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  1. Yep! Almost mint and never transformed, incredible!
  2. Thanks! No, the grey VF-1A is the VF-X
  3. Yeah, you're right the grey VF-1A is the VF-X
  4. The new box for the Tomahawk standard edition
  5. Really Excited with the new Houquet, happy to complete the team!
  6. After almost four years of searching and researching, a friend from Chile who has family living on Japan requested some replacements from Arcadia and finally he has sent me the original metal hinge I need to repair this beatiful valkyrie. Happy Ending!
  7. February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day
  8. Me too! I hope the VF-3000 being release some time in the future
  9. Preordered. Sweet dreams!
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