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  1. Ordered one from Okini-land about a week ago, total US$399 with DHL Express. It arrived in 3 days from Japan to US. Happy customer
  2. I would like Brandi to release Robot Spirits for Macross (non-transformable is ok), which it's similar to current Gundam series. Indeed, they are not as good as metal but the price is highly affordable and joints are very flexible.
  3. Me 3 here, they do not care their business. Last reply from one of the members said, they are moving the warehouse causing the delay - what a shame to choose the "right" time and piss off customers
  4. Hi team-mates. Any words from Nin-Nin game for shipment? Thanks.
  5. Thank you so much for the others and your comments. I probably just order from Nin-Nin game because not much time to keep eye on.
  6. Based on the links from JVM, only Nin-Nin-Game has open to pre-order, the rest of them seemed no stock. It is about 39K for combo, do you know any others shop cheaper for the combo? Thanks.
  7. OMG! Love Bandai more Where is the best place to order the whole set of VF-1J and its GBP armor? Is Nin-Nin-Game ok? Thanks
  8. good catch my friend. It is not noticeable, very cool! Thanks.
  9. Love all, but cannot spend too much . My thought is, Bandai could sell different "heads", after wearing the GBP armor, except for the number on chest, color, they look the same
  10. Wow, thank you so much for your clarification and pictures. I recalled seeing some of these boxes when I was a kid in model shops. I heard that the last VF-1J release with a "01" error, not sure Bandai will fix it in this new version or not?? Thanks.
  11. Hi Macross fans, In Macross movie(s) or TV, I only recalled VF-1J with GBP, but not the VF-1S (Roy) GBP?? I saw VF-1S GBP in black and yellow. Please help to recall and verify. Thanks. Ben
  12. Anyone know when the similar GBP for VF-1S will be released? I am looking for that! Thank you.
  13. I am interested to the 1/72 and the HMR, and probably to order one of these (in MSRP). Never in toy show, are those toys allowed visitors to try (all in case)? Thanks for your sharing. Ben
  14. Hi everyone, Love my DX VF-1S. My previous Macross toy was Bandai, plastic and transform-able kit few decades ago. This DX is so much better than plastic (very scary to make the first transformation, it created crack sounds I have a thought and not sure anyone had done it before or not. Is it possible to modify the DX and add LED, say inside the head skull and light up the 'eye'? It could be pretty cool. If not, any thought about Grow-in-the-dark paint? Just my 2 cents. Ben
  15. Good idea. I also have a thought if Bandai considers it. I have 3-4 Gundam Robot Spirits, they made with plastic but pretty details and highly flex in joints. Most of them cost about $30 - $50. I do not need it transformable, but giving the same quality as Gundam series then I am happy - my dream
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