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  1. Wow, i just woke up thinking I could secure one. Going back to bed, good luck guys!
  2. NY and their predatory practices. I love it! Bet people will still be buying from them, I know I will
  3. Man, I love those running poses! Same for the VF-1. Awesome job @Kuma Style
  4. What is an option part? Side-chest cover and pilot seat?
  5. I'd be interested in a discord channel during PO madness night. Seems like it'd be a good idea since the forum gets spammed during that time
  6. Is there a reason why the vf-31S release came with reaction missiles? What the likelihood that chuck's release will include the missiles
  7. I'm guessing this doesn't have a waist swivel. I will pass unless FEXT shows me how it looks armored up
  8. Was the package fulfilled by Amazon or the seller shipped it directly? I always wondered how much Amazon's sellers charge for international shipping
  9. Got a hikaru vf-1a and the leg armor pieces where assemble incorrectly. It was a simple fix, but I wonder if most vf-1a's came like that
  10. Thanks to @Duymon for the easy and fast purchasing process. I could not be any happier.
  11. Thank you, but I not longer support N-Y. They screwed me big time with the 31a PO
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