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  1. PDF document with prices does not seem to work for me. I’m interested in the Focker VF-1S with stand. Possibly some other items depending on pricing. EDIT - disregard the PDF not working, I must of tried it BEFORE logging-in. Thanks
  2. Bump. I still have one item for sale and have adjusted the price. PM if interested. Thank you for your interest.
  3. I used "m-lock" DVD cases for all of my DVDs. An interesting thing about the Animeigo box set is that it is unencrypted. So you can easily and even legally make a copy of the DVD. You can therefore have a backup copy that you primarily use for watching. Currently I have all of my stuff digitally backed up then I just stream it to my TV.
  4. Bump. Updates for sold items. VF-1A and Super Parts are still available. I would be willing to do a pricing discount for both items combined.
  5. Several items for sale. Some items are new others have been opened. All are from a smoke free home, in excellent to new condition. I am also on the straight shooters list. I accept Paypal, but please send payments as gifts or include an additional 4% for PayPal fee. All prices include shipping within the Continental United States. I will have to quote you for shipping abroad. Please PM interest, questions and offers. Macross Movies (Official Japanese releases no subtitles): DYRL: Do You Remember Love 25th anniversary HD Remastered Box Set. SOLD Macross Froniter BD/PS3 Hybrid Box Set. with both movies & ps3 video games and two collector filmstrips. SOLD Macross Yamato 1/60 scale V2 (All items come complete and stored in original box): VF-1S (Focker TV version) - opened and transformed - SOLD GBP-1 Armor Parts - NEW (Standard standalone release, no effects or valk included) - SOLD VE-1 (Elintseeker 30th Anniversary w/ optional parts) - NEW- SOLD Super Parts TV version - opened, displayed briefly - SOLD VF-1A (Brownie TV version) - NEW - SOLD
  6. Last bump and price adjustments. Hoping to avoid ebay fees. I will also discount on combined purchases.
  7. Bump with price adjustments. Will listen to offers.
  8. More pictures have been added. Here is some more description regarding the book: Film strip is of the meteor field with Hikaru and Minimay's trainer Valk flying in the distance Yellowing on the paper pages (not glossy picture pages) seen close to the spine Staining on top of the book, but not on the pages Poster is folded but their are some small prints/smudges on the folded sides facing out Some wear and tear on the OBI strip. Glossy color pictures look great Actual book is still feels firm like new (not loose) Hope that helps give a better description to those who've asked here and via PM.
  9. Will try to take better pictures later showing the condition. Poster is folded and has not been displayed. Can't remember what the film strip is. I think it's a panoramic of Hikaru and Minmay's valk flying through the asteroid field. I'll check on this too. I'm not sure what the typical shipping rate would be to Hawaii. But if its not astronomical then it is negotiable. I'll try to check rates tonight/tomorrow.
  10. Looking to part with these extra items. Everything is official Japanese releases (no bootlegs). Macross DYRL First Pressing Special Edition DVD in LD packaging: SOLD Used, Some nicks. Includes OBI, Not sure if it came with a poster or insert. But it does not have one. Macross DYRL 25th Anniversary Remastered Special Edition DVD Boxset: $149 Used condition. All items are included. Minor fading and nicks on the box otherwise in mint condition Macross DYRL 30th Anniversary PS-3 BLU-Ray Special Edition Box: SOLD Like new, mint condition. Main disk was opened but never played. Everything else has remained sealed Macross DYRL "Gold Book": SOLD Used , some staining and yellowing. poster, film strip and OBI all included. Prefer PayPal. Prices include free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. I would have to quote shipping for out-of-country and overseas. I'm on the straight shooters list. Let me know if you are interested.
  11. Sorry to mods and all users if this topic has been addressed elsewhere... But I am frustrated with having spent all of tonight going through old macrossworld threads and tons of internet searches. I have been collecting all of the 30th anniversary Blu-ray releases this past year. I was hoping to eventually add english subtitles to all of these. I have some experience with old fansubs for the original and HD remastered R2 DVDs. Even started, but never finished a retiming of a DYRL script. Other members here ended up doing a far BETTER job with their fan subs. I used to have an asiandvdclub account... but that seems to have been disabled. I spent an hour or so trying to figure out how to get back in. Unfortunately, I have not used it for years (with family and adult responsibilities). Additionally, the whole bitorrent landscape in general has changed from when I last used it... proxies, VPNs. I'm looking for timed subs for all of the official Japanese Macross blu ray releases. I prefer to avoid video rips with subtitles (like .mkvs). So what subs are you using? Which ones do you prefer for accuracy? How do you play them back or how did you remux them? Where can I find them? Any help would be appreciated. I am hoping to finish adding subtitles all of this summer so I can spend the rest of the year re-watching these.
  12. Looking to buy a Macross Yamato 1/60 (version 2) VF-1j Hikaru custom. I prefer new condition, 30th anniversary edition but would consider older and used items. But I do want one with fixed shoulders, updated crotch mechanism and non reflective coating. Also looking to buy or trade for: Macross Yamato 1/60 VF-1D (30th anniversary) Brand new or mint I would also be willing to trade a Macross Yamato 1/60 VE-1 Elintseeker (30th anniversary) Brand new and unopened. Condition of the trade is that you pick up the shipping for both items. I am in the USA for your reference.
  13. BUMP! Last price change before I pull this item. PM if you are interested.
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