place and there will be an entry system later. Sorry operating on lack of sleep, lol.
  10. USPS pulled the same crap on me for my xpacs as well. When I went to the post office the clerk asked for the slip and said that I need to have the slip. I informed him that I reviewed the footage 2 hours prior and 1 hr after their attempted delivery. I told the clerk unless their delivery guy is a ghost... no label was left, not on the door, not in the mailbox nor in the hallway. He insisted "the next time you need the label"... I rolled my eyes at him.
  11. I think USAG may have discontinued ZA's discount. It hasnt been working for the last two+ weeks. (it hasn't been working for me at least*)
  12. Ahhh yea... I didn't see that he posted to the wrong thread LOL... 🤯
  13. My friend who's on here hasn't posted his from LP yet. He received his yesterday. They did him dirty. The shipping box was intact and fine, but they shipped him a pre-smashed/bashed VF-31AX Mirage. It wasn't in a dhl bag but wrapped in one layer of thin bubble wrap. I told him to post here on MWF as a warning to others, but he's yet to do so. Yea with a premium marked up price... higher than usual shipping prices. LP will need to do more to win me over for a second transaction. There are other businesses willing to go further for the same price as LP.
  14. Got mine from LP earlier today. Can't say I'm disappointed or pleased. Paid above msrp and high shipping upfront, only to have to inquire when my order was going to ship 1.5+ wks after release date (yes i was aware of golden week, got a response the 9th) and receive the tracking number for a shipping label (the 10th) which didn't actually ship until another week after (end of day 16th). Shipping box was 1 sheet of tissue paper ontop. The item was in a dhl bag in a box with no clearance. The box i presume was smooshed during handling (they're pretty rough out here in nyc). The shipping label was marked for 0.5kg, im sure it's not, lol. Definitely cutting too many corners. Even when NY was crap they still bubble wrapped. 🤣🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Probably not dealing with LP again. That was their first shot. For the price they are borderline no good as far as business practice goes. Sorry... NY taught me well, lol. For a similar price and no hassle with no need to email regarding status of order or skimped out shipping materials is another company that I will not name (need to save my golden parachute, lol). They delivered above and beyond when I ordered Hayate the first time around. They actually shipped out before HLJ that time and that was like whoa.
  15. hmm... there's a few i would like to get but i shouldnt get, LOL. Good thing I got my PG Perf already.
  16. Thanks for the update. I haven't checked the listings since a day or two after the last reply.
  17. Update... LP handed my order to DHL. It's anticipated for the 19th.
  18. I have not... they only sent a tracking number registered with DHL. Still marked "Shipment information received" and it hasn't been shipped as of May 10th.
  19. I almost jump the gun on ordering and told myself... wait a darrrrrn minute, LOL. I own too many pg Unicorns and variants, they almost got me there. Oh and don't ask how many or I may just squeel, LOL. XD 🤪🤣
  20. in a way seems awesome but also too good to be true. I'm asking another source if the 1/60 announcement is true, because the same manufacturer and pictures (they say MG on it) were just used a week or two ago to announce 1/100 MG metal parts. Also $40 for metal PG conversion parts seems too good to be true. Also the comments on gundammit's listings also express confusion to the scaling as well.
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