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  1. I wear gloves handling Mac toys and Figs. One more month, Gamora 2, Mark 3 1/4, Mark VII
  2. Antman, Rocket missing from that picture...ughh two more to add to the pre order list
  3. That’s every YF19 with the exception of the the Bandai version. I ran out of room. All of the Yamato lined up from the very first to the last. I only displayed two yf21 and the other three are still boxes but with the dusting going on might let them breath.
  4. How much did that set you back? I want to get a set
  5. Where is Godzilla with his massive 1/48 collection, did he sell it all?
  6. If I’m not mistake. There are three versions (boxes) of the omega one
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