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  1. Not sure about this. I’ve gotten every version. Seems like another repeat.
  2. I want this but I literally have nowhere to put this.
  3. The wing colors on the 19 and the shoulder plastic color. I wish I could go through the storage and pull out the knock off ones. The boxes look almost identical to the Bandai ones except for the Bandai logo, it’s a character’s image.
  4. The 17 is legit, the 19 is a knock off
  5. Didn’t know there was even a new one out. My PF all have tight joints including the olive color ones. might grab one, but saving up for the PF19
  6. Picked up a yf19 reissue from Arcadia. So when the premium releases I have gotten every single YF19 toy release including the 1/72 heavy metal ones. Don’t know why I did that.
  7. So far so good. Everything is there. No manual though. Need to figure out which Bluetooth it is so I can start playing some Macross stuff.
  8. Hopefully tomorrow I get to air it out. Yes definitely checking to see if everything fits and not broken. If anything is a miss, I’m covered.
  9. Wingspan is huge. Will probably display her with the smaller wings
  10. When you thought you were done with the dark knight, then dx19 comes out, and then you remember to bust out your tool box. Suddenly you recall you had options to add to spice it up.
  11. I caved and got both dx19 and wonder woman deluxe
  12. Can the premium finish cannons be removed and replaced by the damaged model version?
  13. Battle damage Mark85 in and bought a 1/5 Groot for display in the office .
  14. Might be the next big purchase after the Kids logic SDF.
  15. Rough draft… Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.. Avengers Ultron… Civil War… Infinity War… End Game….. Still organizing the Iron Men…
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