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  1. LOL that's the kind of nitpicking I expect from us nerds. Not that I'm objecting to such nitpicking, mind you.
  2. Lolicon

    Macross spy valks

    Yes she's a lovely bird! They pop up on Mandarake from time to time for around 18000-20000 yen. The price has been at that level for years.
  3. Lolicon

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    M7 valks aren't my favorite liveries but I'm super excited about getting a valk that hasn't been done before, aside from some garage kits.
  4. Gonna need to install a strap on it to keep it from getting stolen
  5. Unfortunately, it's "real Trek" and canon, whether you and I like it or not.
  6. Unless season 3 is amazing (doubtful) Picard will dethrone Voyager as the worst Trek series ever.
  7. Yeah. Someone will need to make a DX adapter if you want to use Bandai valks on the Arcadia stand... or just use the included stand. The Bandai DX stands are not that great but they're functional and... there.
  8. Yeah mine arrived late yesterday (almost 7pm!). AE never sent any kind of shipping notice so I just figured they were still processing. Apparently I had an SHF Iron Patriot figure that's been sitting in storage for years that I had forgotten about that I threw into the shipment too.
  9. Anime Export taking their sweet time shipping out.
  10. I like the wider base on the Arcadia vs the older Yamato stands, as I had potential tipping issues when holding up a fully decked out 1/48 strike valk. I don't use the launch arm claw thingy at all because it's upside down from what was in the movie. I just like having as little of the stand showing as possible when the valk is "flying"
  11. Holy crap that does look good. I'm kinda wishing I had ordered one now.
  12. I had to order from 3 different sites because of they all limit to 3, but at least they all offer slow boat shipping. Amazon's shipping price is okay if you order 3 and it's DHL, but 6800 is above retail, so F that.
  13. With Yeti still gone, the next best stands are the Arcadia launch arm stands... so I ordered 9 more of them.
  14. Looks like the same child pilot to me.
  15. That was always their intent with Angel Birds
  16. When clerical errors work out in your favor Item name | Unit price |Quantity| Subtotal | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 愛おぼ ガンポッド ぬいぐるみ| 15,180 JPY | 1 |15,180 JPY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ・Total Quantity :1 ・Sub Total :15,180 JPY ・Coupon Discount :0 JPY ・Point Discount :15,180 JPY ・Plan Fee :0 JPY ・Total :0 JPY 1st Payment Made :2022/07/29 21:23:40 Payment Method : No Payment
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