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  1. Good eye Majority have some good visions Will do some proper shoots soon hopefully now that I have a light box and a new tripod. But only after I do some dusting and rearranging. Rotating the items displayed now to accommodate some things.
  2. I’ll take a missile set if it’s still available
  3. I love this picture for some reason...
  4. More Info please. Is this a custom? What is it made of?
  5. Set Up: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CMpLoJ3AC11/?igshid=1m3k75ikda9wf
  6. I've had mine for a month now but gonna hold back on opening it until the rest of the crew arrives (Cap/Thor/Hulk) End Game Cap, although Sideshow has been putting up videos of it on their IG has yet to announce when the will start shipping. Usually the item has already shipped before they start doing their how to pose videos. End Game Cap and Thanos Damage Ver delayed again.
  7. Not sure if I want to get the reissue unless maybe new box art? different in tan color? (The Yamato reissue had a different shade on all their reissues, subtle but it was there). Definitely lined up for the PF one if it goes up.
  8. Word in the grapevine mark 1 die cast will be announced soon. Professor Hulk end of the month.
  9. If there was a way I can fit 55 1/48 Valks with strike FP in one picture then it may look like that. I think I only have 25 Yamato stands.
  10. Paid off already. Should be released next month for US. Then remaining is left is Thor, and Hulk, from the original 5.
  11. Preorders are closed. I didn’t even know it was open. Only saw Kaneda and couldn’t find the link for the bike. I guess time to move on. Marvels End game figs will probably my last hot toys line up. Gamora shipped finally. Cap Marvel and Pubished War Machine inbound Monday. EndGame cap should be released in HK next month.
  12. Better late than never. When Yamato was King. memories...
  13. Should have asked for that for Christmas damn. Jelly
  14. Their running out of ideas. Not sure what sideshow is doing but my Punisher War Machine and Captain Marvel is marked as preparing to ship since the 25th
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