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  1. I like this idea..... very much along the lines of what I was thinking if it were tied into the main storyline, only more filled out.
  2. Considering I'm not a big Southern Cross fan whatsoever...... just incredibly stunning and masterful how well the Bio Lloyd has turned out. Absolutely looking forward to more progress pics and following along with everyone else.
  3. Hi guys, like many others.... loved quite a bit of the mecha eye candy when I first saw it. Now that we have even further macross shows, I kept wondering how well ,,,,,or perhaps....not so well.... Macross II would do coexisting in the macross lore. What I was thinking,,,, is that it was actually a pre mega road colony that settled on a planet closely resembling earth in a star system similar to our own. The fleet.... composed of a SDF class class ship as well as numerous zentran ships eventually get cut off from the rest of humanity. Wanting a truely new start and to show case how rich earths original culture was.....they simply set out to rebuild the new planet as earth once was before the war. Which would explain the construction and eventual prolonged use of the Minmei defense system and original style valkyrie mecha against rogue zentraedi fleets. At least that would be the gist of what I was thinking. I do realize there are further differences ....such as zentran vs meltran...... but I figured somebody more creative could fill that in, lol.
  4. Has anyone done a comparison of the Bandai and McFarlane figures yet? Was curious about the articulation in each. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, in an effort to get my own nerve up to complete the build, I'm offering one of my extras at the significantly discounted price of $80 + shipping. "The Kit" The one caveat, you must complete it and post your build here Before the end of the year (hopefully sooner). Do I have any takers?
  6. Hey guys, was trying to track down a couple of Republic Commandos and the new Arc Trooper 3pk. IF there is a particular new figure you are wanting, I'll try and get it. Figured I'd try here as I wasn't fast enough on the draw to snatch one up online.
  7. Yeah, that's what I was confused with.... especially when Gideon says the sword itself has no energy.... i thought he was saying it was like the elder wand where the sword was only gonna respond to the person who defeated the prior owner in combat. Thought they were gonna "recent" trilogy it and add a few liberties to the lore of the dark saber.
  8. Overall, extremely pleased with this series. I know those here have pointed to several things they wanted improved on or disagreed with, none of which I'm going to rehash. The only thing I found annoying was..... are they really going to steal the Harry Potter Elder wand background and plop that onto the dark saber? Perhaps I misinterpreted?
  9. I was just curious.... at the end of the day, ... Jango and his kin were used as pawns to set up the empire till the original clones essentially expired, got replaced, retired, etc. Master planning by Palpatine.... Without Jango, Boba is essentially left to fend for himself, and grows up a bounty hunter/merc, ..... after all this time, how much of the truth is known to Boba? Did he get involved with Mandalorian politics or is he simply on his own? There's alot that can be worked with. As far as I can see, him being a merc and fulfilling those obligations and just outright surviving.... was never strayed away from. Love this show and how it's drawing from other successful star wars lore.
  10. Do you think they'll do a Dark Legioss variant or even the Drone?
  11. Great Build, not sure if I would have the patience needed to do all that to a model kit and build it in a decent length of time.
  12. Looks like they are gonna do a really cool razorcrest. I couldn't pull the trigger on it either......needed the monies in other areas. Though I wouldn't be surprised with the popularity of the show that a smaller razorcrest be made or at least a reissue down the road come to fruition. To those that snatched one up, I'll just appreciate and admire it through whatever postings get put up
  13. If turn based strategy games are to your liking + you are a fan of the show..... I highly recommend it. Be warned, if you've been out of the loop in that gaming genre, there's a bit of a learning curve. I stuck with it and when I got the hang of things....it was a lot of fun.
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