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  1. Well a price around $400 or so. All the garlands are run about $700 -$800 online now. way to much
  2. Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I'm looking for an ARCADIA part 1 garland for a decent price. Because prices are nuts right now. Any help would be great.
  3. Hey everyone put me down for a DECAL set also .. OH is anyone going to make a figure for the kit or do a reissue the soldier kit that John did along time ago.
  4. Hey Everyone it's nice to see we're still here. Hey Captain.. Put me down for one kit all so. So are we at 30 yet?
  5. Hi EXO Can i still get in on this? I would want 1 set of each of the Mospeada stuff.
  6. Well im in. John how much do you want up front?
  7. oh hell.. its back.. Cap I'm in. This is what they make credit cards for.. lol
  8. hey everyone i got mine yesterday. Cap it just a beautiful kit...
  9. MAN that's looks just great... Yeh when can we order...
  10. got mine to. It's great work cap.. just gorgeous.
  11. Just gorgeous pieces. I wish i had the money...
  12. Got eveything. and all the valkyries are great. Thanks so much.
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