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  1. Got my two from HLJ and Amiami. I'm good. Domestic sites will have them soon enough. I'm just cheap and impatient.
  2. Episode 4 is my favorite of the season so far. Reminded me of the episode of DS9 where the Defiant is ambushed by two Jem'hadar ships and they have to run and hide inside a gas giant.
  3. Ordering from Japanese shops is for the impatient and/or cheap, which I am both. I expect it'll trickle down to the domestic shops in the coming days. People enjoy getting trickled on, right?
  4. Lolicon

    Hi-Metal R

    The future HMR YF-19 will be shorter than the VF-1. Plastic costs a lot more these days. Bandai gonna F91 this mess!
  5. Gotta seal in the wash on the landing gear. Not having to paint them myself saves a lot of time.
  6. Do you remember a simpler time when women couldn't vote and certain people weren't allowed on golf courses? Bandai remembers.
  7. Had some time to buckle down and apply the thousand or so tiny markings on the VF-4A. Again thanks to @Anasazi37 for the awesome decals! Also been sanding down the unsightly seam lines. The seam lines on the nose were especially obvious. Just need to topcoat her and seal everything in!
  8. Bandai picks the most bizarre things to be really accurate about. Who says size doesn't matter? Bandai finally releases a valk with proper white aircraft landing gear. And it's on an HMR toy rather than their more premium DX line.
  9. Lolicon

    Hi-Metal R

    I know HMR is technically non-scale but it's still going to be hella lame if they don't at least kinda-sorta get the scale somewhat correct i.e. make the VF-0 larger than the VF-1.
  10. I was wondering wtf was with the head lasers. Why does the other set exist?? It's not like Roy got his original head lasers shot off and replaced with centered ones in M0. Someone working at Bandai with OCPD foisting it onto us.
  11. Lolicon

    Hi-Metal R

    VF-0 should be noticeably bigger than the VF-1.
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