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  1. Wish you Happy new year, everyone! Sorry Guys, I did not update this on time. I'm busy with my work and so do my friend Mr. IO He made some progress on this project in late November but was still stuck on the backpack's mechanical structure. It was really hard to create a small transformation part for the backpack. The current structure is so frailly for transformation. Now it can be compatible with the Fold pack but looks a little bit weird in Battroid mode.
  2. Some progress A prototype of back fast pack complete transform adapter, however it is frigile and shoulder missiles with color
  3. Yep, I'm considering make decals. And it make take several days for enquiry.
  4. Sorry, it may makes you disappoint, the backpacks does not translate between the F & B mode. It needs different adapters. We think about several solotions of transform but the connection parts will be to fragile. We will continue thinking about that.
  5. Emmm, we don't include decals now, but we will discuss about that. The printing is not FDM, it has smooth surface. The shoulder missile pod structure shows on the top area of those picture I posted. You could check that. Well about the VF25 boosters, I personally want it to be a seperate structure, which the booster engine and missle pod could be divided. Therefore we could have more weapon choices such as those on the masterfile. However my friend's Rhino7 has some issues with modeling that. It claps when trying seperate.
  6. So, we think about selling print kits, as some parts may not suitable for resin copy. And the price of resin material rises quite a lot this year. I will continue contact some resin copy workshop to compare the cost.
  7. Hey guys! I post on behalf of my 'Macross fan group' friend to introduce his works of YF-19 FAST pack compatible with Arcadia's YF-19. He was inspired by the FAST PACK in 'MASTER FILE of YF-19' (page 061) and wants to combine VF-19ADV's FAST PACK with it. It was difficult to find the ADV FAST pack kit from T-REX, so he referencing Hasegawa's line art. After he posted some pictures on Chinese social media, there are a lot of Macross fans shows interest. So he was thinking to sell the kit. It was a pitty that the FAST pack kit could not fully transform with YF-19, but we couldn't found a better solution right now. If you guys also have interests please leave your comments. We also wants to know how many of your willing to purchase it. Now the modeling is almost finished, several samples have been printed. Here are some technical details: On the shoulder, it has a missile launcher similar to T-REX's design. It could transform with the toy. The FAST pack on the back is fixed and used two kinds of adapters for fighter and battlroid mode. The VF-25 style FAST pack could allow rotate the wings which DX VF-19adv can not. It also provides a pair of adapters to mount on the side of the wings in battlroid mode. Thanks for watching!
  8. May I ask the scale of QF3000? Is that 1/144 scale? And where could find this resin copy?
  9. All rght! Got it! Thank you for responding my question. I didn't understand these two parts when receive it.
  10. @Xigfrid @Seto Kaiba I have digital version of that doujinshi book 1 And I have found the second book of that doujinshi on a porn website, XD
  11. @XigfridI have found some product on Taobao(Alibaba), you may interested the 1/48 cardboard material Hanger model in Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni A 1/72 scale completed model of No.3 elevator platform on Nimitz, which I think the fall arrestor detail was wrong Another 1/72 Nimitz elevator, 3D print or resin kit
  12. The catapults were also make a difference in 3rd and 5th Episodes And there have a more interest senario, when the body of human bird came out, it get out under the Main island. That means it came though almost all the hanger and the carrier seems no danmage other than the hole. You could also find the catapults have slightly changed compare to previous screenshot Personally I think the total length of each catapuls should be same, eapecially the two in the front
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