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  1. From what I saw in a Korean preview, they said this figure was supposed to be Metal Build originally (hence all the stylized design choices instead of being slavishly toon accurate like much of Chogokin figures), but they backtracked late in the design because they felt the expected paint finish of Metal Build figures would not last due to all the transformation and combination gimimicks. This makes me think that they could release a ZZ Gundam based on this mold sinec it was already designed by the MB team, but whether it is announced as a Chogokin or a Metal Build depends on whether they are willing to add a quality paint finish, despite inevitable paint chipping. I personally hope they go ahead and paint it since I probably wouldn't transform/combine it more than once.
  2. I paid 6134 yen on 2/27 for FedEx International shipping for MB Kampfer. I recently paid 3593 yen on 5/11 for FedEx International shipping for MB GN Arms D. Each arrived in 3-5 days. I think their shipping cost is very reasonable. On another note, what is so special about this new Dynames Saga? Not trying to be Debbie downer on it but I just don’t have any clue what 00 Saga is. Is this worth getting if I already have Dynames Repair 3 and Devise?
  3. I'm weird but I actually prefer the old sculpt. The new sculpt looks better in some ways, but I miss the linkage when bending the knee, and my personal copy of Red Dragonics had loose knee armor which made me return it to PBandai/Bluefin.
  4. Wow, didn't know the MS Sazabi is still available. Do you have any links for the MS Nu? I was never able to procure a pre-order and EntertainmentEarth cancelled my pre-order I still haven't had any luck finding a MS Nu. Really bummed as I should have just purchased the "original stock" at A-E that was briefly available but I was hoping I could snag a reissue.
  5. I missed it too. Didn’t stay up to check cuz I thought preorders were not supposed to start until later this week. Im crossing my fingers and hoping A-E gets more stock later but not counting on it.
  6. Thanks I saw that and probably would have bought it but it's been sold out since I last checked (I had it on wishlist too so I assume I'd get a notification if it ever comes back in stock).
  7. That’s awesome! I’m jealous. I even emailed PBandai to see if there’s any chance they’d have extra inventory but to no avail haha. I just hope I can find it on Mandarake for less than the $900 or so that Lunapark is quoting.
  8. I know that TWE releases like Strike Noir will always demand crazy after market prices after release; what about PBandai releases like the GN Arms? I skipped on the pre-order initially due to lack of space, but I ordered a Moducase earlier this year and now I'm wishing I placed my pre-order. Will I just need to wait til it releases and check out Mandarake or AmiAmi for second hand orders? I'm gonna guess shipping will be astronomical haha.
  9. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve never used these sites before so I’m unsure how to apply these discounts from buyee though and don’t see those cheap(ish) prices anymore.
  10. True, but maybe they've been diverting their effort to things they've already announced like GN Arms and Deathscythe (though those seemed complete already in previews). Maybe Providence? I'm more upset that this Patchwork might be regular release while Strike Noir was TWE...
  11. The brightness can be slightly controlled on the remote, but in all honesty it's quite bright even at the lowest setting. The higher settings just get even brighter, haha. I don't leave it on all the time, as I have it attached to a smart plug controlled by a separate lighting system, but my kids like to turn it on randomly or when they're reading in the living room. You can also have it on a "standby" mode where only the eyes are lit up (in fact, when you plug this into an outlet, the on/off button on the remote only turns off the funnel LEDs, but not the eyes).
  12. I love the KOSMOS LED kits. I've used the kit for Barbatos and Nu, though I sold my Wing Zero one unfortunately. This company is improving a lot too - their first release for Barbatos didn't fit the best so I had to shave off some plastic, and it only powered on by battery. The remote was more bare bones as well. The Nu version (which I think is their 5th release) can be charged via battery or micro USB (so I have it always plugged in by smart plug), a more robust remote, and even a good app that you can use to customize lighting patterns and sync with music. The lighting options on the remote are more varied as well, with lots of different animations that can play in sequence. Here's a quick vid of my Nu with the LED kit. I also installed the DianChang alloy kit to make its inner frame alloy - it fit perfectly and allows it to hold up the fin funnels without any issue. The fin funnels are the Daban double FF kit that has psycho frame - I like this better for the LED kit since the lights shine through the psycho frame a bit. I also had the third party Nuclear high mobility backpack that looks more like Hi Nu backpack, but I didn't like it that much - it took away some of the charm from the Nu. I considered getting the kit for the MB, but honestly I think it would look a bit cheap next to the premium finish of the Metal Build compared to a model kit. Plus, I didn't want to risk using any glue or double sided tape on the MB (which you do need to use for the MG fin funnels).
  13. I absolutely hate that such a significant remolding such as Strike Noir is a TME exclusive... I may be wrong but I thought usually only simple recolors or accessories were limited in this manner. On another note, I've finally posted some photos of the spare Metal Build X0 Full Cloth and Red Dragonics accessories I have for sale. I also have a MIB original MB Gold Frame Amatsu Mina. Prices are absolutely negotiable so if anyone is interested, please message me! https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/50555-fs-bandai-metal-build-figures-and-accessories/
  14. Would anyone in this forum be interested in extra accessories from the Metal Build Red Dragonics or X0 Full Cloth releases? I mentioned this in another forum but PBandai screwed up my replacements and ghosted me for nearly 2 months, so I'm just trying to recoup some costs at this point - I did finally get my X0 FC replacement but never did for Red Dragonics. Either way, I got stuck with the box and all accessories for both sets since they only had me send over the defective figure. I figured the Red Dragonics accessories may be interesting to some since they are compatible with a whole host of SEED figures including the earlier releases of MB Red Frame. I can provide pictures if desired; I might sell some other MBs as well such as the original Amatsu Mina Gold Frame. I don't have enough space for all these SEED figures with their bulky backpacks
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