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  1. Oh I know Japan is good but right now the two powerhouses in women’s hockey are Canada and USA. In real life there’s no way in hell Japan is beating either of those two. Those two should have been the mid season and final boss games. I agree that whatever puts more butts in seats and gets more women playing the game is good. Friday night beer league shinny, the ladies can out skate half the guys. The ratios still ~10:2 guys though.
  2. Watched the first few minutes of PuraOre! Died laughing cause they showed the Japanese girls dekking and out skating Team Canada and winning with a five hole shot. Man whatever they’re smoking I want some of that.
  3. Forgive sure. Lock. Nope. Too funny. 🙃
  4. Episode four they go to hell. Five they go to heaven.
  5. Woohoo! The metaphor Aliens are back!
  6. Maybe someone from their first batch canceled on them and I got that one. Maybe your order is allocated from an incoming batch? Dunno what to tell you, first time ordering from them.
  7. LunaPark just shipped mine and I bought it today. Can’t wait for it to show up.
  8. Just placed an order with Lunapark. It went through so I hope it ships. Now I just need a TV Kakizaki …
  9. Singular Point isn’t a Godzilla story. It’s a Jet Jaguar story (finally) and as goofy as he looks JJ kicks some serious tail. I want some JJ toys Got enough Gs I also enjoyed the after credit reveal.
  10. Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway. Just showed up on my Netflix.
  11. Watching Diamond No Ace, Seven Deadly Sins(Netflix), Godzilla Singular Point. Next week Getter Robo Arc. Finally a Super Robot Anime!
  12. Who’s the green guy at the end? Only green character that I can think of that would/could be associated with The Mandarin is Fin Fang Foom
  13. Ooo. Nice. New Getter G and a new Gaiking. Holy… 750mm length 175mm height This definitely does not fit in my display shelf Still want it to replace GX05 DaikyuMaru Spiky little bastard.
  14. Netflix got Jojo season 3. I’m gonna be binging that.
  15. Place looks like it’s running again. Time to go kick some tires.
  16. Interesting. I’d go with blood red myself.
  17. I don't live in the States where you get cheap shipping and don't have to worry about custom fees. I might not be saving $100 but I'd definitely be saving near $50.
  18. Seeing how this show is under the Nickelodeon banner I expect plenty of cast being slimed.
  19. If this means HG stops making it expensive for me to get my transforming robot planes then I’m all for this deal. If it means they get to stick their logo on the box but I save $50-$100 hell yes. I would love to buy the 1/48 VF1D from a local store.
  20. FT Phoenix is the best MP Skyfire currently out there and I'm glad I have it. BUT if I would change anything it would be the upper body and the head to be more inline with what it looks like in the lineart or the toon. I expect TT to nail the toon bot and toon alt.
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