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  1. Bandai acting like the exchange rate is still 100:1 and hopes no one will notice.
  2. In 10 years we'll get a reissue with the scaling of the no step markings fixed. It'll be called the Recycled version, in keeping with the naming convention.
  3. Yeah with WWM releases you can get it easily from domestic shops. Dealing with PO madness like this for WWM releases is only for the impatient, the cheap, and the masochistic.
  4. It's 11 AM Japan time, so that would be October 3 at 9pm if you're in US central time. Amiami's been putting the PO for their English site the following morning for the last PO or two, possible to avoid overloading their servers.
  5. Yeah I noticed the new wing markings, but they appear to be the only new ones. Unlikely but hoping they'll add more. (More aircraft markings, that is. No more large obnoxious emblems please, Bandai.)
  6. Been busy this past week and been using what leisure time I've had at home to play on my PS5 rather than Bandai's toys of questionable quality. Haven't done much beyond taking it out and whooshing it around a few times. As mentioned already the right intake cover is bigger than the intake opening on mine and will need to be shaved down in order to fit. Gunpod is warped, just like the WWM VF-25. Lots of little areas where the paint is chipped or rubbed off, which is something that has plague Bandai's stuff since time immemorial. It does look great though, with the matte finish and blue and white livery. I mean, aside from the landing gear. I do like that they increased the tampo on it to bring it more on par with the other Delta valks. (Wish they had done the same for the upcoming VF-25F. You know, something to justify the price hike on what is essentially a straight reissue,.) I'm dreading transforming it to battroid and back to fighter, something that was already a bit of a hassle on the 29 without Bandai's recent QC problems.
  7. MSRP in 2022 is significantly higher than it was in 2012. Fortunately the yen is at its weakest in decades.
  8. This is just a repaint of the WWM 25F so I expect it'll have whatever improvements and RNG flaws that release had. Which is to say I won't be tossing my original release 25F. Bandai QC been pretty cruddy as of late.
  9. If they were going to add more detail markings, I wish they had gone all in and put it on par with Max's 29, which looks great. Just don't try to handle it.
  10. My Alto's already detailed up, but I wouldn't mind getting another set of supers in matte finish. I had a feeling they might go back and revisit past Frontier releases after the Alto 29 update-reissue.
  11. Just opened mine and already trouble brewing. First thing I tried to do was put the intake covers on. Left intake cover is fine but the right cover is slightly too large and won't fit in the intake space. Great job, Bandai.
  12. Mine arrived today too but won't have time to mess with it till tomorrow. Sucks to hear about the QC issues. Alto's 29 was also a pandemic release but doesn't suffer from all those problems. Bandai really slipping.
  13. 25k on Mandarake if anyone needs one. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1207737335&ref=list&keyword=マクロス
  14. Hey, it's not my fault that these toys are so poorly built that they fall apart just because all the screws were removed.
  15. I always found getting the arms and shoulder pauldrons all tucked away into fighter without scratching anyway to be the annoying part of the YF-29 transformation. Overall, I find the VF-25 to be a step forward from the YF-29 (which came first).
  16. Buy a 200 yen Gundam marker as your second item so you can get the 10% coupon.
  17. Ship 1 item, get a 5% discount coupon. 10% coupon if you ship 2 or more items. Coupon food for anything, even preorders. It was in my email. Promotion good until midnight Japan time.... so a little over an hour from now.
  18. Bought and shipped just in time to get the HLJ promotion. $161 at the current exchange rate.
  19. I can't remember, but does p-bandai USA require paymont upfront? Had some surprise medical bills this month so I can't go too nuts on spending for a few weeks at least.
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