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  1. Finished the survey yesterday. I also added MW as my main source of Macross info in the US. Exciting times!
  2. I also received my shipping payment request from Big in Japan for a GPB armor set
  3. Nin-Nin just sent me a tracking number for my VF-1D finally. They are finally shipping those out.
  4. I received one order from Okiniland, but my second order from Nin-nin has had no movement as well.
  5. Got thru on amiami and finally checked out on HLJ. Both I clicked about just when they went live. HLJ woke back up as I was in the checkout phase. Just received both email confirms. Looks like a good amount of ppl had decent luck tonight!
  6. Finally got thru amiami spinning wheels of death just now. Even after someone reported it being sold out. I hope it holds.
  7. Great news! If this means more actual (real) Macross for us, awesome. If there are still roadblocks to SDFM and DYRL, I'm just gonna throw up a F HG.
  8. HLJ just confirmed my private warehouse purchase of the VF-0D premium order from when the restock link was posted here a few days ago. Good thing as I was worried as the current link went to discontinued yesterday.
  9. Thanks! Might as well grab one to upgrade from my unopened standard 0D
  10. That is why I am asking here, lol.. It does not appear to be unlicensed. It's called the Flashback version and similar paint scheme to the Bandai. Figure if one goes as far as using same paint scheme, then why not the pilot as well? Edit: I do see the pics of the pilot in the earlier pages of this thread. Hopefully it is part of the standard release as well
  11. Is there any reason why this Arcadia Flashback VF-4 standard release does not include a Hukaru pilot? Even the Bandai HM-R included a Hikaru pilot IIRC.
  12. The one thing I cannot stand about the Yamato/Arcadia 1/60 v2 is the collar (or lack thereof). It still bothers me so I keep them in any mode other than Battroid. It is just ugly as sin IMO. The DX is much less noticeable and a great improvement.
  13. Glad some ppl got orders in at HLJ. Hopefully they come through.
  14. AE has lost two of my orders before when I held them for almost a year. They could not locate a couple of YF-19 (1 Bandai, 1 Arcadia) after I requested shipping. They still won't answer my inquiries regarding those orders. Maybe an isolated incident but others here have mentioned something similar happening before. I still use AE but only as a last resort and always ship immediately. They haven't responded to my multiple emails regarding my DX super parts status since I paid for shipping either. Just letting ppl know they are far from perfect. NY, on the other hand, responded to my tickets (took a few days between each exchange) regarding 4x super parts. I asked for UPS or DHL quote, they replied with an upcharge payment request for UPS. I paid, asked for change of address. They confirmed. I waited a few days and asked when items would ship and they responded soon - shipped a couple of days after that. Received the super parts in 3 days. So in my experience recently, NY has AE beat in customer service. My personal count: AE has given me 3 bad experiences with 2 being horrible. NY I have received everything I ever ordered (I was not part of the 31A fiasco though) TLDR: (In my experience) AE hold system and customer service, despite what others have said, is complete garbage. I also never had any issues with orders from NY.
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