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  1. Bandai been teasing this forever. They're not going to fix anything, so where's the preorder button already?
  2. Oh man is Moehime run by the same people as NY? If so, I'm definitely not going to order anything from them, ever.
  3. Damn that looks sooooo good! Easily on par with the Arcadia version, if not better!
  4. Made my last payment in Dec 2022 and finally delivered Sept 2023. It's gonna be a multi day effort to assemble them and then set up all my many valks. Yeah it was a long wait. One reviewer on Youtube said he waited a year and a half. So I guess 9 months isn't too bad by comparison. I'll probably have to pick up some more because I don't think there's enough space in what I've purchased for more valks.
  5. Ah a spamburger lover I see.
  6. I think I'll make some spam fried rice and watch Macross Zero later.
  7. Your VF-0S and YF-19 look great!
  8. Moducases finally arrived. They didn't come with any instructions so it took a bit to figure out how to assemble them. 1/4 of the way through...
  9. Awesome! Dammit Bandai where's that TV SDF-1 you teased?
  10. Never hurts to experiment a bit. It's a much more creative process than just copying poses from the TV show. 😁
  11. Lolicon

    Macross figures

    The only reason I'm even entertaining getting them is because of the yen being at it's lowest in like 40 years. If we were back at around 100 or 110 yen to the dollar (or worse), it would be a hard pass for me. Who knows that the exchange rate will be by next summer.
  12. I really regret not getting multiples of the PF 0D. Curse my penny pinching ways!
  13. Gotta love it when Bandai makes their already-a-PITA-to-get toys even harder to get.
  14. The thermometer is the least of the 31AX's problems.
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