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  1. These are good points and discussions. Thanks guys. Needed a break from Macross reorganizing and started to make a room for Marvel adjacent to the DC section.
  2. Mark 85 is out and I giggled. Need to be patient and just wait for sideshow to have it in stock but trigger finger is itching to maybe have two but if I do then it would end up being three with damage version as well being released. Picked up Starlord infinity version. Still need to get Wasp and Shuri to catch up.
  3. I never wanted to transform them because of issues of being unstable, but surprisingly they held up pretty good and stiff. No flimsy.
  4. I didn’t want to dive into the HMR line. Yes it took a while to transform them all but had to make it worth the shots I took. Posting the phone pics. DSLR will be for later.
  5. So big bro monster is 1/72 I believe, 3 Yamato Monsters 1/100 and 2 Bandai monsters (forgot what scale they are). Tomahawks and Defenders are 1/60.
  6. Saw this. Not too Thrilled. Already have two different versions (initial and renewal). We shall see. Didn’t bite on the new two face and not sure I’d bite on this one. Maybe just the body and face plates. I wonder if it’s the same sizes as the first one. Exciting news though that the new armory and been confirmed to be released, just no pictures. I will probably compare with the custom I have before I bite. Nebula in bound from sideshow. Crossing fingers end of the month for war machine punisher version, Gamora, new Mark 47, and Deluxe Marvel. (Final payments =] )
  7. Yeah they made those look bigger in the anime
  8. Those are VF11s without Fast packs
  9. Let us know when it’s available for the 1/4000. If you can print them in 1/3000 or 1/2000 I‘ll gladly order a few
  10. Picked up some DX hence I didn’t pick up the new StarLord and Wasp. Everything else I have been able to nab slowly
  11. They need to release gamora. My end game figures are all still boxed and was going to wait until the major casts would be released by Christmas but with cap pushed back, Mark 85, and Thor is also still up in the air.
  12. Wonder what the price Is going to be. They seem to be going for 2k these days. Glad I kept mine with details
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