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  1. Hope the final version looks as good as the promotional pics. HMR valks are like fast food burgers: smaller, cheaper, and what you end up getting always looks worse than what's shown in the advertisements.
  2. Damn now you're making me wish I bought those when I had the chance.
  3. Remember, kids: as far as high end collectables go, Bandai doesn't strive for "best." They strive for "good enough."
  4. Thanks for the input. Before going back into storage, she's getting a panel wash and a topcoat in the hope that it will prevent future yellowing. Damn Bandai and their cheap plastics.
  5. She's a beautiful bird. Much better than the HMR version!
  6. All this talk of YF-30 yellowing made me concerned for the spare YF-30 I had in storage so I pulled her out of her box to make sure she was okay. Does she appear yellow at all or is the color imbalance between the painted parts and the plastic just the usual poor Bandai color matching? My other YF-30 is has been modified so I can't use her as a point of reference.
  7. The Kairos was fantastic and should have gotten a reissue as well. I'm surprised they didn't do a Delta CF 171. It's just a recolor of a mold they already have...
  8. Yes. It's both broken and not broken until you open it and collapse the waveform.
  9. Yeah I added a flat coat to it. Don't like the glossiness that Bandai insisted on for years and years. Aside from a few extra markings added on the Revivals, Bandai only put markings based on the CG models. If the markings weren't in the show's CGI then Bandai didn't add it. None of the CF units had any modex numbers in the show. Although that shouldn't stop you from just adding your own numbers with some decals. Although Bandai did neglect to print 171 on the wing flaps on both releases of Alto's unit, but remembered it on all the other 171s. So someone at Bandai is asleep at the wheel.
  10. Wasn't making a value judgment about Robotech. Just simply putting Robotech in its proper context in time. As I already prefaced I do not care for Robotech. It isn't 1985 anymore. Why watch any inferior anime adaptations today when you can access the originals without much hassle?
  11. Thanks! Would like a non-explodey reissue of this particular aircraft, since I can't ever transform this one. If you look closely, you can see cracks have already formed in the shoulders just from putting the thing back together. It will never survive a full transformation.
  12. I would love it if they reissued a non-exploding revival of the CF 171. We'll see if Bandai ever bothers. We never even got the Delta CF version.
  13. I hope so but I'm not sure Bandai will even finish the SMS squadron much give us any non-hero reissues.
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