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  1. Since it's Bandai, it's definitely going to be a rectal thermometer.
  2. This is correct. Every time I am in Japan I end up shipping one or more boxes back home to myself of stuff I've found in various shops. Not that I regret any of those purchases, and @Chronocidal is correct in his assessment of its value. I've found quite a lot of great stuff this way, and I got to visit Japan. (Mandarake doesn't web list everything they have for sale, for instance...)
  3. Yeah it does. One of the few times the glossy finish works.
  4. The valk boxing up continues. Ozma has the best looking 29.
  5. Nice. Yeah I'm not concerned if the adapter itself is scratched up or anything, as long as it does its job. Oh, and the canopy of the 171 popped off its hinge.
  6. Thanks! I'll try that fix. I've repaired a few adapters over the years as well. I was actually thinking of all the new valks coming down the pipeline that I will have no Yeti stands for.
  7. Well, with Yeti gone indefinitely, I'm going to have to start using the default stands for Bandai valks and track down old Yamato stands (unless Arcadia reissues theirs). I guess that Walkure stand that comes with the 31AX will have to grow on me...
  8. I'll happily sell you my extra fan racer for 23000 yen plus 10% consumption tax.
  9. The teal Delta 06 is really Luca, who left SMS so he could fly with pilots closer to his skill level.
  10. I like that! Like how Han Solo was placed in a comfortable carbonite bed for his trip to Jabba's palace. Yeah the "ears" are warped on mine too. Took Bandai awhile to figure out how to mold straight surfaces, it seems. Ozma is my favorite 29 variant, following by Isamu. But after the huge hassle of detailing Alto's YF-29, I don't want to deal with any 29s again. So, the VF-171 has got to be the cursed child of the VF toy line. Bandai got her started off on the wrong foot with the wonky leg design and stupid removable wings. Then the exploding shoulder triangle thing happened. Now after sitting on its Yeti stand unveventfully for years, the adapter snapped in half one day out of the blue and she took a tumble, scraping a bunch of paint off her feet. So back she goes into her box until I can fix her, someday.
  11. Don't really care enough to sift through books and old lineart and manuals or breaking out my calipers to check. It's little more than a curiosity for me, not a complaint, despite the moaning by some members. Nothing shows how little you care about something like bragging about how much you don't care about something. (Not directed at you personally, btw)
  12. It'll be awhile before I get my copies, so I'm just speculating. But it looks like the DX version is the same size as the Yamato. Between getting their scales right, I'll put my money on Yamato over Bandai. Having scales out of whack is the norm for Bandai stuff, so it's not a a dealbreaker for me (I did buy 2x 1Ds after all). The DX 1/48 line is more of a sideshow for me, since I already have a massive Yamato collection for having everything in scale. I doubt we'll ever see 1/48 versions of the YF-19 or VF-25 as they would be huge and expensive... but damn I'd love it if they did materialize someday!
  13. A picture of my Rod before he goes back into his styrofoam prison.
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