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  1. In Episode 11 “First Contact, of SDFM, Hikaru ejects from his VF-1J in Battroid mode. Head pops off and the seated pilot is propelled straight upwards. EDIT: oops, I missed this thread was primarily looking at some later valks.
  2. I used "m-lock" DVD cases for all of my DVDs. An interesting thing about the Animeigo box set is that it is unencrypted. So you can easily and even legally make a copy of the DVD. You can therefore have a backup copy that you primarily use for watching. Currently I have all of my stuff digitally backed up then I just stream it to my TV.
  3. Sorry to mods and all users if this topic has been addressed elsewhere... But I am frustrated with having spent all of tonight going through old macrossworld threads and tons of internet searches. I have been collecting all of the 30th anniversary Blu-ray releases this past year. I was hoping to eventually add english subtitles to all of these. I have some experience with old fansubs for the original and HD remastered R2 DVDs. Even started, but never finished a retiming of a DYRL script. Other members here ended up doing a far BETTER job with their fan subs. I used to have an asiandvdclub account... but that seems to have been disabled. I spent an hour or so trying to figure out how to get back in. Unfortunately, I have not used it for years (with family and adult responsibilities). Additionally, the whole bitorrent landscape in general has changed from when I last used it... proxies, VPNs. I'm looking for timed subs for all of the official Japanese Macross blu ray releases. I prefer to avoid video rips with subtitles (like .mkvs). So what subs are you using? Which ones do you prefer for accuracy? How do you play them back or how did you remux them? Where can I find them? Any help would be appreciated. I am hoping to finish adding subtitles all of this summer so I can spend the rest of the year re-watching these.
  4. Ha... consider your self lucky! There is always someone else worse off. I'm convinced I got the worst film cell possible. Mine is the sequence before Hikaru and Misa are introduced on stage to meet/surprise Minmay. It is a shot from the bottom of the steps leading up to the stage entrance. All you see are legs leading up to the steps. No faces, characters, mecha or symbolism of any importance whatsoever compared to others here. At least you got two cool insignias.
  5. Here are some very thorough pictures from another site: http://www.toysdaily.com/discuz/viewthread.php?tid=183717
  6. This is why I ultimately decided to pick up the upcoming blu-ray release of both the series and the movie. I just can't see their being another physical media format after blu-ray. I know there is other media (disc) formats in development, but I just can't see how in this "inter-connected instant download" world their being a market for them.
  7. Preorder for the Limited Edition seems to be up on AmiAmi again. Just pre-ordered mine. Good luck to those interested.
  8. Interesting find having to do with subtitles. Don't really understand much about what is being shown in this article though. Additionally, could the actual name of this game be "Macross Frontier Triangle?" Article about Possible Subtitles
  9. Can't recall.... but in the Macross 7 series, wasn't the gun stored in the leg? Also, as someone else pointed out... I don't recall this particular valk ever using landing gear either. Maybe someone who has seen the series more recently can verify it. Finally, does anyone know how the gun stored on the regular vf-19's in fighter mode?
  10. I use these cases for my DVDs. The hubs are easier to open and close leading to less disc damage... http://www.american-digital.com/prodsite/product.asp?p=1045
  11. VT-102

    1/60 Vf-1 Redux

    I'd buy them if they would: Improve backpack in fighter mode (like 1/48) Improve knee joint articulation (like 1/48) Remove the bulging hip joints Improve the landing gear (more detailed and less floppy) Have more Tampo printing Make it sturdier than it is now. I actually don't care about the detachable legs, in fact they can make the arms detachable too... if it would improve sturdiness and the overall look. I prefer it to be solid and look good over it having perfect transformation.
  12. There's pictures and discussion about fastpacks on page three of this thread. Rumor is that it will be $12.95 per pack.
  13. The Animeigo DVD set has an "EFX and music only" audio selection. So you can here sound effects and music without any audio. I'm sure there is a program out there that you can use to extract the audio stream and then manage it however you wish. Videohelp.com may have such a program.
  14. Great review. Much better than my effort. Think you are spot on in your analysis. What really struck me as interesting was your observation of how at times it is easier to just swap a part over trying to transform it, as well as; how more diecast would have made it better than an MPC. I always thought that it would be interesting if someone could make a highly detailed diecast valk in a small scale such as this, but rely mostly on part swapping over transformation. Similar to the 1/60 leg removal but expanded to include the arms and/or backpack, nosecone etc.. This would probably allow for having a better mold and greater detail ala 1/72 diecast models like those fighters made by companies like dragonwings etc.
  15. I got mine on Saturday. I've been transforming it back and forth. I'm really surprised by how disapointed some people are with this item. I personally like it. My background with collecting Macross toys/models is pretty limited. I've owned an original transformer Jetfire, Yamato 1/60 cf vf-1a, Yamato 1/48 Roy Vf-1s, Hikaru vf-1j, CF vf-1a, Low vis vf-1a and the first set of K&M Gashapon valks. I think what you think of this item depends on what perspective you are coming from. These definitely lean more towards the K&M Gashapon than they do 1/48's. Well here is my quick review. Considering my experience take it for what it's worth. The item is all made of a really light plastic (cheap I'm sure). I find that the battroid is the more accurate of the three forms, followed by Gerwalk and then the Fighter. There is a good amount of articulation and all sorts of poses you can do with this thing. I have heard some complaints that this thing just flops all over the place. I have had no such problem with mine as it stands right up in whatever pose I leave it in. I feel that the 1/60 I owned was much more prone to flopping. Once in a while an arm or leg may come away from it's joint while I'm transforming it... but it easily slides back into place. I find the overall transformation extremely simple. Only thing I really pay attention to is moving the breastplate from fighter/gerwalk to battriod. I treat my 1/48's like museum pieces so I'm often apprehensious to handle them at all. In most cases they never leave there box. This valk is alot like my Gasphon set in that you don't have to worry about snapping a $150 bp-8. you can just have fun with it. What I think will really help the 1/100 line out is if they make enemy mecha and destroids. If you are loooking for something to collect that will gain value over time, I'd probably pass on this. If you just want something to hack around with and not worry about it becoming devaluated than I think that you should give this a try. I know it's not much of a review (never did one for anything) but I hope it helps some. If anyone has specific questions I'll try to answer them. I don't have a quality camera so that is why there is a lack of pictures.
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