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  1. Great shots! Looks way better than anything I've done IMO. Would love to see more from you!
  2. Hmmm not too many Macross items come in a large cube shaped box like that...
  3. Thanks @Saburo! It's just one of those things one must do to shore up Bandai's lack of care. LA Gear! I haven't heard that spoken of since before Macross II was a thing! The fact that I know what that is makes me feel old...
  4. Got another Roy from HLJ's inexplicable restock a few weeks back. Couldn't pass up getting another at MSRP.
  5. Hey thanks! Though I'm still perplexed why 29 Alto has white boots and gloves when they're properly painted on the figure that comes with the 25.
  6. Like all Bandai add-on parts, the addition of super or armor parts makes the toy less solid & secure. This applies to the 25, 27, 31, and DX VF-1. I guess the only exception would be the 29, but those are little more than a few bits attached to the wings.
  7. Been a bit busy as of late, but had some time this weekend to get back to the YF-29 grind. First order of business: touching up the terrible pilot figure. Hand painting is hardly my strong suit, and the molding of the pilot is pretty bad, but I did what I could to make it actually look like Alto from the anime. Stock pilot from first YF-29 release vs touched up YF-29 reissue pilot (Bandai used a darker shade of white plastic on the reissue)
  8. Yep. I'm kinda glad that I got the GBP combo pack because one of my 1Js only came with one hand. When I contacted HLJ and they went to inquire about a replacement hand, they told me that Bandai instead had given them the finger. Given Bandai's RNG-level of quality, it's pretty bonkers that they don't offer replacement parts at all.
  9. Absolutely amazing work on the VF-X! So very jealous because it's one of the only valks I'm missing that I really want! He could always make multiple accounts and give himself a bunch of likes. But that would be a rather sad and pathetic thing to do, so best not to.
  10. Was gonna skip to get some sleep, but I woke up to use the bathroom, looked at the time, hopped on here then to HLJ and picked one up. This one's for a friend who really wants the armor.
  11. Lolicon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    They're trying to sell mecha toys for a show where they barely got any screen time. Keep pushing the idol groups, Bandai. Because if there's one thing the world needs it's more idol group shows!
  12. Ah I see they're all modeling this season's hottest new crotch plates.
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