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  1. I have two metal build Gundams for sale. Unopened and MISB. PayPal friends. 1. Metal Build Gundam 00 Raiser. 525 shipped OBO. Will be shipped via ups with tracking. 2. Metal Build Gundam Strike Freedom. 525 shipped OBO. Will be shipped via ups with tracking. Not sure if I’m on the SSL list since the new update on the forum. Been here long enough I’m sure there are people who can vouch for me.
  2. Yep. Not stalking just thought I’d ask. It’s not often to meet fellow MW/SSF in illinois
  3. It doesn’t matter , just asked because it’s nice to have someone in the same area.
  4. Nope just fortunate sideshow has payment installment program
  5. Plus do banner shops have experience with proper 1/48 scaling? Don’t want it coming out off scale after paying for it.
  6. Haven’t done that before and gotta find time. Figured maybe having it already done and leg work done would be easier. Not too familiar with banner print shops. I’m sure you have experience with that in the cake industry?
  7. Haven’t counted or dusted them yet in a while. It usually take 2-3 days of cleaning. Taking them out and putting them back in the glass cases. For sure since I haven’t really sold any 1/48, still above the 120 mark, not sure if I cracked the 150 barrier. For sure 35-40% have matching SSP or GBP amors. I’ve lost count of those since a few of them are still unopened and I have a few containers with lose SSP that I acquired a while back. Got rid of some of the empty boxes. There was no point since I won’t be selling them anyway. I had a goal to at least get them laid out all in valk modes with either SSP in the living room floor which will take the whole living room floor space. The opened ones at least, still debating on letting the ones in new boxes breath (they won’t be mib if I take them out lol). Not only is it a matter of time consumption to get all the opened 1/48 out, but getting the wife to ban her and the kids from the living for 2/3 days is a no no, so laying them all out is still a reach. I had reached out to an Australian company to see if they could build/print me a 1/48 air craft carrier deck (same company that produces the 1/48 decks sheet on eBay), but they said it would be too expensive. I suggested doing it in sections but I never got a reply back. I was gonna check with Miriya on the boards since he had printed me out stuff before if it’s doable. If anyone can print me or get me a quote for 1/48 mock up carrier deck print out that would be awesome. But for now Marvel has been taking up much of my time. I know this weekend it definitely will be. My DC has been collecting dust but as soon as I get a new body for Bane then I’ll shift attention there again. Finding time now is hard, family/kids, biking, macross, Marvel, dc, freaking backyard work. Ughh....
  8. Bucky and Rhody left..BP incoming in 2 Weeks...
  9. I commissioned someone to do mine, then he went missing. Not sure if he’s dead or in prison. But when I get a chance to go to Canada I’ll try to stop by his place.
  10. Waiting for the PO on that one to go up. Busy next few months... May - Thanos, Black Panther, Hulkbuster IW, Mark L July - Gamora, 1/4 Mark III
  11. Team Cap Team Tony Team Nidavellir Wakanda Team (Waiting on WS & BP) Titan Team
  12. Just finally finished collecting the Civil War line up....
  13. Thank you...I’ve been distracted with other things as of late and haven’t spent much time in there.
  14. Maybe just one Ivanov. I don’t think they'll be making any other variants anytime soon considering it’s taking them this long to release one.
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