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  1. I ordered one Roy through Luna Park and they did come through but it seemed like they were the last to get shipments out. Mine also said it was in shipping for the longest time and finally went through last week and I got it last tuesday through DHL.
  2. My 31A finally arrived, about a year after I ordered it, and it sat in japan for almost two weeks. I think there was issues with US customs accepting items. The shipping box was the most beat up I've ever got from them, however the box inside was in perfect shape. Wow what an ordeal...
  3. Microbe999

    Hi-Metal R

    As someone who is late to the party and collecting, I really do depend on these forums for information about what is being released and when preorder madness usually begins. I also see countless times many of us who missed out on preorders either because they were asleep or just didn't know about it. Everyone is generally so great about posting links when the madness begins while many of us are struggling with search engines. I guess the newest valks have all been the subject of most of our hunting, not so much the models or figures but is anyone willing to maintain some topic where we can see whats coming out for the month or at least prepare ourselves a week ahead of time? I wish there was a way you can pin some general announcement in the subtopics so everybody sees it. The discussions can move to the subtopics once the madness begins so we all know where to be. I just think it might be helpful if someone who follows the releases more regularly then I do can keep the forum users aware of the next big great thing. I know there is a big archival topic for the toys but it has been dead for years now. Has this been tried before and it failed or something?
  4. Microbe999

    Hi-Metal R

    Ive somehow managed to link my paypal account to cd japan so it didnt even fuss with all those details and it just authorized the order after i confirmed at cdj so it was fairly quick, no entering in shipping or addresses. Hlj just hung on me.
  5. To be honest I watched a lot of people getting their orders fulfilled and their order number and sometimes their order date were way past mine. My order was #491473 by the way, placed on 10/15/2017. I did end up poking them once when I saw all the activity and releases and they gave me the "yes its still coming" response. I poked again a few weeks ago and it did seem to facilitate them moving forward with the shipping. I guess all of you who are waiting, don't give up hope, I think it will eventually arrive from NY.
  6. My vf-31A has finally entered shipping stages from NY and I thought it would never happen so hopefully there aren't too many people still waiting on one. I was wondering why nobody updates the new toy thread? What happened to Grand Cannon?
  7. Will there be seperate entrance lines for skull & delta pre-registration? Also do they get early access at 10?
  8. Microbe999

    Uta Macross!

    I'm also muddling my way through the game and just now after a few weeks found what appears to be a calibration for the timing of the button presses i think. I goofed with it and it seemed to help me out when I tried to play a hard level song (actually passed it with no fail!) Immediately afterward so I think it might help some of you struggling. Most other games of this type will have a calibration setting to offset your personal handicap and align it better. On the last tab at the bottom all the way at the right is the options tab. Touch that and then just above the "FAQ" button there is a wrench with a cog icon. Scroll all the way down to the bottom after touching the icon and you will see a gauge that looks like "50--------50", hit the purple button below that. The game will play a short melody, and you should touch the bubble when you hear the "beat" coinciding. The game will then adjust to your timing and then play the song again this time with the familar silver circles coming down and you should hit the bubble at the beat. After it is done it will then keep the setting for you so you can go back and adjust it as you get more comfortable. Mine was like -11 or so. So far it seems to have helped my game. You can all laugh at me if I don't know what i'm talking about since I can't read japanese but try it.
  9. Here's a link to an article in forbes oddly enough talking about the premium edition. https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2017/08/12/that-massive-sdf-1-macross-toy-is-getting-a-deluxe-version-with-glow-in-the-dark-paint/#5f4149303c8a
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