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  1. Thank you now my Sentinel Riobot Mospeada VR Troop is complete. Awesome and would vouch for anytime! Moving on to other Mac stuff
  2. Sorry to hear man. I’ll vouch for you as one of the few that’s been here for a while. I might have even bought stuff from you before. Good luck with the sale bump! for the pictures, after you select it it should say what size. I think if you select medium it should eliminate the error.
  3. I ask myself that same question when a valk is released for 190.00 and people sell it for 400.00 excluding the rest of us. Or create a limited preordered amount and exclude the rest of us. Wonderfest items are limited since they are created by private company or modelers that have to pay fees to show them at the festival and also pay fees to allow them to create limited amounts of the kit. So yes, limited. Artists may create limited runs out of the fest but is often frown upon just how people recast official released models.
  4. I really need to find someone to build mine
  5. It’s the initial panic that people feel after missing the pre orders. It’s always like that. It pays off to be patient and really not care about it to bring the prices down.
  6. I will attempt something like this. Have some ideas lingering with extra decal sheets.
  7. I remember no one wanted them because it was just another repainted valk. Group Shot with all the variations:
  8. These: Hoping I might have the time to get them built and painted to add to these:
  9. 1/60 Weathered Valk Line Up from the back view case.
  10. When they are lined up and ready for dusting
  11. What are people using to remove the paint from this valk? I’d like to go that route instead of painting it again.
  12. Opened Fury. Makes my Shield team complete with Hill and Coulson. I’ll open End Game Thnos when Ronin, Antman, and BW come in. I can check off Iron Patriot Mark 1 (Mark 2.0 is End Game). I told myself I wasn’t gonna get it and maybe just get the neon tech version but ended getting it brand new. WM Mark 1 was still sealed and everything is working.
  13. I don’t know. It just didn’t make me want to get off my butt and hit the preorder button. I’m sure they are trying to hype it up with the limited release. Based on the video they incorporated the mark VI arm weapons (Mark 6 has the blue lights on the forearms). Still looks like the Mark 6 but with different chest plate. Then again that’s just my opinion. Almost picked up the neo tech line up but held back. Only reason was War machine Mark 1, since the original version was gonna cost an arm and a leg. BUT rectified that problem last week when I picked up the “Ex-wife”. Crossing fingers they don’t announce it’s being reissued then Imma be so pissed. So not feeling like spending $$ for an unpainted Mark iV that’s lighter than the one I have. They could have atleast had a light up base but I see how they want to keep it consistent with the current neo line up. Still have a long way to go: Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp, War Machine (End Game), Iron Patriot 1, Iron Man Mark I Pre-ordered: Gamora (if she ever gets released), BW, Ronin 2x, Rocket V3, Iron Patriot Mark2, Hulk End Game, Cap Marvel, Capt Am End Game, Mark 85, Mark 85 Battle Damaged, Thanos Battle Damaged, Nebula, Thor End Game, Cap Am 2012, Loki 2012 Finally got Fury WS version. Haven’t opened Thanos End Game yet. Still trying to find room for him. Tomorrow I install Hulkbuster’s left arm. Then I go back to Macross Premium, DX and Delta. Crap.
  14. I don’t have 7 monsters, I didn’t dive into the HMR line. 5 monsters is enough, now destroids on the on there hand..
  15. Soon... Now that I have a chance to clean....
  16. LoL I haven’t jumped back on the Macross wagon yet but to keep it on topic knock on wood I have not had any issues with my valks.
  17. It’s not that bad. I have two regular with their sound force attachments And one gold coated unopened. Well to each his own. Let’s stay on topic.
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