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  1. Got one at HLJ. Learned my lesson from previous releases and will just nab another when they're inevitably discounted shortly after release like the 0S and 0D on Mandarake or Amazon.
  2. Oh man having the fast packs makes the 1A look more purple. Only Roy can wear purple and still look manly.
  3. You should buy it if you like the 0S. It's decent enough; it's only really a disappointment for spoiled individuals (like me) that have the Arcadia version and had expectations set way too high.
  4. They wear shirts that say HFIL 🫠
  5. Although poor Kakizaki never got to finish his steak, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving and gets to eat as much turkey (or whatever else) you want! 🦃
  6. Sneak peak at the next Macross series with the Protocanine antagonists.
  7. How much did you pay for it?
  8. Doubtful they will include the fold booster since I don't really recall seeing it ever promoted with the booster. Bandai says if you didn't buy the YF-19 full set pack then F U.
  9. Bandai definitely gonna make you buy a 0S bundle to get the ghost and cheat pieces.
  10. I'd like to see a side by side with the Yamato version. I never owned the clear parts.
  11. The VF-X has the perfect shade of grey with regards to looking like a real world aircraft. Now that's a variant I would like to see as an HMR. It wouldn't even need to transform.
  12. I'll say. They're right where the landing gear doors should be.
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