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  1. Wingspan is huge. Will probably display her with the smaller wings
  2. When you thought you were done with the dark knight, then dx19 comes out, and then you remember to bust out your tool box. Suddenly you recall you had options to add to spice it up.
  3. I caved and got both dx19 and wonder woman deluxe
  4. Can the premium finish cannons be removed and replaced by the damaged model version?
  5. Battle damage Mark85 in and bought a 1/5 Groot for display in the office .
  6. Might be the next big purchase after the Kids logic SDF.
  7. Rough draft… Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.. Avengers Ultron… Civil War… Infinity War… End Game….. Still organizing the Iron Men…
  8. Throughout the year. I haven’t had time to take them out. So far I think my favorite is the Midas. Returned it 4x to get a mint one.
  9. Finally had time today to slowly open them. Halfway through and had to take a break but you see what I’m working with…. and what came in earlier this week: Just BD85 and End Game Cap Marvel and I’m done. Hopefully. No Macross this year, Just the Weathered19 and Nora. Maybe catch up on Delta and others after that. Didn’t want to join on the preorder madness. Don’t need additional stress.
  10. Maybe one but I’m saving my wallet for the combo with steed.
  11. Paid off when I was with sideshow. So next month release maybe with End Game Marvel. Had to do some serious rearranging yesterday prepping for Christmas opening/display of EndGame Figs.
  12. I don’t think it’s an isolated incident. I know few people who owns this have the same problems. I’ve seen it on eBay as well for sale with the same broken issues. People are just unloading it.
  13. 2012 Cap shipped.. but End Game Cap Marvel delayed until next month. I guess I won’t be able to get all of them after all before the end of the year. Weathered Mark85 can wait since regular is already released. Should have a group pic. Was hoping to unbox all of them together for Christmas.
  14. Rescue and End Game Patriot shipped. Should be here by next week. Crossing fingers End Game Cap Marvel released before Christmas then I can open all of them and display End Game shelf. And as much as I want to end with End Game, that Spiderman is looking pretty tempting.
  15. It might just happen, got notification Rescue and Iron Patriot charging on Wed. So that just leaves Capt Marvel which final payment was moved to 12/20 then maybe there still hope with Weathered 85. Not really expecting much with the weathered 85 and their debacle but we shall see. Gonna be able to display them all together.
  16. I’m getting rescue for free basically from points from Sideshow as soon as they get it in. Waiting for it to ship. I had to return my professor hulk for a replacement due to some white spots on his chest. Got the replacement last Thursday and to my dismay they sent me a used or opened one. This wasn’t the first time, they did it with the Midas. I knew it was used because upon opening the brown shipper the tape covering the art box was sealed with a wider tape instead of a single small clear tape. 2nd the seal was already broken so it had already been opened. Plus there’s a dent on his chest, not noticeable but as anal as I am about things I can see it right away. So I requested for an exchange. Honestly I’m about to cancel the remaining three I’m waiting for and eat the non refundable deposit, but we shall see.
  17. Three more left: End Game Cap Marvel, End Game War Machine, and Rescue.
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