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  1. Really Excited with the new Houquet, happy to complete the team!
  2. After almost four years of searching and researching, a friend from Chile who has family living on Japan requested some replacements from Arcadia and finally he has sent me the original metal hinge I need to repair this beatiful valkyrie. Happy Ending!
  3. February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day
  4. Me too! I hope the VF-3000 being release some time in the future
  5. Preordered. Sweet dreams!
  6. I hope you like this one
  7. Same here! I won't buy the whole squadron again just for the new speaker pod...an easy pass for me
  8. The mistakes I'm saying are about the loose nosecone hinge, the loose hikaru pilot inside the cockpit, etc. I think those little mistakes will be corrected in the Vf-1J & GBP Bundle
  9. I put in my order on them too. I just wanna the GBP set not another VF-1J Hikaru. Surely the VF-1J bundle should be a "corrected mistakes" version of the first release but it won't came with the exclusive stand
  10. https://robotech.com/news/big-west-co.-ltd.-studio-nue-inc.-and-harmony-gold-u.s.a.-announce-expansive-agreement-for-the-future-of-macross-and-robotech-worldwide?fbclid=IwAR0D9sRrCcYEWEEaucFnFl2HWklbgZYhBaj8auoURZKv2_ns56Culc0jqGw
  11. https://robotech.com/news/big-west-co.-ltd.-studio-nue-inc.-and-harmony-gold-u.s.a.-announce-expansive-agreement-for-the-future-of-macross-and-robotech-worldwide?fbclid=IwAR0D9sRrCcYEWEEaucFnFl2HWklbgZYhBaj8auoURZKv2_ns56Culc0jqGw
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