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  1. I'm in for a couple of sets for any decals @Anasazi37 produces!
  2. Here's a little something that's super easy to do that will improve the look of the 31AX with a pilot sitting in the cockpit. You see Bandai didn't actually put a seat inside the cockpit. This wasn't a problem with the cramped cockpits of the 25 and 31 series, but on the 31AX, with its more spacious cockpit, the pilot looks like a little kid in an adult seat struggling to look over the dash. So on both my units I put in a booster seat of sorts under each pilot so they actually look like adults sitting upright. In my case I just put a wad of blue tack under their butts. It also keeps the pilot from jostling around in the cockpit when, er, taking evasive maneuvers.
  3. So it depends on what definition of "flagship" you're using. First definition is: "the ship in a fleet which carries the commanding admiral" Which in the case of the Battle of Midway would have been USS Yorktown as it was Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher who was in overall command of Task Force 16 and 17. However, in Star Trek, they're probably using the other definition: "the finest, largest, or most important one of a group of things (such as products, stores, etc.)" Which in Pike's time were the Constitution-class starships, so it's not much of a stretch for Enterprise to be the flagship, and it was not something that was ever explicitly named in TOS.
  4. The covers can be pulled out with tape or blue tack. They're just held in place with a little friction. Later Bandai DX releases are harder to take apart than earlier ones as Bandai has continually upped the amount of glue applied to each release. I know because I've disassembled (or tried to) all of them.
  5. I haven't tried taking apart the Sv-51 yet (I can't even find where I stowed away the replacement legs I got from HLJ) but the VF-0 line can be taken apart as well without the need to break anything. It's really Bandai that makes it impossible to take their valks apart without breaking things, and it's Bandai's valks that I feel need the most work to get up to snuff. (super old pic)
  6. Nice! I only had a couple of Yamato 1/48s from back in the day before I sold them to make way for the newer 1/60 versions, but for only 6000 yen I would have definitely picked them up from Mandarake had I seen them. They're definitely a little dated and that battroid mode looks a bit dodgy, but in fighter they still look great even next to Bandai's DX.
  7. Awesome that you got one! The iconic Skull 100!
  8. Man, you remove all the screws from a toy and it just falls apart. How cheap! (Ready to apply @Anasazi37's excellent decals)
  9. Lolicon

    Hi-Metal R

    And an integrated heat shield! Parts-swapping is lame!
  10. So did anyone who entered the Amiami lotto for the Max YF-29 PO ever hear anything back?
  11. Lolicon

    Hi-Metal R

    Cool. It's a downgrade from the Arcadia version, but I'll still get one. Knowing Bandai's history of releases, we'll get a Shin VF-0A and Nora Sv-51 after this. Then they'll skip the 0D and Ivanov.
  12. Yeah I might have to follow your lead and repaint her to a more proper red.
  13. I haven't bought from LP due to me being a cheapskate who refuses to pay above MSRP for anything, but reading everyone's comments gives me a serious NY vibe about them. Excellent summary of the problems with the 31AX. It really is a step backwards in many ways from the VF-31. It's the reason why I've declined to get more than one of each, despite my long standing habit of buying multiples of many valks. It's just not worth the substantial price hike over the old 31. Thankfully the current weakness of the yen is making these a good deal less expensive.
  14. It's a combination of Flory's wash, dry brushing, and mechanical pencil. I had to go a little heavier than I did on the YF-29 because of Bandai's incredibly cheap tampo printing which rubbed off in a couple of areas while I was handling it, forcing me to cover up some fixed areas. Was able to zip through that part in a single afternoon at least. Yeah I like the very unique head unit on the YF-25. It's very different from other valkyries. The RVF-25 has a similarly unique design that's a departure from the usual mono-eye or visor look (not that there's anything wrong with those!).
  15. I see she's on the workbench. Gonna fix her up?
  16. I'm disappointed that we never got a Megumi nendoroid.
  17. They were dug out of storage recently along with my destroids. They probably did originally come in a similarly beaten box though.
  18. This is all @505thAirborne's fault. After fixing up the DX 1D I had an orange valk itch, so I fixed up the old YF-25. Nothing special, just the usual quick and dirty fixes. Starting point Finished
  19. Technically non-scale but it's around 1/144 scale, maybe 1/170? Not a big toy but it's very poseable. The missile hatches open and the cockpit can be opened to reveal Klan sitting inside.
  20. Found my other Tomahawk and a couple of Defenders! Guess I'll only need to order one Tomahawk from Arcadia to make a squadron.
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