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  1. From the album: Oden Macross Cels

  2. Just leaving this out there. Was modeled by Norman: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/zentradi-ship-33002 it prints nice, but the model has a lot of disconnected surfaces. it measures 33 inches long by 3ish wide
  3. Hi everyone I have a lot of question and I know a lot of people have talk about it before. I look through this forum and on the internet and so on trying to figure it out. I just finished watching the original super Super Dimension Fortress Macross. I havent watch this thing like in 9 years or less. So I really never realize it until I started to watch it again. The question is about Who or What the hell are the Supervision Army that the Zedtradi been fighting for the past 500,000 years ? My number 1 question is, where the hell is the Supervision Army in the Macross Universe ? When I was watching the original macros tv series it seem every zedtradi had seen or fought against supervision, from Vrlitwhai, Exsedol, Golg Boddole Zer fleet. So I was thinking to myself maybe they havent seen supervision army in a few years, 5 or 10 years, because thats why we havent seen them yet. Then something caught my attention when Millia said no one have every beat me in a battle before, when I was fighting against supervision army. Is the episode when she decides to be a miclone. So it cant been that long that the zendtradi have seen the supervision army. Another episode is viva maria , when they seen that ship wreck and was supervision army and it seem golg boddole zer fleet had destroy it. Exsedol said we gave all the data information about supervision army to earth when Misa Hayase wanted to check it out but they thought it was another booby trap. Just like the macross was. I mean was that strange or what is like they were going back there in another episode or something but never did. Now that got me thinking maybe thats what happen to Megaroad 01 I mean we never seen it again and we never seen supervision army either and they got mix up somehow. Just saying wow I,m getting deep here. So my question are: What are the supervision army are they humanoid or are alien like zedtradi they must been giant too . Where the hell are they it seem they disappear in 2009 or so, did the zedtradi fleet had wipe them all out. Maybe I just answer my own question I know I know Macross 7. Protodeviln brainwashing captured humanoids into a massive fighting force, the Supervision Army. So basely Supervision Army was just humanoid had been brainwash into fighting machine like the people of macross 5 . Then if that true where are the original Supervision army before 2009 the one the zentradi fighting over 500,000 years. Are they giant like the zentradi. maybe if ever studio nue ever answer this question the macross franshise will end ??? The mystery will finally be over with ??? sorry for error,misspelled and grammar in this post .
  4. While watching Kung Fu Panda 3 of all things an idea came to my head concerning Veffidas. From what we know before Veffidas joined the Macross 7 Fleet is that she was a martial arts fighter. Going by her Macross 7 Plus clip she was on this Zentradi planet fighting bear handed against other fighters. No sign of guns whatsoever. In Macross 7 Encore episode on the origins of Fire Bomber Veffidas when she was still a giant fought her suitor whon is also a martial artist. Now the first general exposure of culture to Zentradi is Minmay and her movie Shao Pai Long which is a Kung Fu movie. At first Vrilithwai and Exsedol thought Humans had super natural powers watching it. What if instead of being lured by civilian life some Zentradi liked the life of a martial artist? Zentradi are soldiers what some chose to live a life of warrior instead? Hence what we see on Veffidas' past. Being inspired by a Kung Fu movie.
  5. Aaaand back to Macross! Maybe. So as I had stated in a previous thread, there were some outstanding Macross subjects still needing to be done, namely the Zentradi battle suits. I'm offering this subject as the next contender in the 1/72 series, which would have the following characteristics: - based on the TV series design -can be built with cockpit open or closed -in-scale with my previously-released Zentradi soldier, so will be quite a large kit (22.5-23cm tall!) Due to its size and the complexity of the sculpt, this would NOT be a cheap offering at 355.00 Canadian ($285 US approximately) but it would be... Glorious!!! As you have all put a $200 CAD deposit, there is the $155 CAD outstanding balance on the kits as well as the shipping fees which are as follows: $30.00 CAD up to 2 kits for USA/Canada $72.00 CAD for international shipping. Also very important: please add an extra 5% to the total to cover transaction fees if there are any. Generally PP will let you know before you send if there are fees and ask you if you will pay or make the recipient pay. I will commence casting on Monday once I test and group the molds for optimum casting.
  6. Going over the Macross Chronicle World Guide for the Meltrandi and the Glossary entries for Exsedol Folmo and Meltrandi it seems Zentrans and Meltrans different more than just genders. Zentrans are products of genetic engineering and uses organic looking technology or organic technology. Meltrans while genetically engineered are also cyborgs with bio-optic nerves and use inorganic looking technology. The difference can also be seen in their ship designs. Now on to augmentation. Exsedol's entry tells he used to look like his TV version but once he joined Macross 7 he looked green with a large head. This is apparently for brain storage capacity. This also resulted in him having tentacles. Now Grace on the other hand with Macross Galaxy went for the cybernetic enhancement augmentations while looking perfectly organic. Two different strategies to body augmentation. Genetic engineering and cybernetics. But it seems the Protoculture went more advanced on the bio technology route. Golg Boddole Zer was more of a bio computer for his ship in DYRL. The Bird Human and Evil Series were organic weapon WMDs.
  7. Or, as I liked to call it while building, Pickle Squadron. All are 1/20000 scale plastic kits from Arii. They're old, but went together pretty easily, and look pretty nice considering their size. The fleet Nupetiet-Vergnitzs 5731 Queadol-Magdomilla 10107 Quiltra-Queleual Thuverl-Salan Tiny SDF-1 As usual, more can been seen here.
  8. As I haven't posted here in some time, I have started an interest thread in a 1/72 Zentradi power suit project here: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=42217 If there are still any members hoping for more of my 1/72 models, this is your chance!
  9. Old school kit, with new school tooling. This is the Bandai rerelease of Imai's old 1/72 Regult kit. Even though it has new tooling, it's still an old school kit. Be ready for a lot of puttying and sanding!! Since the Zentradi didn't know anything about maintenance, I wanted to make this look like it's been in action a few hundred more cycles than it should have been. More to be seen at the regular place.
  10. So I believe the first time I've come across the word "Deculture" was during the first Human-Zentran war (The Original Macross series). The Zentraedi used the word "Deculture" generally for phrases like "Impossible", "Unthinkable", "Unimaginable" or "Unbelievable". The word also had a different meaning if prefixed with the word "Yakk" as in "Yakk Deculture" meaning "Deplorable", "Disgraceful", "Disgusting". You'll find that later on in the Macross Universe, "Deculture" becomes a Zentradi slang word for the phrase "no way" (disbelief); for example, say I go to a concert and the band's final song is my favorite song, I might exclaim "Deculture!!!" meaning "No way!!!" which is an exclamation of awe and slight disbelief at such good fortune. The context is important. An example reference to the slang version of this word is in the Nyan-Nyan song that Ranka sings in Macross Frontier. The Lyrics are Ho chi, lai, lai mei kyun,nyang. nyan-nyan, nyan-nyan Nihao-nyan, Gojyasu! Derishasu! Dekorucha!!!! Which would translate to (if you use the slang version of Deculture): Good Eats, come, come, Pretty Girls too! meow meow (nyiang nyiang) meow meow (nyiang nyiang) Hello meow Gorgeous! Delicious! No way!!! (or "Unbelievable!!!" if you want to be a little more formal) The lyrics are a play on words and switch between Cantonese, "english" (romanjinized english), Japanese and Zentradi. This song supports the theory of the slang version of "Deculture" This also explains what is meant when Sheryl Nome, in the series "Macross Frontier", asks the crowd if they are "Culturing". Since "Deculture" is usually disbelief, "Culturing" can be translated as "Believing" or "Having Faith". Thus it can be said that Sheryl is asking the crowd if they are "Believing" or "Having Faith" in the magic of the show or her "anything is possible" theme. This also would explain the root word "Protoculture" as used in the Zetradi context. Proto-"foremost" or "earliest form of" and culture. The first race in the (Macross) universe and founders of the Zentradi race are literally the "Protoculture Masters" or "Masters of the earliest form of culture". It's likely that the Protoculture Masters (PCM) saw technology as a part of, and natural evolution of, culture. So assessing a races technology would be no different then assessing the entire culture of the race from a philosophical point of few. Hence why all PCM technology is refered to as Protoculture. All of this is speculative but that is my theory, What do you guys think?
  11. Hi, I was just going through Macross Mecha Manual and I saw the Open Cockpit and HUD of the Queadluun-Rau and I was thinking, " I think I'am going to make a 1/60 Meltran for my VF-1S and VF-0S P.S. I had to sell most of my valkaries for my new babies room DX. So then I was thinking how I should make it, Figma or Revoltech. I am going to make Milia 639 and possibly Max. I'll let you guys decide what I should use for the Meltran.
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